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  1. Can anyone remember a game where Jared Rivers dominated circa 2004 in the past three years??? Sadly I think injury may have had the better of him. Nether the less I remain confident a premiership defence can be built round Garland, Warnock and Frawley
  2. Agreed. Watching Gumbleton tongiht gives me hope for young Jack.
  3. Dr Peter Larkins says it will require an appointment with the specialist. Guess we'll just have to wait and see now but knoowing our luck it will be a full one. Watts to come in??????? Ha
  4. Well we through the kitchen sink at him 2 years ago to try and get him through the pre season draft. I think he would go better at Melbourne but as to how damaging he would be remains a bit of an unknown. Dennis Commetti made the comment the other night that he is more effective when he doesn't have the ball that when he does. Alwyn may have great frontal pressure skills but he aint a great kick like his brother and his decision making leaves much to be desired .
  5. Geez imagine if we had Liam coming back this week from a dislocated shoulder rather than a reconstruction as was originaly thought.
  6. Just listened to it. Not much. Stated that he was surprised he was delisted. (Heard this previously). Although it was interesting to hear him mention that Melbourne told him that Brisbane were looking to trade him as early as round 20 last year. Mentioned that Grimes and McKenzie were future stars of the AFL. He was particularly impressed/inspired by Grimes continuous gut running deep into the last quarter against the Pies. Also mentioned with a bit of a tongue in cheek that the G is a bit of a hoodoo ground for him. That was really about it. Had a good game last week Joel. Will be interesti
  7. Ha but still training is all about simulating match conditions.
  8. Bate had a hand in some really important passages of play on the weekend. Those who are suggesting that he should be dropped should really have another look at the game. By no means was he perfect but I'd much prefer him in the side than Miller. We've always known it takes Bater a while to get going, the start of 2010 is going to be no different.
  9. Outs: Jones, Dunn, Miller, Bruce, Rivers Ins: Martin, Newton, Garland, Sylvia, Maric FB: Strauss, Warnock, Frawley HB: MacDonald Garland, Bennell W: Scully McDonald Davey HF: Sylvia Bate Trengove FF: Newton Jamar Green R: Spencer Moloney Grimes I: Maric,Martin, McKenzie, Petterd * Spencer is not allowed any where near the forward line * Play Jamar almost as a permanent forward
  10. Upon reflection it seems to me that Bailey's whole philosophy is wrong. Time and time again he talks about "competing" when in reality this is the fundamental purpose of sport and should not be demanded from players but expected. I for one will watch with a keen interest the development of the Kangaroo's list under the guidance of Brad Scott a man who doesn't talk in circles and demands winning from his team not simply being competitive.
  11. I heard that rumour early last year. Although it wouldn't be too difficult to make up.
  12. I'll boo him anyway (just for kicks) but I don't think those comments are that offensive to be honest. Brock's gone, and I for one am extremely happy we got Gysberts for him.
  13. FB: Joel Macdonald James Frawley James Strauss HB: Jared Rivers Matthew Warnock Cameron Bruce C: Jack Trengove Brent Moloney Brad Green HF:Matthew Bate Brad Miller Aarron Davey FF:Ricky Petterd Mark Jamar Neville Jetta R: Jake Spencer James McDonald Jack Grimes I:Tom Scully Jordan Gysberts Stefan Martin Lynden Dunn
  14. Add to that Wonnaeamirri who has done his left hammy and were f'd.
  15. Lol so what if 1st round draft picks are playing. Have a look at our trading over the past 4 years. Freaking idiot
  16. Hmm Riedwolt won the St Kilda B&F in his 2nd year and polled 11 brownlow votes. Pretty big step up from his first year. http://www.stats.rleague.com/afl/stats/players/N/Nick_Riewoldt.html Young Jack just needs some patience. He'll be fine
  17. Didn't hurt Gibbs did it? (He's one of the few CFC midfielders who runs both ways) I expect both Trengove and Sculldog to be matched up on the league's best midfielders this year. It's all part of their development, learning about what work rate is required aswell as improving their accountibillity throughout the middle of the ground. We can't have a midfield which doesn't run the other way.
  18. I completely agree. The comparisons with Riedwolt's first couple of years are now falling on deaf ears. Nick won the St Kilda best and fairest in his 2nd year. It sounds like Jack won't get to that level for another three. Anyway I just hope he recovers well and uses all this negative press e.g. comparisons to nic nat as motivation out on the track and in the weights room
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