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  1. Andy Moniz-Wakefield has played NTFL this year for Nightcliff. Has been in the best on a couple of occasions and was awarded rising star on debut. https://afl.draftcentral.com.au/tag/andy-moniz-wakefield/
  2. With all the NGA players taken this year, thought I'd do some digging on names mentioned in a previous Melbourne NGA article. Two names stand out as possible draft targets being. Andy Moniz-Wakefield and Tyrell Martin. Moniz-Wakefield is believe was under Melbournes Darwin zone which we no longer have so likely GC prospect. Made his NTFL debut this year and awarded their equivalent Rising Star award in his first game. Martin is allocated through our Central NT zone. Not a lot of information but found this article. Might be playing SANFL next year if I'm not mistaken. https:
  3. My guess as for their thinking was Pruess would bash packs and bring it to ground for Bedford, Hunt, Kozzi, ANB etc to mop up. Problem being Pruess is a spud, we didn't select for the conditions and our fwd50 entries are worst in the league.
  4. The segment highlighted that we are ranked 6th for i50's but 18th score per i50. The stats haven't changed last year, even though it's something the club has publicly stated would be addressed. The footage is pretty damning, rather than finding the free player inside our forward line, players are opting to go long to a contest. The two examples shown are from our leaders being Gawn and Viney. Every team in the league knows this and plans accordingly.
  5. Too many players with no impact Spargo and ANB (even though he kicked a lucky goal). Brayshaw is probably the most disappointing doesn't provide any defensive running and doesn't want to lay a tackle. TMAC's move him to the backline. On a positive note, Langdon is exactly what we were missing and Lockhart has a future.
  6. Could the mystery kid be one of: Melbourne: Ollie Lord, Will Phillips 2020 eligible draftees training with Melbourne from an AFL article a couple weeks ago. Lord is 195cm key forward and Phillips is a midfielder.
  7. Grundy the most comparable player, played 7 games in his debut year. Pre-season games will give us a good indication whether he's going to be pushing for an early debut. I think you have written off Pruess too early, from training reports he appears to have slimmed down remarkably and coaches have him working on his forward craft.
  8. Freo massive winners with Young, Serong and Henry. Two top 5 rated players leading up to the draft and Henry who looks pretty special. GC with Rowell, Anderson and Flanders also big winners. Again three top 5 players leading up to the draft.
  9. Wouldn't mind us taking a punt on a KPF i.e. Mitch Georgiades or Charlie Dean.
  10. True Footy's Phantom Draft Pick 1: Gold Coast Suns Matthew Rowell (VIC) Pick 2: Gold Coast Suns Noah Anderson (VIC) Pick 3: Melbourne Luke Jackson (WA) Pick 4: GWS Giants Lachie Ash (VIC) Pick 5: GWS Giants (MATCHING SYD BID) Tom Green (NSW) Pick 6: Sydney Swans Deven Robertson (WA) Pick 7: Adelaide Crows Fisher McAsey (SA) Pick 8: Fremantle Hayden Young (VIC) Pick 9: Fremantle Dylan Stephens (SA) Pick 10: Carlton Sam Flanders (VIC) Pick 11: Fremantle (MATCHING MELB BID) Liam Henry (WA) Pick 12: Melbourne Kysaiah Pickett (SA) Pick 13: Hawthorn Brodie Kem
  11. I think the bolded is what worries most on here. It's appears from us armchair experts to be a big risk. Our track record of developing draftees has been mostly miss over the past decade. I'm still in the Young camp because he appears reliable, driven and will probably make an immediate impact. Jackson on the other hand is an unknown quantity, he's still developing and has massive potential but can he develop into a KPF? will his height hamper him becoming a 1st ruck? Will he want to return to WA down the track?
  12. Regarding his height, Nankervis, Martin and Ryder are all -199cm, they go alright. I still prefer Young at 3.
  13. Hope he can bounce back. Kicked 22 goals in 2018, if he can recapture that form he's in our best 22.
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