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  1. 19 minutes ago, Ben said:

    By remaining civilised we deny the 23 wearing the red and blue an extra hand. Crowd noise must help a team with motivation and momentum (particularly in the final quarter) and possibly help with umpiring calls. I've been to many Collingwood games in the past 12 months and I'm very jealous of the influence they can have and the atmosphere they create. If we can be just 10 or 20% less civilised we would be helping the team out.

    I don't think that being reserved is at all a good supporter trait.

    Agree we are mostly quiet compared to other fan bases but can get very loud occasionally.

    I doubt many saw this but there was a time in the 2nd QTR after about our 4th horrible F50 entry in a row that went straight to a Carlton defender and the crowd were restless and negative.

    As Carlton ran the ball out, Trac turned to the crowd and yelled " show some [censored] support" during play. I heard it from the 2nd level. At the next stoppage he was revving the crowd up lifting his arms repeatedly.

    Our support and lack thereof is so important to our team. Some of the regulars around me are so damn negative and at times disgraceful with abuse hurled at our players it's embarrassing.

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  2. 45 minutes ago, Redleg said:

    We didn’t play terribly, we actually disposed terribly including kicking for goal.

    We actually now hold the league record of 40 for F50 interceptions.

    We had 20 more inside F50’s.

    We kept Blues to lowest score under Voss.

    If we kicked straight we win by over 10 goals.

    That is not terrible, but disposal was.

    It was a hard watch Red and poor disposal is poor football particularly when not under much pressure. Carltons 2nd half pressure rating was 160 which is extremely low.

    As good as that record highlighted is, we scored only once every 8 of those F50 intercepts. The league average is one every 3. Our forward entries are awful and have been for 18 months. We need to sort this quickly, it just won't win games against good teams.

    I'm happy with the win and there were some good signs of form from several players but I walked away from The G completely underwhelmed.

    I did enjoy that we looked to switch play several times last night, something I haven't seen most this season.

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  3. Can't remember a more boring, mistake ridden game in a long time. Crowd was flat as a tack for 50k. 

    3 more Brownlow votes for Trac. Other than that great signs from Judd and JVR, Salem slowly returning to form.

    Take the win and forget this game ever happened.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, binman said:


    Love it.

    Yeah I'm one of the few on here that think he has something to offer up forward IF he's body gives him a chance.

    He is not a Backman, is far too loose. He has pace and can jump I'm really hoping they can turn him into someone who can spoil the oppo rebounder. 

    Good luck Joel 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, whatwhat say what said:

    so they're being moved to the rookie list?

    From MFC website.....The pair, who will remain on the rookie list for the 2024 season, have impressed with their attitude and commitment during their first year in the red and blue.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Engorged Onion said:

    What's with the words putrid and disgraceful when referencing the team.

    It's as if you think they're coming up against the Manangatang 3rds... and not another professionally run football club, with similar resources and talent.

    I'm a bit [censored] ing over the negative [censored] ers on here...

    Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 17.28.50.png

    What am I missing here that these stats make no sense at all??

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  7. Yesterday's loss was awful but these results have made it much easier to swallow, particularly Geelong losing to GWS at the cattery.

    Did anyone see Jeremy Camerons horrible flop for a free which resulted in a shot on goal which thankfully he missed!? He should cop a fine for staging. 

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  8. What happened to the corridor footy we saw pre season?? We rarely switch play, and barely even look to see if it's on.

    The only thing we have changed about our F50 entries is it is not deep pocket every time. We still bomb it and teams run it out with ease and very little pressure. 

    We are stale and have not fired a shot against decent opposition other than Gold Coast which is looking like a very good win up there.

    Our skills have deteriorated, a lot of sloppy, lazy football the past few weeks in particular.

    We are classic downhill skiers and have been that way for 18 months.

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  9. 8 minutes ago, titan_uranus said:

    So is the Sam Edmund tweet confirmation that no one actually knows what is wrong with Oliver because we're going on nothing other that tweets from journalists?


    Just throwing darts like Johnny Ralph blindfolded !

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  10. 6 hours ago, Demonsone said:

    King questioned our culture with how the players didn’t jump to assist Gawn with the way the Port players were treating him, said this wouldn’t have happened in 2021

    I said the exact same thing in post match thread. 

    We were hard and ruthless in 2021, have not shown it for a long time since.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Demonsterative said:

    Typical Journo’s. Go early.

    Love the ‘COULD’ aspect to this.


    If right “you heard it hear first” 

    NFI as yet….. 

    Yep classic click bait. No doubt he's getting scans but this reads like a complete guess by Johnny boy.

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  12. Thought Gus let himself down when he was in the middle for someone screaming out for more midfield time. He may get another chance if Clarrie doesn't get up but he will need to be far better than what he displayed in the guts on Friday.

  13. Geez I'm getting fed up with Gawn getting targetted by this mob and absolutely nobody flying the flag for him.

    Where is that tough, brutal, hard edge we played with in 2021?

    It doesn't help that he sooks it up and continually goes to ground either.

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  14. Very few winners tonight and way too many guys went missing.

    We played one great quarter and were flogged in 3. Questions will rightly be asked about our ability to beat other contenders.

    Disappointed, but we got what we deserved. 

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