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  1. pies are missing a host of key players the one advantage they have would appear to be in the ruck if gawn does miss, we have two options - we either go with someone who can at least physically compete with grundy, or we go piecemeal and go with a variety of not-ruckmen to compete in contests in the middle and around the ground we've become almost an anti-stoppage team in the recent weeks, so i tend to suspect we might go with the latter approach prior to last weekend, collingwood were really going with one 'tall' in mihocek, plus a heap of mediums in wh-e, de goey, elliott as their primary attacking make-up; now two of them are missing and the third is set to resume following an injury, and cameron will play deepest man - do we bring in an o mac to man him as last man back? the likelihood is roughead won't play down back for them, which means they'll bring moore back and push dunn permanently defensively - he didn't exactly look like the fittest specimen running around against the crows, and i can't imagine he'll be exactly up and about after a mere four day break - do we try and exploit that with run throughout our forward line? pendlebury comes in for sier and leads that midfield alongside adams, sidebottom and daicos, plus phillips as the runner out wide plus crisp and maynard providing overlap run - curtail those two and we'll go a long way toward winning; can't see anything other than viney going head to head with adams, and would love to see harmes deployed on sidebottom on one wing, plus langdon to go head to head with phillips, while melksham and jones will have their jobs cut out for them to not just win the ball, impact the scoreboard, but also curtail the run of maynard and crisp for mine, our structure needs to remain essentially the same as we have had it, with three players rotating ruck / forward the only other change i could see is lockhart coming for a defender; it's really over rivers that could miss, but i think he's been good both offensively and defensively every time he's played, so the other option is fumbles harmes as the 7th coming out, but i really think we need him for frontbum as poor as tomlinson was, our defensive side has been really good the last two matches, so i'm reluctant to mess with something that's working IN: brown OUT: jackson B: Rivers - May - Lever HB: Salem - Tomlinson - Hibberd C : Langdon - Petracca - Harmes HF: Melksham - Brown - Jones F: Fritsch - Weideman - Pickett Foll: T Mac - Oliver - Brayshaw I/c: Viney - Spargo - AVB - Sparrow
  2. That’s a bummer Can’t see Gawn okay if it is a pcl issue, you don’t mess around with those Preuss surely must play; this is why we got him
  3. GW$ Pear Bears Gulp.....us? Dockers? Footscray Peptides? Meth coke Tiggas Only three games - including ours - that it’s hard to tip you’d think this round
  4. second draw of the year gotta beat peptides when we finally play em
  5. yes please he's more than just a back flanker rebounder - some of his work inside the centre square for gw$ was elite last season
  6. i don't; no way swans would want effectively four players for one, especially not middle-tier picks and players they'll be looking for (prospective) quality not quantity; blues' 1st round picks in 2020 and 2021 more likely to get it done, but even that's a stretch given their 1st rounder this year is likely to be somewhere between 8-12 and next year should be later than that if they're adding papley
  7. everything comes down to how tight, or otherwise, our salary cap is, plus what list sizes are mandated in 2021 i would hope we're keen as mustard on zac williams and - more importantly - he wants to come to us; i'd go for him over papley as he shouldn't cost us anything as a free agent, plus like everyone i just assume the blues will get the deal done for papley this off-season i am very keen on rory laird and to see what else of decent quality could be poached out of adelaide for that hawthorn second rounder - i agree that there's no way that crows will want just that if laird does elect to leave i don't want either crouch bro and doubt the crows would be interested in brayshaw; you'd think it'd be the likes of the peptides, carlton and freo who'd be the most interested in him - if you could find a way to leverage that brayshaw effectively came to us for laird, i'd probably do that if we couldn't land williams for free; if you get him, i'd ideally like to keep brayshaw as it gets us inside mid depth it'll be curious to see what value, if any, preuss has ahead of 2021 - only really the swans will need a starting ruckman, which he really should be, but i doubt anyone will offer much for him i'd be very disappointed if viney left
  8. not if pendlebury is playing he's not viney will go straight to adams i expect
  9. harry o is not his name and hasn't been for some time
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