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  1. Anyone know the total last year just prior to round 1?
  2. If you have concerns about what worksafe are doing (or not doing) in regards to Essendon you should write to the Minster responsible, your local member or the premier or all if the above.
  3. The MFC know how that feels tank you very much. Though I would put too much reliance on the words of Dank. Seems like a very unreliable witness. I think those comments were more about ensuring Turd was on board with what he wanted to do.
  4. Well you have now so the sponsorship is working
  5. We should have had it out a bit earlier before the season started to inspire new/renewal of memberships before we start losing games and that inspiration is saped. It's not bad though.
  6. Yes Little paved the way for that when he put out the position that even if the players are found guilty, Turd can stay on "if the fans want him too".
  7. And now the Pies are being smashed by the Dogs.
  8. Port are getting smashed by the crows...not sure how much NAB means for the real season.
  9. Could you say what you liked about Brayshaws game KC? Also who were the players that put their hand up for round 1?
  10. I thought some of our players had the MELB / DOGS half time full time split.
  11. Crowley thought it's was just a vitamin C tablet he had...
  12. Really poor from if true about round 17. AFL needs to cut this kind of crap out.
  13. Really poor from. AFL needs to cut this kind of crap out
  14. I thought Kent had a sore heel and will be back playing next week.
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