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  1. I lived in corio for 3 years and they are over the top there.

    It is really bad at the main geelong shopping centre.

    There is cats stuff all over the shop windows.

    Go Dees.

    No point in hating the cats, like hating a new car. they play with courage and represent afl at its highest. they have managed to defy the draft to get to the top,,, gary ablett aside. now all they have to look forward to is a lousy premiership and gentle slide into the middle of the ladder as their top players drop off / go to gold coast bears.

  2. I'm Melbourne at this stage, Tony. I'm Melbourne. I'm Melbourne and to talk about anything like that would be against these principles that I mentioned. I am Melbourne and I'm Melbourne through and through.

    - Norm Smith.

    I have always been fascinated with this excerpt from The Tony Charlton Football Show which Dappa Dan uses on his posts. "Red Fox", p573, quoting Norm Smith goes further: "Winning is important - it's damn important - but it's not as important as sticking to solid principles. If you deviate from the principles you deteriorate quickly." In this case Norm Smith was paying out on Neil Crompton's refusal to follow team instructions in the dying minutes of the '64 grand final. Of course he was referring to Crompton's decision to wander forward and kick the winning goal that won Melbourne its last premiership.

  3. The problem with his kicking is he throws it up in the air and by the time it hits his boot after the ball has revolved in circles 20 times it hits the side of his boot or goes 50 meters in the air giving the oposition ample time for the turnover.

    He is a gutsy player, slippery as an eel and very evasive almost floweresque in heavy traffic. as simon cowell would say, 'and now for the bad news'... his release is extremely high and the gap from hand to foot is far too great. so by the time the ball hits his boot it may have changed direction. he is like miller in that he is unable to guide the ball onto the boot with the right hand. His round-the-corner kicks are usually much better ie 2000 final v carlton. Earl of Spalding was the same. Ditto Warren Dean.

  4. Terrible thread. Rivers among the best today. Cannot fathom where the hate for him is coming from. Took a pile of contested marks in defensive 50 and affected a heap of good spoils in contested situations as well as out on leads.

    Totally agree. Rivers played courageously and used his body brilliantly in contested situations. i think a lot of people just make things up to suit the prevailing fashion.

  5. Every Friday morning Peter Keenan gives his footy tips on ABC radio. In the past he has been a serial critic of his former club, always talking up his beloved North Melbourne. I noticed in the last couple of weeks he has changed his tone. this morning it was, "Melbourne, the team I played eight years for".

  6. I don't think so, Not in the same role. Petterd with his nippy style of play where he plays reactively & spontaneously, catching the defenders off balance.

    Morton seems to me more a slow thinking slowish reacting type who is better suited in more space nearer the middle of the ground.

    That is so wrong. His thinking and acting in real time is brilliant... his use and sharing of the ball on the forward line for Casey on Saturday was nothing less than elite. like champions he may look half-pace but this is deceptive.

  7. Judging by the look of the pitch, the AFL have NO standards what so ever. I guess when you run a massive surplus you run the risk of the "who cares" attitude... Just an assumption.

    It was amusing to see the "Customer Service" Staff creating a human shield to stop patrons from accessing ground level seats, for which an (approx) $20 premium has to be paid. In the section I used adjacent to the demon cheer squad hardly anyone had paid the extra impost, but there were hundreds watching from behind the Etihad staff. Even these 'premium' seats don't let you see if the ball has gone through the goals at height because the compacted upper level blocks the view. VFL Park Waverley was a brilliant ground, and would have made the AFL very wealthy if they didn't firesale it for the benefit of private operators at Dockland.

  8. I upgraded from Country Membership to Trident earlier in the week. When I got home from work last night I found my email ticket for Saturday's game, also discovered that you can't print the ticket out "AFTER 7.00pm". I am hoping that the club will provide a ticket for SAturday's game! I also discovered that the late father of a work friend actually started the Tridents Group, I think in the 1960's. She still has Trident memorabilia of his from the 60's. Looking forward to catching up with any crazy demon supporters in the Northern Stand.

    Bush Demon

  9. I upgraded from Country Membership to Trident earlier in the week. When I got home from work last night I found my email ticket for Saturday's game, also discovered that you can't print the ticket out "AFTER 7.00pm". I am hoping that the club will provide a ticket for SAturday's game! I also discovered that the late father of a work friend actually started the Tridents Group, I think in the 1960's. She still has Trident memorabilia of his from the 60's. Looking forward to catching up with any crazy demon supporters in the Northern Stand.

    Bush Demon

  10. Not sure how this is relevant to the topic, but I remember Graeme. Wore #20 if my memory serves me correctly. Premiership player in first season. Was cleared to South Melbourne after a few years with the Dees.

    Jacobs was a 20yo k.p.p in a premiership side who then fell off the pace when his team fell off the pace. Same as Hawkins.

  11. Does anyone remember Graeme Jacobs? He was centre-half forward in Melbourne's last premiership team and may have kicked four goals in the semi-finals, two in the grand. Kind of disappeared after that. He may have transferred to South Melbourne. Does anyone remember him?

  12. Deleting Melbourne Storm's points for 2010 is a decision in stupidity rivalling the secret deals which got them in this mess. the nrl are pointing a gun at their own head.

    if the big picture is a national competition then storm should have been given some small chance of continuing on in the current season. as things stand they have been gunned down like ned kelly.

    i have never enjoyed this code, but am not opposed to the pleasure it gives to locals and expats who follow melbourne storm. is the nfl going to pull down the new stadium as well? they might as well retreat to the confines of sydney and just do the head-banging thing there.

