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  1. A good comparison would be when he has been a marking machine - Geelong 2018, the early games in 2020. What the difference is I have no idea - keen for anyone's thoughts
  2. Yep. How often have I thought "oh yeah Oliver's been good - alright I guess" then when the game is on the line in Q3-4 he goes to another level
  3. Absolute jet. Lifted his disposal and started kicking more, even better player now too. Only area I'd like to see more of is goal-kicking. I think he can rest in the forward line, especially if tagged - takes a good mark. Shots-for-goal would make him impossible to match up on. Love watching him
  4. I think his aim has to be play so well it somehow pushes the others out. Brown/Jackson in particular - but they've both been great in my opinion.
  5. Easily the best Dees podcast. Hang out for it every week
  6. Love a journeyman!
  7. In: Petty, Sparrow, Jones (starting 22), Bedford (medical sub) Out: Tomlinson (?), Viney (?), Baker Dropping Brown after one game is ridiculous
  8. Spot on. I think people forget that struggling teams can be annoying to play. Even at our worst the Dees produced quite a few 'honourable losses'... and this one barely fits that category given the final margin. Take the win and move on, winning a game isn't easy in professional sport
  9. He is a gun. Heart & soul player
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