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  1. I reckon the toump might alright in the current side. Dees 2012 had no vision and no rudder
  2. If Spargo is injured then hunt seems a logical replacement. But let's be honest Spargo is not a big name but he has been exceptional in his role this year. Will be a big loss.
  3. Maybe Jones left the hub too early Afterall?
  4. Can @Demonland start a poll with what to do with the money? One of the options has to be monorail.
  5. I don't remember clearly if official announcements aren't released until the trade period starts and usually the team is speculated or have players nominated clubs pre trade period? My gut feeling is that nominations can't be officially announced until the start of the trade period. From my experience a lot of moves are already set in stone in a lot of details but you never know, things can and do change. Meaning that the decision is probably already made they are just waiting for the right time to release the info. I would love him at the Dees but i can't see it happening.
  6. I tend to agree. We need to stop their run, winning the clearances only helps us if we can lock the ball in our F50. If they can run like they did last night we are in trouble.
  7. Wow that's terrible. I feel for lingy and other families going through these hard times
  8. I wonder if we will review this game @picket fence
  9. I just want to put my hand up and say i was wrong. I've held the private belief we'd never be any good with Jack in. I thought he was a liability offensively. Well done Jack.
  10. Boo we want info (solid or not)..... :)
  11. Depends if he's only after a pay check and security or something more...
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