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  1. Doing it tuff from a bar in Ko Samui. Sparrow Rivers Lever Oliver Hibbo Hunt
  2. Petty Melksham Hunt May Salem Brayshaw
  3. Kozzie goes missing in big games
  4. Soon as Lagdon sung Duck Duck Goose. I had a I fear.
  5. That's for ANB haters. Gets sold into trouble week in week out
  6. Regardless of injustices. It's not in doubt.
  7. Hibbo was HTB but that wasn't. Grrrrrr
  8. Never forget Oscars underground snap.
  9. Melb by 10 goals. Even in the wet. Miocek and Howe very questionable. Adams out. May and Lever will slaughter Miocheck or even that Giraffe. Hibbo will smash Salem and Angus will mop all night . No fear. The Deez are here.
  10. Viney Trac Petty Angus Frizzah Ollie
  11. + kossie two misses and Fritz not being hungry. How many times does Max want to take it out of the ruck to be pinged How many time do we spoil each other. Easier to flop for a free kick in a pack than stand strong. Very unlike May.
  12. Kozzie Jordan Trac Neal-Bullen Brown Salem
  13. Lever Petty Hibberb Err... um
  14. Not sure. They acted surprised when they reported.
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