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  1. When people talk about great roleplayers, Positive Lingers is one of the first I think of. Doesn't really have superstar footy attributes but executes his role to perfection, will sprint up and down the outer wing for 120 minutes regardless of reward and will always provide an outlet for our defenders exiting D50. His aerobic capacity is basically unmatched - Whitfield is the only comparable one that comes to mind. He and Gus were a very important part of why our defensive structure looked so rock-solid this year - long live the Wingers Club!
  2. What an absolute phenom Clarry is. Has the quickest and cleanest hands in tight that I've ever seen, has powerful acceleration out of the contest and now can add a pretty good kick to his arsenal. Set shots are pretty much the only area he can improve on. Puts up absolute video-game numbers week after week and forms the most deadly 1-2 punch in the league with Trac, as seen in the finals series to devastating effect. The centre clearance stuff he can do makes other teams look second-rate. I hope the club can sign him to a similarly long-term deal as his mates Trac and Salo, he is a dead-set superstar and will continue to be for years.
  3. What about Brander from West Coast? Pick 13 in 2017, homesick KPP looking to come home. Could be worth a punt given we wouldn't be giving up anything in return?
  4. 5x AA (including 2021 captain), premiership captain. Max is now one of the greatest Demos ever. I think his leadership style also helped the team gel and really buy into the team-first nature, while he is a bit of a different cat I think his approach to leadership was a big plus this year, here's to Maxy becoming a 2x premiership skipper next year 🤞
  5. For me it will be hanging up my own framed Herald Sun premiership poster on the wall. I've been working from home since 2018, and the whole time above my desk there has been the 2017 Tigers poster hanging over me, put there by my missus. When the framed version of the 2021 poster arrives, it will take its place next to the Tigers one and I can't wait to have my own poster sitting proudly next to the filthy 2017 one.
  6. That was a great listen, and shows how important Goody was in getting him to the Dees. It did sting a bit towards the end where he mentioned that initially he was keen to stay with the club for 10-15 years before COVID hit, but oh well.... better to have Burgo'd and lost then to have never Burgo'd at all - I think that's how the saying goes...?
  7. Absolute gun, he had a phenomenal season and I quietly suspect he was a big part of the change in culture around the club. Lever is a born leader and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he captained the club at some point in the future. Any media pundits who said we overpaid for him in 2017 can suck eggs, he has 100% paid back the price we paid for him, and then some
  8. Is the fixture out yet for this season? I've been meaning to go to an AFLW game but have just never got around it. Hopefully the Dees play a couple of games in metro areas that are easy to get to, Casey Fields is just a little too far....
  9. It still feels crazy to think that a Melbourne Demons player put together one of the great Grand Final performances of all time 🐐
  10. Hey mate, just had a look at the '87 finals on Wikipedia, the reason Carlton aren't included is the table only counts 3 games or more - Carlton only played 2 finals in '87. I believe it simply measures best percentage over 3 or more finals. It would seem so typically Melbourne to be the only member of that list to not win a flag, and be so high up on the list too.... but guess what, we won the [censored] flag this year in dominant fashion so any talk of "typical Melbourne" can go in the bin along with the Norm Smith curse!!!
  11. I think it's all time - there's an entry from 1905, 1910, 1917....
  12. That's on the CT, they should refer to him as a Western Australian, given he comes from the state of Western Australia and not West Australia....
  13. This kid is going to be unbelievable. He has so many intangibles - the way he glides across the ground, his athleticism and ability around the ball - so excited to see what he can produce over the next 10 years at the dees. Seems like an absolutely stand-up kid as well. Go Dogga
  14. This is what I got sent on a few WhatsApp groups
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