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  1. Can't understand negatives directed at Darkhorse. Pert promised and didn't deliver, a bloke's as good as his word
  2. Be careful what you say because they keep it all on file and can use it against you in the future, bit like the Stasi
  3. About as cheeky as the Robbie Flower Port I finally got to open
  4. The Port was Excellent, top of the bottle was wax sealed it was really, really good )
  5. first move to the big smoke back in the 80's, Empire St West 'Foot is cray' What a Sh** Hole nearly died on the end of a samurai sword Will dance on these p**ks till the day I die
  6. I've been hanging on to this and will only open it when we win a flag. Thought that might have been the ladies last year, hope we finally open it tonight
  7. M8 you were the most reasonable and balanced person on this site for years a breath of fresh air Cheers
  8. It means I finally get to open this, hope it hasn't turned to vinegar
  9. gave up giving a rats about this award years ago come join me votes from the coaches or votes from the maggots? know which one I'd take
  10. Horrible day, but I think we all saw it coming that's why I smuggled a bottle of Bourbon in to the ground)
  11. Wilson should be at the Woman's Weekly nothing but gossip and politics from this hack
  12. G'day m8,

    Long term Demonland observer, banned unfortunately a couple of years ago and recently returned.

    My daughter's in Perth and very keen to get her self and hubby, a rusted on Freo supporter, to the game.

    She and I religiously attended Western Demons functions for years in Perth and the chance for her to get to this granny would be huge.

    I was at the G in '88 and I'd like her to go one better this year

    Look forward to your response

    Phil Conway

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