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  1. I am on record on here saying that he could become the best midfielder I’ve ever seen in my 50 plus years of supporting the Dees. I think he’d played 3 or 4 games at the time. He hasn’t let me down.
  2. He did sing Sherry!! I’m hoping that’s Cerras nickname?? The riddles are back!
  3. I expect Harmes will get some sort of shutdown role, do it very well but still get plenty of ball himself.
  4. Awesome stuff, but any snakes to report?
  5. Sensational mate, great work! Covered in goosebumps after watching that!
  6. I think Jack Viney might play his greatest ever game and earn the Norm Smith. He has had 2 awesome finals and looks as fit as he ever has. He is ready to explode.
  7. I was one of the many opposed to him getting games this year but the club could not have handled it any better on getting him to 300 games. Glad I was there to witness that glorious occasion. Well done Chunk and thankyou!
  8. Stoked that The NRL came to their senses and changed The Storm prelim start time. Let’s face it they relented to broadcasters, they could not give a phark about Storms supporters, sponsors etc. Will finish about an hour before our game which is perfect. Will watch with my 2 primary school boys who have asked to watch with me even though it’s their Mums week. I doubt I’ll cry if we lose but I’ll cry with mostly joy but also sadness unashamedly in front of them if we win. We will win.
  9. I think you are on the money here NS with points 1 and 2. These will be critical. However, even if these 2 things happen I believe we will still win if we bring the manic pressure we’ve seen in both our finals, along with our never ending running both ways. The matches this year where the Dogs struggled were when under relentless pressure. They lose all composure. We bring that and we bring home the flag. Been saying it for a while now but…..It’s our time!
  10. This is for long term Demonlanders only so please don't bother PMing me if you are new on here. 1x Priority 1 and 2x Priority 3 on offer.
  11. Watched the game alone which is a little sad but nice to know you guys and girls are all along with the ride. if you haven’t realised already, this is our time. Sit back relax and enjoy! Just noticed I’ve sunk a 6 pack And a full bottle of red.
  12. You’d think so. I was surprised Z Guthrie was named ahead of him, so might be a swap or fingers crossed another injury we are unaware of
  13. Sense of calm over me the past 2 weeks is still with me. Very unusual considering the position we find ourselves in. Geelong would have to play their best game of the season and we'd have to play our worst. Can't see it happening. It's our time!
  14. Probably the same bloke on here that advised us all of an injury yesterday but didn't name him other than being someone replaceable
  15. Happy to help too. I have a premium membership so whoever wants it should get access to excellent seats!
  16. I posted this elsewhere but thought apt here too. Apparently COVID is still rampant in the USA. This is how they are dealing with it. I am completely envious.
  17. Whilst on the subject of music, this is how the yanks are dealing with COVID currently. This was our tune to run out to this year, how I’d love to see the G rock like this…
  18. Agree. The only teams that have troubled us were teams that took the game on, ran and played on at all costs. Cats won’t/can’t!
  19. I’m surprised at all the concern shown in this thread on facing Geelong. I thought they were really ordinary last night against a banged up team missing their best player and at least 6 other best 22. - We are very fit and will be fresh as can be, they look real tired. - Played on a ground not dissimilar dimensions to The G, nothing like Kardinia Park. - We will have a great crowd presence on our side. ( Pav thinks it will be very pro Dees) - Their form has plateud for over a month now, I still see improvement in us. - Belief. I’ve always been a realist when discussing the Dees, usually more on the pessimist side, but we are a different beast to any Dees side in my lifetime. Its our time.
  20. I agree. If that's the best Geelong can dish up we win comfortably. Goody cracked a bottle of red at halftime tonight.
  21. That album has aged very well, classic!
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