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  1. Just on Maxy. Last night he won 43 hitouts to Hickey's 17. Jacko had 7 to Sinclair's 12. I understand the debate about effectiveness of hitous etc especially in this game but talk of not having him in the ruck is fanciful. I am pretty certain Max is caring an injury. Maybe at least cracked ribs. Lynch kneed him in the kidney area in the first quarter of the Tigers game and a friend at the game said from that point on he was visibly struggling to get to contests around the ground. I'd say he's definitely playing through something.
  2. I was originally an ologist sometime around early to mid 2000's. Went on here around the same time. My memory was different to others. I remember it being more civil over there and this place had a reputation for too much juvenile infighting. But I came over at the time of that split around 2008. Thankfully mods have done a great job cleaning things up on here and a few people who needed to be have been moved on. Quality just keeps getting better. Mind you we all have a bit more positive things to say for the first time since '64. Nowadays look here before I look at any of the press. Way bett
  3. binman is it fair to summarise your theory as being willing to lose more clearances in return for having better clearances when you do win.
  4. I take your points on board and I understand where you're coming from. Your opinion appears also to be supported by Hardwick's comments about how they think the post pressure is more important than the clearance stat. However, I believe you have to take into account the relative strengths and weaknesses of each team. Nankervis is usually beaten for hitouts and often quite a lot. He's only 199 and doesn't have a leap. So Tigers by necessity have to be set up better to rely on the post hitout phase of clearances to get their control. Dogs have been on top of the ladder for a reason. I don't know
  5. Have to say the weekend's game reinforced the need to sort out the centre clearances. North's dominance in the first half started from the centre clearances. The very first bounce Max did a beautiful tap right in front of Kozzie several metres from the bounce and he just got brushed aside by his opponent who spat out a handpass and they were on their way to their first goal. Interestingly Dogs are the worst team for Hitout differentials but against the Tigers they actually won them 30 to 23. Yet the centre clearances which they normally dominate were even. They won stoppage clearances 26
  6. Unfortunately the Edit button has disappeared. The ruck stats are very instructive on how Jacko's going. He's behind Max and Grundy in ruck contests won but right up there with Nic Nat. However, interestingly is a long way off all the other rucks in Hitouts to advantage. So you can see where some work has to be done. But these are incredibly impressive stats for a 19 year old ruckman. And these are compared to the top ruckmen in the comp. I did thebinitial post on the run last night and I've realised I left out Eagles stats. They are useful to compare Nic Nat. Here's the list with t
  7. The turning point in the game last night appeared to me to be when the Tigers started to get on top in the clearances. Up to that time early into the second quarter the Dogs had been dominating. I don't know how the Tigers turned this around. @binman @AxisofBob et al anyone got any idea what they did. Because whatever it is will be the key to us beating the Dogs. This raises a point I've been thinking about for a while. Clearances and particularly Centre Clearances are still a major work in progress. By all rights we should be dominating them with Gawn, Oliver, Viney, Petracca etc but we
  8. Learnt a lot about how we play from the Tigers v Dogs game last night and particularly what we did that the Dogs didn't. Reinforced a lot of what we had been talking about during the week. 1. How well we absorbed the intense Tigers pressure. Dogs lost their system under that pressure. 2. Our ability to get numbers around contests so we weren't isolated. All their numbers seem to be ahead of the ball ready to receive instead of setting up to receive defensively and release to attack. 3. The maturity to slow down and hit short targets to retain possession. Dogs kept doing play
  9. I agree with you that the use of handballs wasn't a change in game plan. What I think it was, was an indication of a significant coming of age in the playing group. I think it showed that they are now able in the middle of a game to respond to a changing set of circumstances. In this case the Tigers opening with ferocious attack on the contests was leaving our players exposed and isolated and forced to dispose of the ball ineffectively under immense pressure. The first thing I believe that happened after that first 15 minutes barrage was the players, in the moment on the field, real
  10. Jordan Lewis on SEN this morning was asked if Buckley goes from Collingwood who does he know who he thinks could take over. Straight off he said Yze then Sam Mitchell. What a nightmare. I've gone from revelling in the ever increasing debacle over there to suddenly hoping they start winning enough games (Queens Birthday excluded of course) so that they resign Buckley and don't go near our Ooze. Heats going to be on if that happens. Do we lose him to Collingwood or do we do something drastic to Goody just when he's got the place up and about. Maybe create a succession plan. He's fami
  11. I was interested to revisit the Lever deal after there's been quite a lot of coverage about him this week and one article talked about us overpaying for him. I'll put my hand up and say I thought two first rounders was way over for him, however, you can't just look at the headline swap and not take into account the other picks. I've had a closer look at the deal. I won't go into all the incredibly complex deals around all the swaps etc but in effect this was the end result in players. We effectively got Lever, Petty and Sparrow. Sparrow included our 2018 pick 37 on top of the Lever
  12. @Binman I rarely disagree with you but in this case I agree with BDA. I would look at the best team for the finals. Assuming BB is fit and in form he’s got to be in that team. He’s going to be a huge bonus with the change in rules. We’re playing a KPH short. You can’t compare Jacko to him as a FF. This next 4 games is the best run we’re going to have for the rest of the season. it’s the best chance there will be to build the synergy with him in the team. We won’t lose because he’s brought in. IMO it will be a big mistake not to do it now. The Doggies have growing injuries and have a shor
  13. I have a feeling we're going to look back on this win as a watershed moment on the way finally to the Holy Grail. This is shaping as the best team since '64. The players proved t themselves last night that the game plan will stack up under immense finals pressure if they execute it. It was Dees of old for the first 15-20 minutes panicking under pressure and bombing the ball to contests where it just came back. We've seen this in so many key Dees games over the decades. Then after that first 20 minute barrage Salo showed the way by calmly spotting up short targets where we retained po
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