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  1. Hi demonalders, I heard the demonland podcast members mention the AFL pro vision which is available on the AFL website for free, doeS anyone know where I go or how I access this vision on the website as I can’t find it? I would like to look at some vision of the players from last night
  2. Update on the above, have now tried at 11.30am and got through, disaster avoided. Ticketek website seems a lot better than Ticketmaster from my experience
  3. I am a family Redlegs member home and away, had no problems last week with Ticketek. Have been trying this morning with Ticketmaster for my x4 tickets since 10am and it keeps coming up with the message "Unfortunately, there are no entitlements available for this member code". WTF?! Have tried to contact Ticketmaster via phone etc and it is impossible. Have Left a callback with the club as you are constantely put on hold and they don't have enough staff to answer on membership. Completely ridiculous situation as a premium member and nobody can assist. Will probably have to wait for the general admission sale and be charged money when I should be getting in for free.
  4. please send me the league code I was "Can't forget the .5%"/gmac last year in Robbie Flower league.
  5. And with the mfc reps handing out signed thank you cards and vouchers to the travelling demon army at the Perth airport, it shows how well the club is functioning and thinking of its fans at all levels
  6. never been to such a function before but could not think of a better way to settle the pre match nerves than being surrounded by fellow demons. I am travelling to Perth solo so need some new friends on game day. I will be in attendance.
  7. section 334 mid tier fwd pocket, category 1. Hopefully a few demons around me
  8. Yes I am in. Was Oliver's Twist last year, still in the process of creating my team name this year.
  9. my team last year was "Howes Hogan?". i was in the R Flower SC league in 2015, came top 15% in australia but looking to improve this year. please include me in the best league available thanks
  10. Baileys Backlash is in league 3, take me on if you dare, i am a fantasy football god!
  11. the trade finally happened for what most expected, enjoy the dome . http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story...32-2722,00.html
  12. As reported in the Age article today one of the two big reasons he chose Carlton was because of their environmental president! It says "In wooing Judd, who takes an interest in environmental issues, the Blues promoted the environmental credentials of Pratt's packaging and recycling company, Visy." What a load load of BS! cash is now made out of plastic, not reycled paper! http://realfooty.com.au/news/news/blues-to...101.html?page=2
  13. top post, this is the passion that all in the MFC need. You are either with us, or you are all against us!
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