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  1. Respectively argued Lord Nev. Appreciate that. I may be editorializing but he certainly announced it and all hell let loose. However you want to categorise it after that is up to you. As I said earlier. My definition of sudden is dropping $1.5mill in revenue and not having an alternative in place before you do it. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. I agree with the sentiment of getting out of pokeys but not how it was executed. I haven't written Goody off at this point but I would have taken Dew or especially Ratten in a heart beat but Swans wouldn't release a contrac
  2. What is it you say Bartlett has done wrong. Are you suggesting the footy team performance is his fault. I think to the extent the Admin have got involved in FD reviews a lot has been done mostly to the group that was there when PJ left. I think it's looking pretty good now. Personally I choose to believe that the devastating injuries in 2019 and the interruptions last year to a group that mostly hadn't played for over a year had a lot to do with it. It would be looking entirely different if the team had continued the trajectory we all thought it would after 2018. Are you sugge
  3. Yep. He announced it and killed any chance it had. Not that it apparently did. It would have been wonderful if it had. Not sure what your point is. Sudden. They immediately exited Leighoak at the end of his last year. Use numbers however you like. 10% lost revenue equated to a $1.5mill revenue hole for a Club that was barely treading above water. I'd call that sudden. You call stopping the pokeys cold without having the alternative revenue avenues already set up a plan. Thats not a plan mate. A plan is putting the alternative revenue streams in place before you lose the revenue
  4. He's certainly got that. Like spending $475,000 on a feasability study for a concept that was never going to be approved. Then publicly announcing it like it was a done deal without even consulting the Govt or MCC who manage Yarra Park. Thus ensuring politically it would never happen. Or making a sudden, totally unthought through and unplanned for exit out of pokies without having any plan on how to cover the instant $1.5mill loss to revenue. Lovely gift to the next administration. Or setting up a flawed succession plan for the coaching. Or trying to force the Club to take Ma
  5. Pretty certain soft cap is the football department. Originally brought in to even up the competition because big clubs were spending way more than small clubs with extra development, coaches, IT and stats support etc
  6. He must be feeling like a kid let out in a candy store. The money a big club like them have for marketing/digital compared to a small club like us will be massive. Having said that ideas are the key not resources.
  7. TBH I was shocked both because he was so candid and because it was a very negative view about the prospect of getting members from Casey which I thought was the ultimate point. I grew up visiting Berwick through the '60's onwards. My Uncle had a farm there that by the 2000's was surrounded by houses. The rate of growth in that area has been phenomenal. Moving out there is quite similar in many ways to what they are trying to do with GWS in Sydney. Put a team in a massive population area and hope to convert it to supporters and members. Ten years in it's a very very slow grind that may po
  8. The other thing Schwab said to me at that B & F was that he didn't believe people would go to the MCG to see games. He said people want to stay home on a Saturday afternoon and do the lawns not do a long commute to see a game of footy. At the time I wondered if it was a comment indicating he was against the whole Casey deal. But it could also be that the arrangement wasn't ever meant to be about memberships. Although I can't see that makes any sense. It has given us a base at this point and a second training facility for AFLW and VFLW teams and the AFL seconds.
  9. I spoke to Cameron Schwabb at the B & F a year in to the Casey deal. We'd spent $1.5mill on the alliance at that time and had a sum total of 1500 members. Half of them were probably Casey Councillors and Casey Scorpions and their families. It is a really good question to see what it is now.
  10. Rubbish. 57 years. Meh!!!! That's just a flea bite. We've hardly warmed up.
  11. To borrow from Martin Luther King. "I had a Dream." I was talking to a mate the other night and mentioned that someone asked about building something over the train tracks. That's been talked about for more than 30 years Probably more. We started thinking. Imagine if they built over Brunton Ave (which they've already partly done) across to the Tennis Centre and towards the City. Get the State Govt engaged by building a massive car park to service the MCG and get cars off Yarra Park forever for MCG games. It would be in walking distance to the City if people stay off public transpo
  12. As for the criticism Bartlett is getting for not looking the part well enough and not doing enough so sack him. I'd much rather have a low profile "President" who's set a long term strategic plan and focusing on it no matter how hard, than a few of the high profile alternatives like Eddie "Proud" or Jeffrey "Tassie Hawks" or Kochie etc etc. I like the Board stability over the past couple of crap years. I like there hasn't been a traditional MFC knee jerk Coach sacking through a very difficult time. I believe on the back of Goodwin's coaching in 2018 there's justification to think he and
  13. Sheish!!!! Who'd want to be a voluntary MFC Board member answering to you lot. A social club and footy facilities within the MCG heartland would be unbelievable for the future of the Club compared to anywhere else. There's clearly some chance of it happening. I personally am happy to wait for however long it takes to either make it happen or know everything humanly possible was done before they cave in to some far more inferior site. And any site away from the G will be vastly inferior. It's a uniquely difficult thing to pull off. No existing land available. Olympic Park organisati
  14. Oh man this is priceless. Pre season training thread arguments involving Saty and he's not even on here.
  15. Oh come on Sue. Not the dreaded 4-6. I didn't realise it was career over.
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