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  1. WhooHooo Go the Dees... Superb. Looks like this is going to be a all time massive blow out.
  2. Lions went out to hard in the beginning. I expect them to regroup after half time. Not over yet.
  3. Just my 2c worth. Went to the game, they seem to kick to nobody (under pressure) and other times they would slow play (not sure who to kick to) allowing the Giants to regroup. Whilst you see this from all sides It just seemed to cost us a lot today. They all looked to be playing hard but for some reason just lacked player to player flow.
  4. Guys putting on a bit of a show tonight. Good to see them stepping up and above the mark again tonight.
  5. Media reporting that Swans might have to stay in Vic longer then planned.. Seems, the game on Sat proceeds as normal but Swans might be stuck in Vic after depending on what happens with the outbreak in NSW.
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