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  1. 5 hours ago, Nudge said:

    Most important addition in last 24m and already showing having 2nd genuine wingman and one more elite i50 kick will do EONS for the fwd line And taking pressure off Langdon — 2 genuine wingers also means now JJ and Sparrow rotate through midfield to improve our rotation and ensure more explosiveness and horses for courses approach so the duality of this cannot be measured tangibly until about round 8-12 but if he is fit and plays the impact will be immense.


    2 elite running, one good one great disp wingers whom BOTH are dangerous fwd and both run both ways is extremely exciting and offers as much as having TMac back, JVR playing & having Kossie play more of a blitzkrieg mid (5-6 CB att) and he and Fritta running back into 50 whilst others lead out  — so many good things happening now we just need some luck 

    It's the time of year to be positive of course, but let's not forget that Hunter's last two seasons were pretty ordinary. So much so that most dogs supporters were happy to see him go. Some sort of improvement will be welcomed but let's not go over the top!

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  2. 58 minutes ago, DeeSpencer said:

    That last set really belonged to Blake Howes. Probably had 8 touches in 5 minutes. Spoiling/out marking talls, lacing kicks, linking up. 

    Good to hear! Sounds like he's in full swing this pre-season. Any other trackwatchers like what they saw of him? Just trying to get a gauge of his skills.

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  3. 17 hours ago, 58er said:

    Is he an elite footballer or just a good pick up for no 37? 
    Sounds like a good chance at 37 if he gets that far. 

    That's the 64 dollar question of course. Decorated junior careers don't always translate to star performer in the AFL.  For what its worth most pundits don't see him lasting after pick 30 but then again most pundits are like sheep and just follow what Twomey from AFL.com writes.

    We know Jason Taylor seems to like hardworking, competitive kids with good character. Plus we never go purely outside. Will be interesting to see if we want another mid who we target.

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  4. On 10/15/2022 at 4:47 AM, spirit of norm smith said:

    Jaxon Binns Dandenong Stingrays (outside mid/ elite runner) lasts to pick 37, he’d be the steal of the draft imv.  Fantastic year including in national championships... 



    His mate Mitch Szybkowski might be worth at look as well depending on the needs of other clubs. Elite runner, captain of Stingrays, good character, gets his hands dirty:  https://pakenham.starcommunity.com.au/sport/2022-10-31/the-rise-of-mitch-szybkowski/


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  5. 17 hours ago, Return to Glory said:

    When draft time comes around, I invariably think of a chubby Clayton Oliver and what he's now become. Always feels like an absolute miracle that he became such a talent and that he's ours. Is it too much to ask for something akin to that again?

    As the underage equivalent of the Brownlow, I always keep an eye on the Morrish Medal winners, of which Clarry was one. Others include Hugh McCluggage, Lenny Hayes and Dyson Heppell. These are the exceptions though. Some Morrish Medal winners didn't even get to play an AFL game. Again this year the dual winners are nowhere near the top draft rankings despite being the best and most consistent players in the comp! 

    Then there's BOG in the TAC Cup final. Surely ones ability to perform on the big stage must be a thing, right? There a much better strike rate for future stars here: Goodes, Viney, Rowell, Sidebottom. Dale Thomas even Jake Melksham! But also blokes that couldn't even make it on the rookie list!

    As supporters we're always looking for some justification as to why we think one player will be the one! It's a ridiculously inexact science! Maybe Clarry is just that, a miracle!

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  6. 6 hours ago, durango said:

    Although the saints think Lyon is the messiah I believe even God would have trouble winning a premiership with the current crop of saints players unless he gave them wings.

    Lyon was able to turn the likes of Robert Eddy,  Zac Dawson, Brett Peake, James Gwilt, Andrew McQualter, Clint Jones, etc. into decent foot soldiers. No reason he can't do it again.

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  7. Plenty of criticism here on Lyon. Understandable given the circumstances of Ratten going and Lyon's perhaps divisive personality.

    One thing he is criticised unfairly for is his coaching. His record is excellent and in many ways he is a pioneer of forward pressure and defensive midfield zoning. This is also a feature of Goodwin's coaching and most current coaches. 

    Coaching the Saints to consecutive grand finals and Freo to their first is a remarkable effort. 

    It's all well and good to be parochial in our dislike of everything that isnt Melbourne, but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact, that Lyon has been a very good coach for more than a decade.


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  8. Argued with such authority! I like that. Something very appealing about a dual-sided 194cm kid that is quick and has a football pedigree.

    Missing so much football this season may be a good thing for whoever picks him up.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Maldonboy38 said:

    I simply don't get it. He is an accumulator, but I have rarely seen him have a big impact, and I don't rate him much at all. Feels so much like the Dunstan trade of last year. I suppose on the + side, he is a left footer and has experience on the wing.

    He seems like a small improvement when we have a heap of talent stuck at Casey, who can already provide what he provides (experience aside). 

    Most Demonlanders have lamented our forward 50 entries. If Hunter plays wing or high half forward you'd expect those entries to improve. He's also a very good mark. He's been one of the best wingmen in the comp for a long time although since his drink driving incident and his broken hand he's been a bit on the outer at the Dogs.

    I think the comparison with Dunstan is a bit unfair. Far more highly credentialed footballer.

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  10. 12 minutes ago, DemonWA said:

    The two doggies lads that we've picked up are almost no names...

    Hunter has been a star of the competition. Best and fairest winner in front of Bont and McCrae.

    Regular 35 + possession winner. Racked up competition high uncontested possessions in 2016 but also notched up 10 tackles a game on occasion. Premiership player. 

    Future third rounder! Good business.


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  11. 9 hours ago, Supreme_Demon said:

    Perhaps Mark "Choco" Williams will be able to get the best out of Josh Schache?

    Once Chocco has finished with Schache, perhaps he could then turn his attention to the Russia -Ukraine conflict, hyperinflation, the worldwide cost of living crisis and the covid pandemic?

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