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  1. Fear of failure is paralysing our players
  2. Unfortunately they have lost all of the confidence they built up last year. And are playing like it.
  3. Agreed. Trac is the one thats killing us with his negative mindedness and subsequent silliness
  4. HI Deevoted, I'm keen. Team Name: The Legion EDIT: Thanks I'm in Barassi.
  5. Wow. Thanks for enlightening us all ye of great experience and wisdom...
  6. The guy just loves afl footy that much. Kudos to him.
  7. In 10 years time we may have just witnessed a demon dynasty with Viney petracca oliver brayshaw and harmes in midfield.
  8. Id be very surprised if Jake Lever didnt captain mfc during his career.
  9. Tom macdonalds first 50 games were light years ahead of omac. You on some crazy drugs there. Tom mac actually plays the ball as a defender. Omac only does when hes third man in. One on one he gets outbodied or out sprinted every time.
  10. This. Even though frost is only half good, i was hoping to hell goodwin would play him on tomahawk tonight but i knew he wouldnt and look what happens. Omac is too man concious and too reactive when the pressure in on. Frost attacked the contests and focused in the ball.
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