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  1. 2 hours ago, Demon Dynasty said:


    1 mid (class, poise, agility and skills/finish pls) ... Tsatas / Humphrey 

    Not sure Humphrey is the skilled, silky  finisher that you are after. Hard at it, strong overhead and good inside.... sure!

    Can he kick the ball like Lachie Whitfield or Issac Smith? Not even close!

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  2. I'm 50/50 on this one. Think he has played his role admirably over the past two seasons. Nothing spectacular and he only seemed to get a licence to run when we were behind. Never had a bag kicked on him as far as I can remember. 

    But the question is can we do better? I guess you never know until you start turning over your list. Would Moniz Wakefield benefit from new opportunities? Can Bowey improve his defensive game to fill this role? Is McVee up to it? Is there a draftee or a 22 year old at another club than could come in and do Hunt's role better?

    I guess a bit depends on what Hibberd, Tomlinson, etc do as well, and whether Rivers, Bowey and others can dramatically improve.



  3. 18 minutes ago, A F said:

    Reckon the club would be pretty [censored] off if Yze took Williams with him. Sounds like Caro stirring the pot again.

    I reckon Chocco has a shorter expiry date than many in similar positions. 

    Pretty intense character.

    He might appreciate a new challenge and of course has Essendon ties.

    But two years at Melb. might be too short.

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  4. 5 hours ago, BoBo said:

    It’s a very effective mode of deflection, you throw the accusations you’re guilty of at your opponent to skew discourse.

    Murdoch press saying the ABC has an agenda is the definition of this tactic.

    This is what the largest media owner in Australia (Murdoch) will, no doubt, do. 

    The bigger picture, of course, is this is now a global story with global implications. I've seen reports by the BBC, the New York Times, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish news among others...

    The main takeaway for most readers outside of Australia is that Australia continues to be a racist backwater, particularly when it comes to First Nations people. 

    This is the last message Murdoch wants to portray.


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  5. 10 hours ago, Hunt29 said:

    I’m not overly keen on Grundy. We have the best ruck in the league. So we’re relying on them to kick a fair amount of goals between them for this to work. 30 minimum surely. Our forward line was dysfunctional this year so how does that improve by brining in another ruckman? 
    If he comes in for a second rounder and with us only paying 600k it makes it easier to take. But we really don’t need him. I’m saying all this I’m 99% sure we’ll get him. 

    I think the bigger worry is his recent injury history. Had a knee and almost immediately a serious ankle injury this season.

    Fronting up next year he'll be 29. Many players are done at 30, especially collision players like ruckmen and key forwards.

    With that said, he is a smart guy and will have looked after himself.

    A five year salary dump may not be in our interests. 

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  6. If an All Oz ruckman joins next year along with Hibb, Langdon, Lever, Melk, May, BB, etc. We're doing OK.

    Rather these guys than what most others have recruited.

    Geelong with Danger, Smith and Cameron might be the only exception.

    Remember when we used to think picking up Joel Macdonald from Brisbane and David Rodan was a a coup?

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  7. 25 minutes ago, spirit of norm smith said:

    Tucker is a skilled left footer with contested footy ability. I’d like to bring him in and mould to play small defender to replace Hibbo. I think he could be a Brayden Maynard type defender. I’m a Yes. 

    Freo gave him a decent run at half back and he struggled. One good game three bad.

    Also knee injury in the WAFL a couple of weeks back. Think better options will surface in the next month or so. 

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  8. Howes, JvR, Laurie and either Moniz Wakefield/Deakin Smith could add some youthful exuberance if they have great pre-seasons.

    Might also be worth targeting some 23 to 25 year olds with mature bodies that can withstand Goodwin's physical game plan. Maybe Bergman, Georgiades (who we liked in his draft year) etc.



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  9. Goodwin is famous for saying nothing at press conferences. 

    As much as supporters want insights/reasons/excuses etc. press conferences after the game are not the time and place.

    The secret of these is to wax lyrical about nothing for seven minutes so you don't become the news story for the next week. 

    I have no doubt many factors that have been discussed here will be investigated in the next month or so. Fitness, injury management, selection, list management, game plan, etc.

    We have some very astute football people led by Pert as CEO and Richardson as GM.

    Let's revisit in November and see what they come up with.

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  10. On 9/10/2022 at 6:51 AM, old55 said:

    Petty KPF, Weid KPB would be a free improvement worth trying over summer.

    The Weed KPB isn't a bad idea!

    I found it fascinating that the Swans could turn P McCartin into a very good KPB when he showed very little  previously at AFL level. Obviously, the concussions were a huge factor but that is incredible coaching! To have the foresight to do it and make the transition over only one pre-season is amazing.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Fanatique Demon said:

    Reading this forum, I notice that a lot of posters think we have the AFL’s best list. I think that’s because we’re so familiar with our players.

    Here’s how I would group last Friday’s 23 on this year’s form:

    Great season: Petracca, Oliver, May, Petty.

    Good season: Viney, Langdon, Lever, Fritsch, Brayshaw, Gawn.

    Average season: Pickett (occasionally good, but too often missing or undisciplined), Harmes, Hibberd.

    Disappointing season: Brown, Melksham, Neal-Bullen, Spargo, Salem, Jackson, Rivers, Hunt, Sparrow, Smith (although often injured).

    Not everyone will agree with me, of course. But as I see it, 10 of our last game’s 23 had disappointing seasons. I can’t imagine that would be the case for Geelong, Collingwood or the Swans.

    It’s not surprising that we didn’t perform in the finals when we rely on so few. We have some top players, but hardly the AFL’s best list. 



    Fair comment although I think Hunt was more than decent in his role.

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  12. 39 minutes ago, spirit of norm smith said:


    The spuds 

    -1🥶Melksham- one good play then disappears. Wtf. Very disappointing. 

    -2🥔Ben Brown - unable to mark and lead. Is he fit or strong enough. Dropped countless marks. 

    -3🥔Jackson - omg. Fumbles all the time. So many dropped marks. Handballing to other players under pressure. Shines in 2-3 passages then nothing. Ummm. So disappointing.  

    -4🥔Spargo - smart but essentially physically too weak. Tackled too easily. 

    -5🥔Rivers - ran into trouble and panicked and fumbled. Costly mistakes. 

    -6🥔 Sparrow - terrible all night. Missed goals. Missed opportunities. Cost us. Dumb tackles. Career worst game by far. 

    Referring to our players as 'spuds' says more about you than it does the players.


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  13. I think Brayshaw, Viney, Melksham and Gawn should be pretty disappointed with their finals series.

    Rivers was exposed in the heat of battle.

    BBB, Salem, Lever, Petracca were obviously not fit.

    We need an injection of pace from the flanks. 

    Don't understand how we let Coleman, Rich and Zorko start attacks from half back so easily?

    Buy another tall defender and put Petty forward.

    Guys to hold their head up high in the finals: Oliver, May, Petty, Langdon and...


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  14. The season seemingly started to de-rail at the half way mark. 

    The fitness suffered with crucial injuries including the loss of TMac. Some like Salem and Lever never really recovered.

    The May Melksham incident can't have been good for morale. What influence did it have on the young players in attendance?

    The whole Jackson leaving discussion.

    Failure to blood players when were having that bad patch.

    At the end other teams were prepared to go harder for longer. So either the hunger or the fitness wasn't there.

    We need replacements for Melk, Hibberd, BBB.



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