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  1. If he's getting confidence back in his knee and with his aerobic ability, could run some great leading patterns and apply forward pressure; he's played as a back, knows how to tackle
  2. Goody said it'll be a finals type game, someone tell Gary Rohan
  3. Been telling a Geelong supporting mate for a while now Cameron would look good on the wing, his kicking in to forward 50 is very good
  4. We also don't tend to get in to the opposition after winning a free, Kozzi occasionally. The arrogance of getting in to the other players face when they make a mistake is a bad look and Liberatore is the worst. McCluggage did it to Fritta after he missed a goal, hope Bailey caught up with him after the game.
  5. I care, had a gut full of biased interstate umpiring for the last 30+ years. For a multi million dollar industry it's F'n amateur hour
  6. I'd like to suggest to anyone who's had a gut full of the inept, corrupt umpiring of interstate games to contact the AFL tonight and voice your displeasure. Absolute amateur hour, get some umpires who've got some balls to call the game correctly rather than the feckless cowards we have to put up with
  7. Knees injuries are very debilitating, speaking from experience. Don't know how to balance the low miles on the clock to the long term effects of the injury. If he plays till 35 I'd be stoked
  8. How long do we think Max can play? I'd be happy with 2 more years
  9. His tackling and forward pressure has come along nicely
  10. I lived in Perth for 20 years and I'll be back there ASAP, best city in Oz
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