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  1. Well, he’s roasted every week on DL. He may need a grilling by the club. Otherwise, he’ll be stewing on this forever. And he’ll shank more games.
  2. SIR, LOINS and his other body parts are injury-free. He should be able to MEAT expectations. He might need to be CUT, LET him go free. Or he will forever be LAMBasted.
  3. Moreover, Selwood’s a captain!!!
  4. $3000 all up in fines for the two transgressions. That’s barely punishing and zero deterrent.
  5. Geez, Joel Selwood’s a dirty player. He’ll get off with a fine but I think the penalty should be harsher. There’s no question of intent vs lack of intent. It’s 100% intentional and it’s dirty, underhanded tactics that we don’t need to see. And I don’t think it’s a good thing for little kids who play footy to see. They emulate their heroes, and like it or not (for me it’s a not) he is a hero to lil Cats fans.
  6. But, but... it was just a bit of an ear massage, wasn’t it???? Well, according to BT anyways.
  7. Also, after our win against the Dogs a couple of our players made mention of how he’s always yelling out instructions, encouragement etc. And this was evident in his post-match interview with Richo where he’d almost lost his voice.
  8. He’ll be a senior coach one day in the future.
  9. Same!!! I hate Essendon so much more than any other side. My reverse order of hate goes like this: 1. The oldest football club in the world, the team of the red and the blue, the mighty Dees. (Daylight) 2. What I call the ‘peloton’ ie. every other side bar Melbz and Essendon. (three Lapland summers, ie. 24/7 daylight) 3. Those vile mouth-breathing, bottom-feeding drug cheats.
  10. I’m not great with maths etc. Is this mathematically possible?
  11. Even Hawkins’ own daughter doesn’t like him. She prefers Bont. ? She’s a smart lil kid.
  12. What you said. And coz I hate Essendon so much it hurts.
  13. Rohan may’ve just been promoted to No. 1 ?
  14. LOL I’m yelling at the TV and my son comes in and says I thought Melbourne weren’t playing this weekend.
  15. Exactly what I just thought. Old and slow.
  16. 1. Hawkins 2. Selwood 3. Dangerfield 4. Rohan
  17. He spoke so well. And he kinda commands respect.
  18. If DL had a say in it I know who it wouldn’t be... Jake Melksham. Amirite??? I actually really like Melks ?
  19. Daisy is the only one I can listen to happily.
  20. And ... 5. No footy I’m not being facetious. The no footy thing is taking it’s toll on me from a mental health perspective. I’m sure I’m not alone in that regard. And I love all the other great points you made. ?
  21. I had my first AZ shot four days ago. I’m under 60yo so I have to admit I’m super apprehensive about getting the second dose. Meanwhile my sons are on “blood-clot-watch.” It’s like they expect me to keel over at any given moment. ?
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