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  1. Watching that put the biggest smile on my face. Club absolutely kicking goals off-field recently, and this shows what the addition of an indigenous liaison officer at each club can do. Narrm the Dees!!!
  2. Some Dees fans need to take a step back and have a look at the bigger picture, bigger picture being: - 9-0 - 16 wins on the trot - 1st on ladder - 1st on percentage - Reigning premiers - Arguably the greatest defensive team of the AFL era So we only won by 74 points against a ravaged West Coast? Sure, the 2nd/3rd quarters were boring but the team is made up of humans, not football robots. We won by 12 goals and kept them to 5, not much more you can realistically ask for. Enjoy the ride, it's the most exciting time to be a Dees fan since the introduction of TV in Australia. Go Narrm
  3. Red + Blue + Gold premiership medallion = Crows colours 👍
  4. He is a high-character kid, and I think he genuinely values his friendship/partnership with Gawny and as long as Gawny is at the club, Dogga will be there too. Hopefully by the time Max retires, Jacko will be fully entrenched in MFC culture and Melbourne city living - I don't think he's going anywhere, for years at least.
  5. He made Hunt look like he had cement boots on, not an easy feat.....
  6. Joe must have been devastated watching that last session in Sydney!
  7. Alyssa Bannan impressed me with her athleticism. If she can get her hands on the ball more I reckon she can have a real impact, using her strength and leg speed to drive out of the contest in the same way Clarry does. Overall a very impressive hit out, if we can improve our forward connection we should dominate games (where have I heard this before?). Also Zanker is a bloody gun, a damaging mid who is also one of the tallest on the ground!
  8. I heard his mum has been pretty crook, which would explain the "family matters" reason. If that is indeed the reason then I hope he takes all the time he needs. As we saw with Jesse Hogan losing a parent can have a big effect on a young man, even more so when you're already grappling with mental issues. Wish him and his family all the best.
  9. Replace Ling with Bartel in that list. But our midfield may well be in that conversation in 4-5 years time, need more runs on the board though. Hopefully 1 or 2 more flags and the comparisons will be impossible to ignore.
  10. Maybe that's why Stanley left Gawn alone to mark and kick the match-winning goal in r23 😛
  11. Yep, I felt as though this season our home strip + navy shorts looked better than it ever had before, not sure why I noticed it so much.... maybe it is just a big swell of pride for our incredible team
  12. To my eye a big difference is that BB is more top-heavy, and during physical contests, if he gets knocked off balance he won't make much of an effort to correct himself, and will tend to fall more dramatically than someone who is trying their best to stay on their feet. He did it at North a lot which [censored] me off considering how physically imposing he is, he still does it but for some reason I have more of a tolerance for it now 😜
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