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  1. Are the dogs the AFL's biggest charity case?
  2. He did duck in the Geelong game and the ump was onto it. He does play low to the ground however and has been justly rewarded several times this year. Not so much a ducker - that won't get him a free - but he does run low and plays for high contact. Just like Caleb Daniel and no-one's bagging CB so let Spargo get on with it.
  3. I'm calling this out YW. In 2018 I, and hundreds of other MCC members were lining up at 9.00am, hours before the gates opened. You clearly don't know how walk ups work. For a GF people sleep out overnight and are lined up by MCC officials for an 8.00am opening and then it's every one for themselves. Get in and take the seat you want. For those 2018 finals against Geelong and Hawthorn I saw the same folks there each week, putting in the hours and then heading in to their preferred area after the gates were opened about 2.00pm. No-one, not even on routine match days rolls up 10 minutes before the start unless they are happy sitting way up in the back. No ill-feeling meant but do understand that you are talking BS.
  4. The light blue was the change and we were always struggling when it was our jumper. The navy blue has a much longer history and is associated with the golden era so I wouldn't expect it to be a problem even if you relate it to 2007-16. I know some people are sentimental about the light blue - adopted for early colour TV - but for those of us with a longer history it's rich in bad memories.
  5. I have had so much goodwill and support from supporters of the Saints, Norf, the Blues...yes the Blues, even Geelong over the past 24 hours that is actually quite moving. There are plenty of people who support non-finals clubs who are happy to see the Dees finally doing well that I think is fantastic. We should embrace the mood. We win one, and people will ride with us. Two might be a problem, but people who know Demons supporters who have stuck through thick and thin want to see us go on and are literally on our side. Notably, no Hawthorn supporters have come out to support me, but that's just what I'd expect. Anyone else, jump on!
  6. The history to it is looooooooosssssing. Year after year.
  7. I hate the royal blue. It reeks of the 70s when we were mediocre. We returned to navy in 1987 and fired up. Having said that, the royal blue works as a clash strip since it's better than all the alternatives.
  8. Absolutely. Dogs are a real threat. Port is my preference but a Hipwoodless Brissy appeals more than the Dogs who have one of the smartest coaches in the game.
  9. Ah yes, the Doc McClelland. Hilarious.😂
  10. Exactly. Win tomorrow and see Salem rested along with one of Trac or Olly for example. TMac if he plays tomorrow and we win might also be spelled.
  11. You don't need qualifications for a job with the AFL. You just need to be somebody's mate.
  12. Ha Ha HAAAA. It's a joke, right?
  13. Terrible decision to give Miller that free. Nothing in it. And to pay it in front of goal so late in the game is outrageous. If I were a Carlton supporter...oh well, I'm not. Both teams look terrible. Happy the Suns could bounce back since they'd have had a terrible week. Looks like curtains for Teague.
  14. With Tobes we'd be certainties.
  15. Sorry. Yep won't be available retail but you can order from adelaide hills distillery.
  16. Received an email from the club. Try this link: (but you want the Fuchsia) https://78degrees.com.au/age-gate?redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2F78degrees.com.au%2F
  17. I always like to support the club's sponsors whenever possible. I'm not in the market for a new car so I can't help Jaguar but I am partial to the occasional G&T which is why I bought two bottles of the Fuchsia Gin last year. It is well named: it has real floral characteristics and is a unique number. Which is why I ordered two more bottles this year and I am happy to say it's as good again as it was previously. I am a little surprised that it has been re-promoted this week. Hopefully that doesn't mean sales are crook. I genuinely like it and serious gin drinkers I have shared it with agreed. So for those demonlanders who are over 18 and maybe puzzling over whether the Fuschia is any good I say don't order just one bottle. It will disappear too quickly.
  18. And our women are better looking than theirs.
  19. You haven't been watching. Three clear goal assists by lowering eyes and foot passing last two weeks. All after breaking from contests.
  20. I had the pleasure of speaking to John a couple of times. Just a lovely bloke. Warm and good company. He told me the best part of winning a premiership was making the supporters happy, rewarding them for supporting the team.
  21. We're suddenly in a dark spot, folks. The Tigers are in the toilet and the Cats are having their evil way with them with the result that we'll be third on the ladder tonight. Given the 'Dogs' cruisy drawer, and the fact we go to Perth and Geelong, we are likely to remain third at best. How different it would have been had Tex not kicked that last goal (or the dropping the ball free just before hand was paid to us), and if Breust had missed last week. We'd be a game and a half clear. Or you might say how different etc...if we could kick straight.
  22. How'd ya know? However I much prefer N47. Picky ain't I?
  23. I had lousy tickets anyway. Go Dees!
  24. Now you're being unrealistic and unreasonable. (sarcasm meter just blew up)
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