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  1. I'm struggling to find all the different calls from Friday night. If anyone has a link that would be fantastic for all of us to enjoy. Much love Go Deez
  2. No change unless for line up reasons.
  3. If you fair dinkum and sending a message to all the lesser leagues, it has to be 12 months.
  4. I'm looking for Removalists. Will wear Port Colours. Please help! Other ideas for fellow supporters will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Out: Sparrow. Jordan. Melksham In: Viney TMac May Smith played a cracker of a game when it was in the balance.
  6. Out: Sparrow. Jordan. Melksham In: Viney TMac May
  7. Lagdon Fritsch Jackson Smith Gawn Trac
  8. Hunt Petty Bullen Spargo Lever Heartbroken All blue collars
  9. 2 days of lies. No wonder people aren't going to the footy. Boooooooooooooo
  10. Sprago Harness Rivers Bradshaw Lever May
  11. Yes.... I hate the joint like everyone else. This match is too tantalising not to go but, I don't want to be sitting next Dog supporters who continually bag and hate our players. It fires me right up and I get into trouble. So... The question is. Where do the Melbourbe supporters congregate in the stands? I know the cheer squad but much prefer a view a little higher in the stands. I would love some help in this regard when choosing my seats. Regards,
  12. No Change unless Viney is ready.
  13. Sorry. Only reason why I didn't have him is that he handballs over the head to opposition countless times.
  14. Rivers Tmac Salem Lagdon Bullen Spargo Sorry Ollie Jordon and Lever
  15. Out. Ben Brown, Adam Tomilson, Nathan Jones, Jake Melksham In. Weidermen, Harmes, Viney, Bedford
  16. Out: Jones (managed) In: Chandler
  17. Really like the Giants jumper. In fact it's the best away jumper in the league. Absolutely awesome. Would love something like this.
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