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  1. You forgot former Dees Winger Dom Tyson. It was perplexing that we waited till last few games of season to play 2 wingman. Landon had a good year, Baker showed good signs when he finally came in. Both back pocket to forward pocket runners who can get forward or back to cover a team mate or be an option. Philips disposal may not be perfect but if he has those attributes we'd have room in our 22. All depends on what Maggies want trade wise and his choice of club. If its a salary cap dump then Pires don't have a strong hand.
  2. He may want to leave. He may want to go to Carlton. That happens. If above is fact then the ball is our court as he is under contract for next season and will not be a free agent at that point. He is a 23 year old All Australian so his trade value is high. The question is what can unlock to allow us to replace him with a player of his, or close to his, quality.
  3. If Jones gets to 300 games next season the match committee is not selecting the best 22 every week.
  4. How do we know he ticks all the boxes?
  5. Purpose was to exit Tyson so match committee didnt select him on the wing!
  6. Or after the strange but most welcome late season selection pivot to pace and run on outside we encourage Jack to keep winning ball but utilise new speedy hard running actual wingers in Langdon and Baker.
  7. Query with Zac Williams is availability not performance. Has only once had back to back 22 game seasons and only 3 22 + game seasons. 11, 8, 12, 22, 23, 2, 24, 11* Whereas Adam Saad 16, 10, 22, 22. 22., 17* *17 game home and away season. If you're paying Zac big $ for 5 years your fingers are crossed that he'll be on the park consistently. High reward if he is. Cap risk if he's sitting in the stands.
  8. His disposal is a huge concern particularly when he burns inside 50s. More generally he has not become the player his early years promised. But if he played in a team with a repeatable method that stood up under scrutiny every week his attributes might be better utilised.
  9. Just as long as we lock Clarko in a room at trade time!
  10. You're complaining we drafted a speedy type who can hit a target inside 50?
  11. We beat the Saints because Petracca played a blinder.
  12. Cazaly Stadium is a couple of thousand kays north of the Sunshine Coast let alone Metricon.
  13. One of the greatest servants of this club. His resilience through years of sustained mediocrity on and off the field should never be forgotten. But should have retired at end of 2019. There is no place in the team for him.
  14. As an almost 50 year old Dees fan I've occasionally been witness to some less than optimal decision making over the journey. I'd have to say giving a rookie coach like Goodwin an effective 4 year extension after 2 seasons in charge as our Board did in March of 2019 is bewildering. Was there no one on the Board wondering out loud about the risks inherent in agreeing to a 4 year extension to a rookie senior coach after 2 seasons? Even a one year extension would have been an effective 2 year extension. Maybe offer an extra year activated by performance trigger. Now we're likely stuck with Goodwin
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