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  1. Those highlights weren't that impressive. Kicks seemed to float and didn't see much hard running to present an option.
  2. I know that he didn't have a massive impact tonight...but thought our forward mix looked much more mobile with Brown replacing Tmac. Led up to the wings to provide a target out of defence (much like Tmac does), but felt more composed with ball in hand. I hope they persist with Brown in the absence of Jackson.
  3. Gawn has been resting down back...he'll take him
  4. Maybe we haven't nominated him because we know there isn't mutch interest in him. If we had have nominated him, this allows another club to bid and force us to overpay. If the price is right he still may end up at the dees.
  5. Melbourne lost that one....Essendon didn't win it. Simply kicked our selves out of it
  6. Frawley played the majority of last year forward...If Frost is a direct replacement for Frawley, he'll be playing forward.
  7. The way you're going with those "guns" photos Saty, the next one will be Nick Reiwoldt/Zac Dawson esk....
  8. and enough riddles in general the last couple of weeks :S
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