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  1. B: Garland, Frawley, Terlich HB: Grimes, McDonald, Clisby C: Toumpas, Viney, Watts HF: Vince, Dawes, Trengove FF: Hogan, Clark, Howe R: Jamar, Jones, Tyson Int: McKenzie, Fitz, Tapscott, Michie
  2. You honestly think that Adeliade will give up their BnF winner and a top 10 Brownlow voter for pick 10 and a player who averages 7-10 games a year at around 12 possesions...please never apply for a job in our recruitment department!
  3. Correct, he's a Castlemaine boy...his family has strong roots there, they have been there for generations...all of them cut from the same tough cloth.
  4. Worst Assistant Coach EVER!!! Never been successful (except in 2000 maybe)
  5. He was clearly the proto-type for the current day small forward and can no doubt claim to have left a legacy on the current game more than any other Melbourne player in the last 30 years. Before people jump at me, I am not talking about our greatest player in the last 30 years, but a person who has brought about a fundamental change in the way the game is played. His forward pressure when it first came in to the game was revolutionary and I can't remember a time before that when opposition defenders were made to think twice when they got the ball becuase of the likelihood of being chased down
  6. Great Call... not that I'm the biggest fan and I also think Jimmy will be a far better player, but who else can recall Kade Simpsons first 10 games, I'm pretty sure he didn't touch it in his first 3 games (literally). Jimmy has taken some time to to pick up the game, but you can just see the poise and class starting to shine through. He is not a hard-ball winning mid, but he does not shirk at the contest that's for sure...I think a lot need to take breath. Yeah Ollie Wines would have been great for us, but Jimmy will be great also.
  7. Number 1 just about you think, at minimum top 2... how often to KPF prospects like this come along!
  8. I actually got down there for this on Tuesday (courtesy of a winning raffle at a Melbourne Business Community function), I was in and out pretty quick so I didn't get a real great chance to meet or talk to any of the players but the one who stood out the most was Gillies...not sure whether he'll turn into a player for us or not, but he looks like a monster!
  9. Is it just me or are the Brian Royal comments about as insightful as Today Tonight's latest exposay into 'Super Market Rip-offs'. At least from Brown and Rawlings you get a sense that the guys have a real feel and knowledge of the game and the players, Brian sounds like he just reads the stats from www.finalsiren.com.au and then adds the comment 'trains well'! I
  10. Anyone got a podcast to it at all? Love hearing Neeld speak, he comes across like a true leader. He and Craigy both seem to have the polish required to be a leader of an AFL club...just compare to someone like Peter Rhode when he was in charge of the Doggies, Matty Primus or Bluey McKenna to get a feel for how it is done poorly.
  11. Agree that the drop may get exposed in games, but you can't argue with the progress.
  12. I went down also for a quick look, and agree with all of the comments. The one thing that I can comment on is how good the Big Pencil is disposing of the ball. Most of our players still kick passes that hang in the air for too long and force the recieving player to wait up or jump straight up. However the big fella was always passing with low hard kicks that were out in front...the ball drop isn't pretty but it's effective. Taggert dropped a couple of marks and looked a little nervy. Toumpas is a nice size, bigger than I would have thought.
  13. Healy hates us more than anyone else in the media, worse than Denham or Barrett, no need to pay attention to him when it comes to the MFC
  14. Rodan = We gave up a pick we were not going to use as it was to make sure he didn't go to the Delisted Player draft...we still essentially gave nothing for him. Pederson = Can't get a game at North, who are better than us, doesn't mean he doesn't improve our side Dawes = Don't think he's damaged goods, more that he just might not be the player we need him to be, my feeling is that he is more a product of a good structure rather than the reason behind the success. Byrnes = Plays as a forward, Wojo (who I'm assuming you meant) plays as a running back, different possies. Byrnes was kept out by th
  15. Agree most of the replies, I wasn't really that fussed about the opinions of Trade Radio, more so what people thought themselves. I would give us a C+, we did get most of our main targets so far, which is what you want from the club, which us what we should be getting marked on. I just think we paid overs for the Hogan pick, however the Bulldogs were circling with picks 5&6, which forced us a little bit... having said all that, the C mark is becuase of the calibre of the players we got (no Mitch Clark's this year)...for me only Essendon probably get top marks for Goddard, everyone else was
  16. Trade Radio are rating the team's performances througout the Trade period. Not sure what people think, or how would score us. Terry Wallace has given us a 'C', However Damian Barret has rated as an 'e'. Is this fair you think?
  17. Yep, I know that people get smashed on here for quoting inuendo and rumours, but I have heard that of all the deals we're likely to do, this one is the most certain of the lot... I'm not vindicating the choice on the player, just stating that I have heard that Ben Warren is destined to be a Dee.
  18. If GC have to give up pick 2 because of this = Win If Kurt Tippet comes to us = Win Can't really see too much downside of this...that being said I'm still not convinved it's definitely us with the offer
  19. Is Mitch Clark also a mercenary who has detracted from our club's culture?
  20. So all of those who jumped on me honestly believe that Todd Banfield is the kind of player we need! This is a bloke who bobs up in parts and pieces in another mediocre team, and all of a sudden he's a godsend to a team that need a small forward...hmmm... must just be me who doesn't see the value in it...oh well enjoy the discussion!
  21. Not sure, but the nature of this thread irks me...oh hang on, now I know why, we don't need another dud blocking up spots on our list!
  22. Out: Blease (lacks intensity), Davey (runs around every contest, never puts his hips over the line of the ball) Green (can't compete, doesn't look like he wants to either) MacDonald (chest marks don't get dropped at AFL level) In: Couch (at least he'll have a crack) Petterd (Ditto) Dunn (Ditto) McDonald (deserves his chance and with a best on for Casey should be rewarded) FWIW: Moloney - needs to be on notice, you can't keep running one way Jamar - Stef Martin played his best footy when Russian was out of the side, he too needs to learn how to get involved when he's up against a competitor, so
  23. I guess this just underpins why the club stuck by Schwabby. Not too many other CEO's could have done this, he may have stepped on some toes but he is getting the job done.
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