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  1. 3 minutes ago, Stiff Arm said:

    Not sure about the blues defenders knocking the ball back into play on the goal line from a Crows set shot. Seen them give up 2 goals from this. Voss will be screaming "For god's sake, punch it through!!!"

    Yeah, Carlton’s  defence near Adelaide’s goal line was a nightmare for them.  Hilarious for neutrals though 😁😁

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  2. 4 hours ago, deanox said:

    Yup, not gifted, but it might get the nod in a line ball call.

    100%.  Not every selection choice is as clearcut as so many of the posters here like to make out.  Sometimes it really is splitting hairs and something as trivial as locking in a possible father and son selection 15 years down the track is as good as reason as any to lean one way over another.

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  3. I feel sick saying this but I agree with Bevo on this.  He gave his views on 360 on Monday night I think it was.  He says the season is a war of atrition and there shouldn't be a way to correct holes in a teams list midway through it, even if those holes are caused by injury.  The mid season draft can only do so much because a team is very unlikely to get a season changing player from it.  So big no for me.

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  4. 14 minutes ago, layzie said:

    Thanks Viper, I couldn't quite make out who it was they were getting stuck into thanks to that beaming sun into the Warne Stand!

    Might have to look at it again, was very unlike us. 

    It's at the 46 min mark of the replay on the AFL website.  Lingy called it a robust discussion lol.  They replay the intial 'chat' between Lever and Gus several times, but May's involvement came later which wasn't shown.

    BT at his best, totally ignoring Lingy's observations and droning on about Buddy instead 🤦‍♂️

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  5. Hey guys.  Looking forward to a cheerful podcast this week.

    I would love some thoughts on the overall pressure of this game, especailly Sydney's pressure.  It felt live that they really bought the heat, but I haven't looked at any of the numbers.

    Also, it was very hard picking our best players this game, which is a trend this year.  Who did you guys have as our best and how did that compare to the DL votes, coaches votes (if released) and some of the media votes (if possible)?


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  6. 7 minutes ago, layzie said:

    We had a couple of defensive errors early on and in particular one where Buddy ended up marking uncontested on his own. I could see May giving one of the guys a bake for this but is this something we just have to tighten up a bit? Understandably there were some changes made to the back 6 this week so maybe a little continuity in selection there is all that we need for it to click again. 

    May and Lever went to town on Gus for that.  It was very heated.  Gus intitially resisted but quickly acknowledged his mistake.  I haven't been able to decide if doing it so publically was a good thing or not.

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  7. Another very tough selection week, for all the right reasons though. 

    The changes leading into the Swans game had us going in with one less KP tall than the week before.  So the big question is with Pickett coming in, will we go even smaller and have BBB go out (Rested/back), or maintian the balance and omitt an extemely unlucky small? I think we can go smaller against WCE without McGovern, but past that I'm not sure.  And at some stage Gawn is coming back....


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  8. 6 hours ago, gs77 said:

    Interesting. I heard that more as disappointment with their lack of discipline giving those away, but either way I'm delighted we're provoking those responses.

    The several 50's they gave away were very poor discipline, which is Richmond like, not Sydney like.

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  9. Super enjoyable day at the G yesterday.  I agree with so much that has already been mentioned and I've got a sore finger liking all the posts in this thread.

    My main thought is Sydney were actually very good yesterday, which makes the 50 point win even more satifying.  They harassed with a very effective swarming pressure that had us going backwards several times yesterday and they read our possesions very well, heading straight to where handpasses were going and getting there to put the receiving player under immediate pressure.  They also moved the ball very well and had the uncanny ability to continually find a mark at true CHF, which had me very worried in the 3rd quarter.  Easily the best oppisition performance I've seen live in the last few years and are a lock for top 4 in my opinion. So we were playing at a very high level yesterday to get away with a 50 point win.

    I loved the significance of the contributions of our emerging players.  McVee, Rivers, Bowey, Chandler, Jordon, and JVR as well as more established youngsters like Petty, Spargo and Sparrow show that if all goes well, we are in for many more years at the top end.

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  10. I'm looking forward to seeing this kid in the seniors, and I trust the coaches have prepared him very well for long term success.  His attack on the ball and player is great, very reminiscent of David Schwarz, my favourite player growing up.

