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  1. Pickett's preference is to live in Adelaide. Whether he acts on that sooner later is the issue.
  2. We need to be able to move the ball quickly by accurate passing AND by footspeed.
  3. His exposed form at AFL/VFL level is more relevant than his draft position. Just has not shown much at AFL level.
  4. Media reports are that they need Grundy's money out of the cap to fit in Tom Mitchell even with Hawks paying part of Mitchell's 2023 contract. Fingers crossed that result is we give up a 2nd rounder at worst and Pies pay $300K a year of his contract.
  5. We don't have many quick ball carriers which is one of the reasons for our slow ball movement out of defence. Aside from Hunt who else has the speed to run and carry out of defence. Hunt does have his weaknesses but that speed is an asset we don't have much of in our defence, Bedford would be a loss for same reason. He has speed and good footwork which can get him out of trouble and into space. If they're both going then we need to be bringing in some speed in draft/trade or fa.
  6. Financially it must be good business. He does seem to good at monetising our interest in AFL. Having said that I would rather watch SkyAfterDark than listen to TradeRadio meself.
  7. Tomlinson has 2 years to go at a media reported 500K a year. That is too much for a backup mainly playing VFL so the club would be keen to move him on and he'd be looking for options to play at AFL level. To me he is more a 3rd tall than a key position player. Odd though that he was not tried in Tommy Mac role at some point in 2022.
  8. You'd very much want to dot your i's and cross your t's as they say.
  9. Gawn only works forward playing off an effective key forward.
  10. It was noteworthy how well our forward line functioned from the 22 minute mark of the last quarter of our 24th game of the season. That is on the match committee not culture.
  11. Just change the avatar to a pic of The Action Attraction Ricky Jackson.
  12. A rental not a demon. Hope we don't give out life memberships purely on basis of playing in a flag. The task for the club is to extract the best return. The decision is not a surprise so the club will already have preferred options to work through. Personally not in favour of using part of the rental's loot in a Grundy trade. Gawn and Grundy both play their best footy in the ruck. Gawn can play forward working off functional key forwards a la 2021 but no sign Grundy can. Just seems an unwise use of draft and salary cap capital. I'd rather pursue options like the Swans Amartey or McLean who fit better in forward/ruck role and unlike Grundy are not contracted till their 33 year old season. Looking forward to the 'its appalling Dees fans are booing one of their own premiership players' takes next year!
  13. Match Committee have been out of form. Sydney beat us just like they did in Round 12. We need to move the ball quicker. The only way we're currently moving the ball quick onto our forward 50 is when we win the ball out the front of a centre bounce. So we need speed that can run and carry and/or by kicks that open the game up. Nibbler has to be under pressure. His current role appears to be absorbing tackles inside 50 which is a tad niche. Bedford in for mine. Speed and more likely to score. Hunt and Rivers need to provide more run out of defence. Salem needs to lift and start making kicks that open the game up. Presume Tommy Mac in to support Brown who moves at time like in need of a zimmer frame. Didnt look 100 percent for Casey but should come in for Melksham. JVO should have been given a regular season debut in case needed in finals. Would still like more speed of ball movement. Bowey can hit targets that open game up. Smith super quick and versatile. Maybe for Sparrow.
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