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  1. Disagree with some of this. I think Smith runs hard all day. Against Port, he ran past 3 Port players on the wing to lay a shepherd on one of them for Treloar. Having said that, Port were dreadful, worse than the Cats.
  2. Nice idea. Can't trade 3 first round picks in 3 years. That might stop it? $s shouldn't be a problem as he will be taking less than Freo offered to get to Melbourne and a club in contention.
  3. Taranto played Greene's role to a tee. And Tom Stewart played.
  4. Giants beat Geelong by 3 goals round 21 with 10 of best 22 out. And it was in Geelong. Reckon they're a strong chance.
  5. 6 Oliver 5 Gawn 4 Lever 3 Salem 2 Petracca 1 Langdon
  6. Pretty sure the graphic I saw had doggies at +86. Too much red wine?
  7. Graphic has disappeared. Can we get it back? Or where is it from?
  8. Agree with this. Coaches seem to really rate him tho'.
  9. The very small steps he takes when running might indicate this. Still covers the ground well.
  10. 6. Oliver 5. Petracca 4. Jackson 3. ANB 2. Gawn 1. Bowey
  11. The 2nd was as bad. Bontompelli ran into a pack with the ball, dropped it then got a free for holding the man. Kicked a goal I believe. Stunning. Protected species.
  12. 6 Oliver 5 Petracca 4 Brayshaw 3 May 2 Gawn 1 Jackson
  13. Brown has made a name as a lead up mark. Not a pack mark. Brown is not the answer if we just bomb it.
  14. 6. Salem 5. May 4. Petracca 3. Oliver 2. McDonald 1. Pickett
  15. We lost because we were smashed at the clearances and around the ball, particularly in the first half. And I watched Oliver seemingly tagging Kelly at centre bounces. Didn't make sense. Think van den Berg might be in next week to harden up the mid-field.
  16. We lost because we got smashed at the clearances and around the ball. We were small forward, so I'd bring Weideman or the other Brown in. But we gotta get around the ball fixed. Lot of ball watchers in the first half. Just a bad game that we could have won.
  17. Sad to say, but he played like it. Looked out of place.
  18. 6. Salem 5. May 4. Mcdonald. 3. Fritsch. 2. Petracca 1. Gawn
  19. When Balm stepped down as MFC coach, we beat Richmond the following week. We then returned to losing. When Daniher stepped down as coach, we played out of our skins to just lose to Essendon. We then returned to losing. Plenty of other examples. Having said that, I expect to win, but win/lose, the team will go into the bye and then reset.
  20. Brisbane would have got him much cheaper with MFC paying a fair bit of the $800k for 2021. His current contract finishes this year.
  21. When he played against Carlton? he played with a lot of energy and was in a lot of pack/fall of ball contests, but didn't get much of the ball. Maybe he is a Mid; that's gonna make it hard for him.
  22. Pretty sure there is a quote for the club somewhere saying he was drafted as a (backup) forward. Then Tommy stepped up to A grade and Brown is in the 2s. Majak's best year by a long shot was when he played down back for North. Can also play ruck. So............
  23. Where did Chandler play? As a Mid, or small forward.
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