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  1. Yep, I felt as though this season our home strip + navy shorts looked better than it ever had before, not sure why I noticed it so much.... maybe it is just a big swell of pride for our incredible team
  2. To my eye a big difference is that BB is more top-heavy, and during physical contests, if he gets knocked off balance he won't make much of an effort to correct himself, and will tend to fall more dramatically than someone who is trying their best to stay on their feet. He did it at North a lot which [censored] me off considering how physically imposing he is, he still does it but for some reason I have more of a tolerance for it now 😜
  3. I never regret ordering a hamburger ☺️🍔
  4. The list looks in great shape for next year. The primary concern will surely be that our injury luck will have to run out, but I think our system and culture is strong enough that we can adopt the same mentality of the Tigers in recent years where if one soldier goes down, the players know the system well enough that the next guy can come in and fill a role from the get-go. Regular season could be a good chance to give some guys like Laurie, Weid, Chandler, JVR, Bedford a run to see where they're at and explore our depth a bit. Great position to be in.
  5. I was watching an interview with Gawny and Trac yesterday where Gawny said Goody was going to dedicate a bunch of his acceptance speech to Jonesy, but never got the chance. Bloody Basil!
  6. Correct. Many fingerprints are on this year's cup, and we should celebrate the contribution of all who played a part (Except maybe Mark Neeld and Cameron Schwab).
  7. Maybe, but I'd give him the chance if he wants it
  8. I'd give Tommy Sparrow the opportunity to move up to no.2, he seems like a worthy man to continue the Chunk legacy
  9. Ideally they should change the sponsorship from the Jaguar brand to the broader JLR company to align with the lucrative Range Rover clientele. Have also seen a lot of new-gen Defenders milling about in Brighton recently, seems like it would be a good fit, especially with new RR launching next year!
  10. I'm trying to figure out what the F that thing is.... looks kinda like a Eunos 500 but with Merc wheels and a Mustang badge on the rear 3/4.... what a dog's breakfast! But they get a pass for repping the Dees haha
  11. Been mentioned a lot already but Clarry's goal might be the single most hype moment in MFC history. The last of 3 goals within the last minute of the 3rd. The visual of watching Jackson, Viney and Clarry stream towards goal unimpeded like a red and blue tidal wave. The pinpoint handball from the future of the club, to the present. The full-speed shot on goal that sails directly over the goal umpire's hat. The slow-mo point from Clarry and the elation of Dogga and Sparrow trying to catch him - what an iconic piece of vision. The burial of 57 years of history, and probably the apex of one of the most dominant periods in any football game. And the cherry on top, the shot of Treloar and English in the centre square looking like they've been slapped across the face with a dead fish, unable to comprehend what the F is happening. What an incredible moment from an incredible game.
  12. I still just cannot believe how dominant we were to close out the game. To score 100-7 in the last 1.5 quarters is basically unheard of regardless of team and scenario, let alone in a GF. To compare I thought of the most outrageous scoreline I can think of, which of course is the horrible 186 game vs Geelong 2011. At half time in that game, the scoreline was 20.4.124 to 1.4.10 - we outscored the Dogs at a similar rate to one of the worst defeats in modern history, and in the Grand Final no less. And starting from 3 goals down at a crucial point in the match. It just gets more and more incredible the more you think about it.
  13. Pay-Day for Bay-Bay. Deserves it, hopefully his form from this year is a stepping stone for the years ahead, what a gun.
  14. Can't wait, I'm sure it will be a fantastic day for all! If they can also replicate the GF day weather from Perth, that would be great.
  15. Me too, that was the moment that I thought we were cooked. Just couldn't get our hands on it. Next thing you know, Fritsch finally kicks that settler, and what followed was the most dominant stretch of play I think I've ever witnessed. That third quarter just doesn't get old.
  16. The best part about all his talent and potential is how grounded he comes across. No ego or arrogance, just a Perth kid who likes to have fun and play footy with his mates. You can see on-field how much he looks up to Maxy, hopefully they form a bond that makes Dogga the next in a long line of great rucks to represent the red and blue.
  17. The second-year goal tallies for some of the best small forwards in recent years: Stephen Milne: 50 Kysaiah Pickett: 40 Tom Papley: 30 Liam Ryan (mature recruit): 30 Cyril Rioli: 21 Eddie Betts: 20 Toby Greene: 4 What a special talent we have. Can't wait to see what this man can produce over a decade-long career in the red+blue.
  18. I hope you're right TBH. Weid's problems seem to be mostly between the ears, I reckon if he can string together some early-season form it will hold him in good stead for the rest of the year.
  19. https://youtu.be/xnZjI2c7hP0 Hunty streaming down the wing/middle is my favourite thing to watch in any Dees game. And can I say, our long-sleeve home jumper with navy shorts looks 🔥
  20. I also love that ANB has his biggest running game in the GF, and Langon's fourth best. The boys put in the hard yards on the big stage and came away with their rewards
  21. Maybe they thought his knee was shot? Or maybe they knew they were going into full rebuild mode and wanted to give Larkey the reins as the primary KPF?
  22. I love what BB brings culturally. Definitely cut from a different cloth to most footballers but I'm sure he brings a lot of new, progressive perspectives to his teammates that you probably wouldn't otherwise get in a football club
  23. You know at the start of every season how Ch7/Fox do promo footage of each captain in a TV studio holding the cup, looking at the cup, ect? I'd always think "Why bother doing it with the Dees, it will never happen, waste of time"..... well, they better schedule Gawny to be first up next year before any other captains get their grubby mitts on OUR cup. It's the little things that make a premiership so great!!!
  24. Around the club they're a bit of a package deal - the Fridge and the Freezer I think they call them. Yze loves them both, reckons they're some of the best at the club for training and prep
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