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  1. Also worth noting that in 2020 McKay was surrounded with McGovern & Casboult taking 2 key defenders and in previous years add in Charlie Curnow whereas Weid was often the no. 1 forward having to deal with the no. 1 & no 2 defenders in most games. Yet he still stacked up very well v McKay & the others. The forward line has to perform better in 2021. Surely! Go Weid.
  2. I won’t bite other than to say Fascinating response on many levels. Especially for an Australian footy forum. As far as DL is concerned I stand corrected.
  3. Surely Colliewobbles are going to have a massive challenge attracting elite players after the way they treated Treloar. I’ve never seen anything like it. Entice an elite player away from their team with a massive salary offer. As soon as he arrives pressure him to defer his salary, then keep doing that for a number of years. Then when it’s due effectively sack him. Then start spreading malicious untrue rumours that the senior players don’t want you at the club. Wow. Good luck getting players there after that performance. mind you 72 million Americans just voted to re-elect Trump so any
  4. Know what I mean. Know what I mean......So what’s it really like........
  5. Don't know if anyone has done this but interesting to look at what we gave up to get 18 & 19. Basically it was next year's 1st rd + Preuss + 53 & next year's 3rd rounder Final deal was Next year's 1st rounder + 25 + 68 + 69 (Think you can ignore the last 2.) These were the deals to get 25 = 31 & 43. 31 was Preuss 43 = 53 & future 3rd rd. Say we come 7th next year. We will have given up pick 12 in next year's draft Preuss 53 & around 50 in next year's draft. I would say 53 in this year's draft is not going to be worth much. So if it's say dropping
  6. If Zac Dawson can get a couple of life lines so can O Mac.
  7. I suppose one aspect of there being so many Academy etc picks in the top 20 is on the other hand it will be one of the most predictable top 20’s ever in knowing what players will go where as those picks and what few players left will be available at our kicks. Maybe in the pool if players left there is a gem or 2 they’re very confident will be there. And they will be the dream speed and skill we do desperately need that will propel us to the promised land. Easy.
  8. Lets hope and pray we're on the right side of that ledger.
  9. Uncle BBO I took that to mean he is flighty about whether he is going to stay or go. I don't think that's a slur if that is what was meant. I choose to hear what I want to hear and in this case I'm listening to Pennant St Dee and look forward to hearing about him signing an extension sooner than later. I know some might find that somewhat ironic given I mentioned someone else's observation that he hasn't signed an extension yet. BB won't let him go now anyway.
  10. There could be many reasons why he hasn't agreed to an extension yet. Only one being he is contemplating going home. I hope and pray that's not one of them.
  11. Look forward to that. I fear that if he doesn't sign reasonably early next year this will become a deafening roar.
  12. Very close mates. I think Rivers last year when drafted called him his best mate. Went through junior juniors as little kids all the way to Demons.
  13. We've just got to have such a good year next year that we are irresistible. Keep him and attract others. If I had to pick I'd rather keep him than Oliver. I reckon he's a cause of cultural issues. Over inflated ego. Would we take Kelly for Oliver? I think so. Not saying that's even in contemplation.
  14. Let's just hope they are holding off to see what the TPP ends up being post Covid and where the club ends up with it's salary cap after trade week. See if they create some space before they finalise a deal with him. I always thought Hogan was going to go. I'm more confident about Jackson. Based on......? The vibe.
  15. I so hope you're right. Surely we couldn't have this happen again could we.
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