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  1. Struggled to work after hearing this news.

    Gutted that his career is over thanks to an act of thuggery that the AFL and majority of the media said was just an unfortunate act of footy.

    Gus, thanks for being such a huge part of the flag that gave us so much joy. Your game was immense.

    Your career was superb and you are a quality young man who has ultimately mate the right call for your family.

    Go well Gus 

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  2. My partner just told me an unbelievable story.

    She lived a few doors from 4 time premiership legend John Lord and had got to know him over time. 3 years ago and not long before he passed away she went through a nasty divorce and John rocked up at her door and offered to take her out to lunch for support.

    She had prior commitments and declined. Standing next to John was Ronald Dale Barrassi.

    I said to her are you farkin kidding me, how could you possibly pass up on opportunity like that. 

    What a beautiful gesture by those 2 men.

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  3. 23 minutes ago, Fork 'em said:

    Who was that bloke from the swans who 10yrs ago declared half the comp was doin' coke and got shut down by the AFL.
    Dale Lewis?

    Yes Dale Lewis about 25 years ago or more and was never heard of in the footy world ever again sadly.

    He was right on the money .


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  4. 22 hours ago, Bring-Back-Powell said:

    Josh Jenkins has been the first media bloke to actually talk up Fullerton.

    Said he’d be a really good fit for the 85/15 forward- ruck role.

    If Fullerton’s good enough to get a consistent game he’ll allow JVR to focus as a full time forward to partner up with Petty.

    It is becoming apparent we've brought in Fullerton to cover the loss of Jordan.....

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  5. Imagine living the dream of playing for the team you supported as a kid and being involved in the pivotal play the turned the game that won the club's first flag in 57 years .

    Thanks Chompers for your contribution and I hope you go well at The Dogs 

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  6. 12 hours ago, Rodney (Balls) Grinter said:

    I turned the TV off the moment the siren went for that very reason 

    I switched off 10 seconds before siren and have not seen any celebrations post match.

    Same when Geelong won 2022ill i feel sick GIF

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  7. 3 hours ago, leave it to deever said:

    The non advantage call was massive. Timing and position made it even worse. What a bad umpire to call advantage before anyone even knew a free had even been paid. The free was for a clear trip and and not two seconds after the whistle or a second after a lions player kicked it straight up in the air, its play on.

     If there is no clear advantage or you are not sure then just stop. It ain't too hard. How many times this year have we seen pedantic umpires calling back players to kick over the mark. What a panic merchant that umpire was.


    Even worse and not spoken about. The  "advantage " free should have been a free too. Disgraceful.


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  8. 10 minutes ago, Billy said:

    It was pathetic in the cold light of day, didn’t matter we had injuries we should’ve won both games

    A colossal choke, lost at selection & out coached again 

    Max & May will be in the twilight of their careers next year, Grundy our backup once Max retires will be in Sydney & they treated a retiring warrior in Hibbo withe contempt

    2023 an absolute disaster 

    Agreed, a complete train wreck and waste of a season.

    Despite injury to key players towards the end of season we completely dominated both finals opponents and butchered it.

    I can't see it any other way than a monumental choke and a premiership gone begging.

    They'll get harder to win in the next 2 years before our window is shut for who knows how long 

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  9. Our window is closing before our eyes. 

    May, Max, Salem, Langdon and Viney as good as they are have likely played their best footy. We need to figure out who takes their spots when they decline which will come very quickly .Grundy anyone lol.

    Teams are going to go past us very quickly unless we get some dare back. We played predictable, safe boring footy a lot this year 

    Need some pace, clean ball use and a complete overhaul on F50 entries.

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