  13. When I was 14 and bored with things i made up a game called marble football. i still have the record book of the seasons. (the coodabeens said i should offer it up to the museum of sport).

    the teams:






    springvale north




    one missing can't remember

    this was called the VFU (Victorian Football Union). i kept over 200 marbles in ten kool mint jars. every marble had a name. the game was played on the carpet behindthe couch. i used batteries for goals and a chinese checker for the football.

    at the end of the season i threw all the marbles over neighbouring fences so i wouldn't be tempted to go into season '71 playing marble football. still, my brother like balloon football.

    ps why relegate the dees into a divisional situatin when we are looking at ten years as a possibly top ranking club.

    the lesser teams would draw minimal crowds, have no finance, no sponsors no tv, and players would use free agency to get away from them.

    bush demon

    Why so rude?

    Why not just say that the plan is ludicrous and completely unworkable? That there would be no way our supporters, nor any other clubs' supporters, would support a divisional system if it's going to mean we're playing Ballarat or Cairns instead of Collingwood or Geelong? That there is no chance in hell that the AFL will take on teams from rural towns.

    It was a nice effort, but totally off the mark. But you don't have to insinuate that he's a drug addict just because you don't like it.

  14. Leign Matthews was hardly the sniper. Often he was front and centre with the "hard" stuff.

    One of the greatest players I have seen.

    Should have won a B'low one year where he dominated every other award by a country mile.

    If we are talking AFL time then Grinter and Matthews are out of contention.

    you obviously didn't see his king-hits on giles and stephen smith.

  15. Crackers Keenan, serial bagger of the dees said we would get slaughtered and that his beloved North would play with shinboner spirit against Saints. Could be a cold winter in your wet North jumper crackers. Don't forget your Melbourne jumper is still lying under the bed where you left it.

  16. I remember the 87 year well, for most of that season we played ordinary football and looked no chance to play in the finals, then something clicked and the team clicked, we had to win the last six games of the year to just squeak in the the finals. We then played some really exciting attacking football the best from the MFC since 1964. We Thrashed North in the first final by well over 100 points, we then destroyed the swans by more than 70 points in the next final, it was the great Robbie Flower's last year and the atmosphere around the club was electric. The next game was against the all conquering Hawks who were right at the peak of their powers and in the middle of a run of 7 consecutive Grand Finals. If you look at their team then it was one of the greatest every assembled with stars all over the ground. They were far superior to us on paper in every way. But we continued our brilliant play of recent weeks and late in the third qtr had a 23 point lead. Unfortunately we played a bit defensively in the last qtr but still had several chances to win when players ran into open goals and missed. We lost after the siren as you all know and i was quite depressed for more than a week after that. but it was the most exciting time for our club since out glory days and it could happen again soon i believe and when it does all the Dees suporters will know this excitment again

    1. Brett Bailey blazing away;

    2. Tony Campbell blazing away;

    3. Simon Eishold being put on a ridiculous angle after marking directly in front, but not in the centre-of-the-front. that is the most stupid rule.

  17. Spot on matey.

    So far Baileys match day coaching seems pretty insipid.

    John Northey was a pretty conservative coach but when things weren't working he threw players around

    Grinter to FF, TC to full back, Stynes to CHB, Allan Johnson on the ball.

    They didn't always work but sometimes they did.

    PS - look at the way Malthouse has been able to take good ordinary footballers & develop them into elite players ie Swan, Pendlebury, Maxwell, Johnson, O'Bree

    Mark Williams has done the same at PA with Rodan,Carlisle & Pearce. Bailey has been unable to do this as yet.

    Not to mention Sean Wight to Full Forward, which won us the 1988 Elimination final after a pathetic first half.

  18. Dunn was awful and should be dropped. I'll never understand how he was picked, and he didn't prove me wrong.

    Warnock and Frawley played the worst games I've ever seen them play. Warnock was atrocious. Frawley not as bad, but I know he can do a lot better.

    Miller played a typical Miller game. Jones too. Jones again thought every time he had the ball he could weave some magic and make something happen. Every time he was wrong.

    Davey and Moloney were disappointing. Jamar should have dominated but didn't.

    Joel MacDonald is woefully slow. Didn't see anything in him that strikes me as special. Just a plodding defender.

    Rivers was OK. Grimes dominated across HB in the second half. Scully and Trengove ran harder than most, and showed glimpses of brilliance.

    You are kidding. Jones played a gutsy game. It wasn't his fault that noone else would go in and get the ball.

    Petterd can't stay as a forward if he can't kick goals form 15 metres out. Missed twice (the second one is excusable as he had cramp, but the first was a shocker).

    You are kidding, Jones played a typically gutsy game. Willing to get hurt for the betterment of his team. One of our few inside players.

  19. I'm sure they're also discouraged from listening to what the crowd yells out from the boundary, what fans chat to them about and what is discussed on radio, etc.

    Opposition supporters at the ground say better stuff about our players than do the posters on here and 'ology.

  20. Just for the record no Lyon was not a legend a champion of the club who could not be at his best for long enough due to injury

    in my opinion the MFC have only produced one playing legend Ron Barassi and an VFL/AFL champion in Robbie Flower.

    I'm sure your comments won't get onto the record in fact i'm quite positive. I'll add Bluey Adams and Hassa Mann. You probably have never heard of them. Melbourne has won 12 premierships, not by accident. All this 'legend' palava of course is courtesy of the cardboard men of the AFL Publicity machine. In an age when television and film data was not preserved we had an endless supply of legends (at least) from '33 onwards. (apologies, i.w smith).

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