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  1. Thanks for this and your other reports. Us o/s supporters need all the info we can get. I have now forgotten about Lyon and won't mention him again. Cheers and keep up your excellent work.
  2. That is what I said. Plus look at the bio of the forward coach and that will explain 2.12 and1.8
  3. No they haven't, they are the same wheels. All the other clubs have improved and we have been treading water. We were the first to have a women's team and should be the team to beat. Probably won't make the finals. Why? What is the one constant re MFCW that has been with the team since the start of AFLW? Clue; read the bio's of our coaching staff.
  4. Much the same position Clayton was in. eh!
  5. The women's league has made giant steps forward in it's short existence and it concerns me that the MFC are not aware of the fact we are falling behind and I put this down to our coaching staff. Coaches learn from their previous coaches and in the early stages of the competition, coaches from 2nd and 3rd tier sufficed but now the game needs people of a higher calibre. Not one of our coaches has experience at a high level of football; for example look at the bio of our development coach "The brother of senior coach Mick, John Stinear works as a Development Coach with Melbourne's forwards as well as a match-day runner. Stinear has been involved with the club since the inaugural 2017 AFLW season and has a playing background at Southern Football League side, St Kilda City, where he was part of back-to-back Premiership sides in 2009 and 2010." and you wonder why we can't kick goals. The team list is probably the best in the competition and deserves better coaching; they need to be taught how to handball properly; there is only a handful of girls that can use handball effectively clear congestion with kicks off the ground stop the opposition getting the ball away when tackled etc So for the rest of the year i suggest they get Mark Williams to help out once a week. It couldn't hurt but it might iron out some problems. Most of the other clubs have better game plans than us but inferior lists; that is because they are new to the competition but give them time and they will be better than us. As one of the formation clubs we need to advance instead of stagnating. We won't win a flag the way things are now. Ever.
  6. This is a game that will test our coach. I am still not convinced that he can bring a flag home. I thought he was outcoached in the 2nd half last week. I hope that I am wrong and it is a case of tv watching v seeing live. But every thing is going well and I hope it continues.
  7. I believe the AFL are licencing universities to add a course, Law-AFL- rules and laws, to their existing curriculum. Players are invited to attend for a fee 50% of which will be on forwarded to the AFL.
  8. Yes but he proved not up to it. We lost but we won. I don't remember his name; that's how good he was.
  9. You did. I just skimmed your post. My bad.
  10. Better include Freo in that list. Unbeaten in their last 10 games inc todays bath of Adelaide. They are a huge threat.
  11. The way women's football is played is different to the men's game. They are not as strong nor as quick. Oh what is the use. The fact is that now there is more kicking off the ground with all teams in recent games than before indicates that this is the coaches instruction. I think they know better than you and me. And it is working.
  12. skills 32 team runamuk. I think barassi league Thanks for doing this again.
  13. Did you read my first post? Basically I said that if some one is on your hammer and you lack the skills to pick up and handball in the one motion then a kick off the ground is the best option. They did it and it worked. So what is your problem.
  14. Paxman and others read Demonland apparently. I noticed a fair bit of kicking the ball off the ground as suggested in the v Suns thread.
  15. Not so. When someone is on your hammer and you don;t have the skills to pick the ball up and handball in the same motion, a kick off the ground is your best option. Also all coaches will tell you that your normal routine before a game gives you your best preparation. This did not happen.
  16. Maybe everyone who didn't go had the same excuse as you. Which is?
  17. Great win, the Suns will be one of the teams to beat this year. Petrovski could be a find this year loved her work. Picking the ball up off the ground is harder for women as they don't have the core strength of the men, plus the closer attention of the opposition. We should be looking to kick the ball off the ground before picking it up to get a bit of space and time. It is asking for trouble picking the ball up when some one is on your hammer.
  18. For those O/S Aust Network is broadcasting as well.
  19. 'This whole notion of being very slow by Skills32 at that age is wrong.' DD- apology accepted
  20. Mate I mentioned this to Dean Bailey who called Aaron over and asked the question, Aaron admitted he did not run fast until later. As the field umpire in some of his games I should know.
  21. I am talking about when he was 16 yo. I was the field umpire in quite a few of his games in the NTFL
  22. Some of you guys crack me up. No one knows what the future will bring with kosi, Point in case is Aaron Davey. At 16 years of age he had his sublime skills but was as slow as a wet week. And look what happened there. Relax and let it unfold If it happens you will enjoy it more,
  23. I worry about your judgement PF. i hope you have not put the mocca on him. Remember your thoughts on Nathan Lyon
  24. Thank you all for replying. My question was genuine. I now understand the intricacies of modern football which I had not considered. And what a pleasure to be involved in a thread without the usual sniping etc. My thanks to you all.
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