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  1. 9 minutes ago, Sir Why You Little said:

    All good points 

    but how many times did we kick more points than goals, when we were strongly controlling general play?

    Look at what we could still do at The Gabba in Round 23… 13.3 at Halftime 


    We were every bit as dominant in the first half on Friday as we were at the Gabba. I'm tipping the stats would be very similar for contested possession, clearance, inside 50s etc.

    Only thing that changed was accuracy and we left the door open.

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  2. It's fitness and playing injured players for mine, along with stubborn coaching/ selection / game plan.

    Must admit though, i don't think I once heard selfless footy being banged on about like it did all of last year!

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  3. 5 hours ago, YesitwasaWin4theAges said:

    We looked busted after half time again.

    What has happened to our footy club in the space of 3 months.

    Complete and utter failure.

    Players obviously not the same after injuries this year, did we go too hard in our prep?

    Players looked completely burnt out.

    Or not hard enough? Questions must be ask.


    Yes to pretty much everything.

    We tried EVERYTHING we did last year, without a plan B. Played injured players like last year expecting same result. Do we blame players for putting their hand up to play,

    OR coaches for not freshening up when it was so obvious blokes were playing hurt AND being so damn predictable and refusing to make changes when teams picked us apart in 2nd halves .

    It's the latter for me.

    We looked good in nearly every first half before running out of steam


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  4. It was probably 70-30 crowd to us. I thought they were louder than us and I was there. Heard Bucks say same thing post match and he was there.

    It's not hard to see why. A combination of a very old demographic and a lot of supporters with hearts in their mouths waiting for the 2nd half fade out.

  5. Even at 10-0 we weren't playing great footy, most of those wins were an arm wrestle for 3 quarters and we dominated 1.

    Our game plan , our run n carry that was some of the best footy ever seen last year was non existent and to me it is clearly fitness, we simply could not run games out like last year and execute our game plan. 

    At least 6 blokes out there were on 1 leg tonight. Lever, Brown, Trac, Salem, Gawn, Viney . You can't carry that many sore players and expect to win.

    Blessing in disguise, we'd have got pantsed and embarrassed against Geelong.

    Goodnight all.

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  6. 13 minutes ago, Monocology said:

    Love feeling startstruck. Still stoked that Chrissy Amphlett once called me 'handsome' - overly generous to the extreme.

    I vividly remember her eyeballing me at the first gig I ever went to as a 15yo. I was starstruck.

    Sorry Mono she's mine .

    RIP Rock goddess 

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  7. 40 minutes ago, jnrmac said:

    Did anyone see the Spargo incident? Where his throat was crushed?


    7 minutes ago, Trisul said:

    I think it happens after Spargos smothered kick for goal.  On the AFL replay, 1:51:15-16. Rampe appears to fend to the throat.

    I mentioned this earlier but he reached for his throat after a tackle he laid at HFF city end SKW stand side ....not sure which of these incidents come first but I believe the tackle.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Graeme Yeats' Mullet said:

    I agree with him about the umpiring 

    AFL has changed the HtB rule this week, the Gee and Freo games were unrecognisable compared to most of the season, dozens not paid

    There was a blatant head duck in our game, I believe Mills in Front of their goals in the last , straight into the tackler and zero attempt to get rid of the ball and not pinged.

    I guess we were fortunate he didn't get sucked in by the head duck.

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  9. 41 minutes ago, Queanbeyan Demon said:

    Regarding the backline . . . and to some unremarkable salient points made by some posters that I am now going to remark upon. 

    I would say they (and 'they' are named later on - I have no fear) are all pretty one-dimensional back there. And the comp is full of OD players. Just in my era alone:

    1. Hudson simply chat himself when shooting for his 151st goal - no good under pressure at all.
    2. Robbie Flower the same. Often missed running goals in the wet from 55 metres out after taking the ball at half back and being bashed by Matthews for his trouble. Barassi had to permanently move him to half back to save his career.
    3. Carey was cr&p as a backman . . . Pagan had to move him forward where he carved out a barely passable career.
    4. Voss, Black, Lappin and White were no good in the granny of 2004 - lost the plot in the fourth quarter - wonder any of them played another game quite frankly.
    5. And don't get me started on Dusty . . . slack bast*#d only plays well in grannies. 

    So yeah - unfortunate Maysie, Jake the Snake, Tommy Petty, Pig Hibbo and Christian Salem need to take a good long hard look at themselves this week. The future of the club depends on it.

    Wonder if it had anything to do with having already run 100m, the ground was wet, and he was 55m out?

    Not to mention carrying the rest of his team. 


  10. 36 minutes ago, binman said:


    He was moving like a cripple in the second half.

    I was gob smacked, and remain so, that Goody didn't bring Smith on for him. I mean, what the point of having a medi sub if you don't use it when needed?

    We were basically down a player for a big chunk of the match. We really needed the run Smith and energy would have contributed.

    Totally baffling. 

    Yep, right in front of me I saw him go down on his haunches for 10- 20 secs, when he got up and took a step his leg gave way completely.

    Limped/walked half way to bench and I assumed he would get subbed out, but then stayed on inexplicably and was a witches hat for rest of first quarter.

    Got some run back 2nd half but clearly hampered. Brave to stay out but may have been costly.

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  11. 44 minutes ago, Lucifers Hero said:

    Anyone know how Charlie got the throat injury.

    Going to hospital with it sounds similar to the injury that Dangerfield got when Toby Green charged him and got several weeks suspension for it.

    It was in a tackle he made I reckon, city end around HFF Shane Warne stand side. From memory he actually won the free but I remember seeing him reach for his throat almost immediately after the tackle.

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  12. 2 minutes ago, rpfc said:

    I was waiting for this bump. I was worried earlier in the season with how we were playing and I said that loading was a ‘red herring’ and this is what I meant.

    Loading is a real thing that the best teams do, but you’re not meant to be revealed like we were revealed with some of those performances in 2nd halves in the middle of the season.

    We are not moving the ball well, have little dare and run, and our forward line can’t compete against defences that are set up. And they also allow the ball out too easily.

    Agree on all this.

    No doubt loading happens, every team in finals contention are doing it, but there's enough sample size now to understand it can't be used an an excuse for our form.

    The dare is the big one for me, it's just not the same as last year but I think a lot of this comes from good opposition coaching who know it won us games last year. We still appear to have no Plan B.

    Bizarre we are at our worst at the G, and miraculously look a different team interstate. 

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  13. Beaten by a better hungrier team, simple as that. Their pressure was off the charts. 

    It was actually a great game of footy for 3 quarters, great atmosphere. Nobody likes losing but you have to credit Sydney, they were great. We were sloppy at times but played some good footy too.

    The Buddy dive turned the game, awful, disgraceful decision.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, spirit of norm smith said:

    Christian Petracca 

    alteady a champion of the game 

    love him 

    MFC premiership player 

    norm smith medal 

    bull of a midfielder 

    but two things … 

    1. stay hungry … looking like his playing fancy little delicate handballs and tackles being missed 

    2. He must must must sort out your goalkicking. It’s a huge knock on him and imv stops him from being elite … he’s not confident and his routine is poor. Straights and simple levers are the key !!! 

    Not sure if you realise but he was playing on one leg from midway through the first quarter. He could barely jog at one stage and I expected him to be subbed off.

    I would not be too critical of him tonight. 

  15. It's been pretty ordinary watching some games live lately where it randomly just goes back to the beginning of the broadcast mid match.

    Has happened a few times the past month. Overall it's been pretty good but it's frustrating when it happens and usually multiple times once it starts happening.

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