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  11. 33 minutes ago, deelusions from afar said:


    While this Reid kid sounds like a gun, it's not the first time a player has been considered a generational talent who will go pick 1 that would be worth selling the house for.  In hindsight, if you have a good system (development, culture etc), it seems like 3 picks in the top 25 would be a more reliable bet - you could end up with the best player in the draft still and you may end up with 2-3 top 10 players in your team.

    E.g. here's a list of recent no.1 picks - there's hardly any that would now be considered the best of their draft.


    2006 Bryce Gibbs Carlton Glenelg SANFL
    2007 Matthew Kreuzer Carlton Northern Knights TAC Cup
    2008 Jack Watts Melbourne Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup
    2009 Tom Scully Melbourne Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup
    2010 David Swallow Gold Coast East Fremantle Football Club WAFL
    2011 Jonathon Patton Greater Western Sydney Eastern Ranges TAC Cup
    2012 Lachie Whitfield Greater Western Sydney Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup
    2013 Tom Boyd Greater Western Sydney Eastern Ranges TAC Cup
    2014 Paddy McCartin St Kilda Geelong Falcons TAC Cup
    2015 Jacob Weitering Carlton Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup
    2016 Andrew McGrath Essendon Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup
    2017 Cameron Rayner Brisbane Lions Western Jets TAC Cup
    2018 Sam Walsh Carlton Geelong Falcons TAC Cup
    2019 Matthew Rowell Gold Coast Oakleigh Chargers NAB League
    2020 Jamarra Ugle-Hagan Western Bulldogs Oakleigh Chargers NAB League
    2021 Jason Horne-Francis North Melbourne South Adelaide SANFL



    100%.  If Hawthorn end up with pick 1 and another team offer them a pick 2-5, another 6-10 and another 11-18, they would be mad not to take it.

  12. It's a very nuanced discussion, but for mine it's only tanking if it's wanting to lose in order to secure early draft picks (ie draft picks are the primary motivator for the decisions a club makes that weaken it short term).  If it's being ok with losing short term becuase you've made a decision to purge a list right back to attempt to fast track the development of young players while also getting some value for offloading older players (picks in the 40's are still better than the nothing they'll get later on) then it's not tanking.  It may or may not work in the long run, but it seems Hawthorn have decided the culture they want can still be driven by the older players that remain and the off field staff.  Unless a team gets lucky with father/sons, acadamy or go home factor players coming to their club, I don't know if there is an alternative to a savage list purge.  

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  13. The mistake Freo has made was that in the process of getting Jackson, they had 5 players leave, most of whom left because Freo either low-balled them or [censored] them off so bad they wanted out.  Lobb, Acres and Logue all played 20+ games in 2022 so they were clearly best 22 calibre.  Tucker played 14 and Meek 6 (no idea if injuries played a prat in those numbers).  That's far too much talent going out for a team supposedly on the rise with only Jackson, O'Meara and Josh Corbert coming in.

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  14. Another tricky selection week coming up.  I don't think we'll see wholesale changes like some are hoping for.

    JVR for Gawn - With Schache going down, I don't see any other option and I think it's time to unleash him for a minimum 2 weeks.  After that it will depend on his form and the form of TMac and Schache at Casey.  But it's Roo time!!

    May for either Tomlinson or Petty - Two weeks there's no way I would consider that, but Thommo has exceeded my expectations and Petty seems to be out of form, especially one on one.  Add to that his jarred knee, perhaps he will be the one who makes way for May.

    Melksham to be replaced by JJ or Laurie - I lean towards JJ

    I think McVee will get at least one more week.  

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  15. 2 hours ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    There was some talk by the AFL that they were going to be bringing it back to only top 20 prospects again but don't think we'll see that this year.

    The AFL will carefully monitor the progress of Melbournes NGA's and adopt whatever policy denies us access.

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  16. 7 minutes ago, DubDee said:

    pretty simple. it’s deliberately playing to lose. or coaching making moves to throw the game. 

    trading out senior guys for draft picks is not tanking. or do you think it is?

    That’s the way I see it too. The older guys Hawthorn traded out weren’t going to take them anywhere and I doubt would have changed their W/L outcome in 2023.  So why not trade them while they have value?  I don’t know their list well enough to know if they’ve kept enough experienced players to drive standards but I really don’t think they had any choice. I’d think Hawthorne is preparing better for a successful future than WCE,  whose list profile is horrible for a team with no hope of short term success. 

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