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  1. Wouldn't be too upset to see him go. Had a couple of good games after being dropped, but a very unspectacular player in our midfield now. Should look elsewhere for opportunity
  2. The answer? He's the best FF we've had since Neitz, do you wanna just try a skinny kid in the draft who can't get near the thing?
  3. This is absolutely ridiculous. We're the ones who are penalised, we're robbed of a home game against a rival in what could attract 60,000
  4. That's a pretty amazing way to turn your life around after playing for one of the worst teams of all time
  5. Our game against Sydney has probably put the AFL off giving us Friday nights. If we're definitely not playing Essendon twice (huge surprise) I guess it'll just be their home game again. There must be elements of copying and pasting in the fixture making
  6. I just want to see us in the finals, the goal doesn't change. But if we don't next year it'll be hard to believe we ever will. 16 is a bit optimistic as I don't think we can string together that much good form (or luck),
  7. We need players who will hurt if a repeat of Saturday happens. I'm sure McVeigh would be a decent fit on the team, but we shouldn't just get another club's veteran to make up for the lack of our own. Will he care when it's all on the line? He's 32, and that's the age we binned Cross who's a similar player and actually showed something that resembled pride in the guernsey.
  8. And his solution to that was to take all the fun out of playing footy and apparently block the goal posts out of each player's mind
  9. Surely some of our players were thinking about the extra 2 weeks they'd have to work. It's their job, they are getting paid either way, they were rewarded with longer holiday time to get away from such scrutiny
  10. Gotta write something in the bye week when you can't do match previews!
  11. The entire team are going as fishermen with no equipment
  12. The McDonalds are going as farmers. They love tending to the grass, and they can practice on the barn
  13. Improve the list, but far from an overhaul please. The players need to know each other and care, we can't just keep replacing them
  14. And absolutely no one turned up for games and we were a laughing stock. We had potential but low expectation and more attractive football
  15. I thought it was all Collingwood fans, but the volume of it made me believe there was some incident in-game.
  16. I don't like when people act like sneaking into the 8 will actually hurt our hopes. Sneaking into the 8 IS the hope
  17. What we dished up on that Friday night against Sydney was awful. I know there were health factors, but being pantsed like that for such a big game was right there with yesterday as low light of the season
  18. I want to make the finals more than I want a premiership
  19. Our defence is very limited. Average size, kicking, pretty average marking, Hibberd stands out as a star. Our defence is so limited we have to put back aging midfielders to make up the numbers.
  20. Why is Watts crucified for poor games when Vince sits back in defence each week doing [censored] all and doesn't have to be rejuvenated at Casey
  21. I can't understand the toying with selection. If Watts isn't a good fit, keep him out. It made as much sense to drop him as to bring him back.
  22. I've seen so many average seasons come and go and been ok to see them off. This wasn't an average season, we were one of talented sides in the league. We'll have to want it more next year, if not there's no guarantees we'll get the same chance.
  23. Surely no one can be quicker than Hunt, at least that initial acceleration. It looks abnormal
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