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  1. i mean the allowed capacity not how many will rock up :)
  2. viney has lead from the front on the field, has shown loyalty despite approaches from other clubs, speaks with pride in the club in public, supports and backs his elder and younger teammates, and is always trying to get the best out of himself may was made co-captain of his side and walked out with a year to go on his contract, rocked up to his new club looking like he'd eaten a spare tyre, and as a 29 year old took a year to 'realise' what was required of him, after which he lead brilliantly on the field in 2020 i'd go viney for a leadership role every day of the week over may
  3. it's not new news to these players all coaches have been saying the same to the same group since at least 2018 sometimes it just requires a fresh voice and a different delivery of the message to get through
  4. based off recent training reports and rehab groups... rd 1 seniors B: Lockhart - May - Lever HB: Hunt - Tomlinson - Smith C : Langdon - Petracca - Salem HF: Melksham - Weideman - Harmes F: Fritsch - B Brown - Pickett Foll: Gawn - Oliver - Viney I/c: Jackson - Spargo - Rivers - McDonald Emerg: Jones - Rosman - Sparrow - Jetta likely unavailable: brayshaw - hibberd - hore - petty
  5. kornes doesn't really rate ruckmen despite matress and lade giving him silver service in his best years
  6. retired: nathan jones michael hibberd neville jetta traded: angus brayshaw alex neal-bullen delisted: toby bedford aaron vandenberg james jordan aaron neitschke kade chandler mitch brown
  7. very sad all the best to his family
  8. biggest thing that pleases me from report is the amount of players in full training i find it interesting that melksham is training with the mids as i don't particularly find him valuable either inside or outside it concerns me a bit that hunt is training with the backs as his disposal is simply not nearly good enough based upon previous seasons to be running off the back flank but we shall see
  9. worse still, i believe daily mail is now the #1 'news' site in oztraya goes to show what people value...
  10. means nothing; afl fantasy points is all about accumulation of stats through possessions; supercoach measures effectiveness of usage at least, as it uses champion data ranking points gawn is the #1 average scoring player in both games from memory, oliver and trac are right up there in top 10 but again it means little - richmond for instance has barely any player who averages 100+ points (neck tatts) and only another three who average 90+ ppg, whereas we have the top 3 who average 117+ ppg each, then viney, may, langdon also at 90+ it's not how how possessions you get but how yo
  11. bizarrely, got my voting forms today but no email that is referenced above our board would seem, from the outside looking in, to have done a reasonable job given the circumstances of the year and the inconsistency of the football dept for the last two seasons
  12. i don't get the love for hore... hopefully i'll be proved wrong but he was dropped multiple times as a senior recruit in his first year, finished the season in the vfl, and then was crocked the entirety of 2020 smith is ahead of him for mine by dint of being regularly IN the side last year seniors B: Smith - May - Lever HB: Rivers - Tomlinson - Hibberd C : Langdon - Petracca - Salem HF: Melksham - Weideman - Harmes F: Fritsch - B Brown - Pickett Foll: Gawn - Oliver - Viney I/c: Jackson - Brayshaw - Hunt - Baker Emerg: Jones - Spargo - McDonald - Sparrow magoos
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