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  1. i think some people are COTTONing ON as to how the cats manage their books...
  2. some talk that hawkins is in iso with the flu
  3. the only way that free agency will work is if players have no control over trades so pies should be able to ship treloar to gc17, if they so choose to do so, as long as the monetary value of his contract is honoured the issue is that players can 'block' trades (a la howe to gw$ a few years back) unlike in the nba, nfl, mlb, etc., or any other sporting organisation that has a free agency clause after a set period of times (be it 5, 6, or 7 years either at the one club or across the course of a career)
  4. yes and no; one of the things i've heard said is that the afl measures competitiveness by the variety of teams that make prelims carlton (1999) and essendon (2001) have the longest gaps since prelim appearances, while of course gc17 have never even had a 'winning' season, let alone made prelims - every other club has made appearances at least once in the last decade, i think i loathe free agency fwiw
  5. if he is supposedly unhappy, nothing could make me more pissy than a botched operation
  6. tigers, jack riewoldt, dustin martin
  7. is THAT what he had on his arms the whole time?!?? has he set fire to any pubs of late?
  8. i can't fathom that bolded section...friday night was unbelievably tough and competitive wet weather football - a real slog between two class sides i think the issue is there's too many players who are crazy fit but ultimately aren't comparable to the 'poor' players of past eras because there's too many teams, thus too many ordinary players, in modern football we've gone from 20 players taking the field for 12 sides to 22 for 18 the players are so unbelievably fit and modern afl coaches adapted to the international trends of defence-first methodology - push back hard when you've
  9. i believe north are committed to keeping polec now as higgins is off down the highway to geelong
  10. yeah the treloar stuff is fascinating filth clearly want shot of him; either way, treloar will get his contract paid
  11. will be going for the tiggas next week; not a fan of the cats i reckon the bigger story is what will happen if cats subsequently get cameron as a free agent richmond win premiership; get lynch...cats win premiership; get cameron? free agency undermines the competition
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