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  1. I agree with RN. I’m not a conspiracy theorist nor am I paranoid. What I use as a gauge if you will is what my friends who barrack for a team other than the Dees are saying. Lately it’s been along the lines of, “you’d think you guys would be getting way more media attention since you’re on top of the ladder.” And these are Richmond and Collingwood and even Essendon supporters! More telling though, is what I hear from neutrals. Couple of weeks back, can’t remember which round it was, we were still unbeaten and on the channel seven nightly news report, sports bit, the first since our most recent win, I wasn’t in the room watching it. But... my son was. He has zero knowledge of footy and even less interest and having watched it, said, “Geez mum, your team just won yet another game, and they’ve (channel seven) spent more time talking about some Collingwood player squeezing his teammate’s bum.” Like I said, very telling.
  2. I like it when the umpires, in an attempt at breaking up a melee, say, “save your money, guys!” ?
  3. Isn’t that based just on the one criterion though?
  4. I totally agree. This is such an important issue. And I for one think LG has every right to express feelings borne of passion for our beloved Dees. If not in DLand, then where else?
  5. Like we need another reason to hate Essendon. ?
  6. If they’re gonna miss at home I sincerely hope tonight’s not the night coz...Essendon ?
  7. Channel seven, and they just showed a new Cash Converters ad. featuring our Tracc! You know your team is doing well when one of your stars features in an ad. One day he might even hit the big time and make it into an aami ad. ?
  8. There’s still hope! Suns vs. Hawks tonight. 15 vs. 17 but could be an absolute bottler!!!
  9. ??? I can’t stop laughing at this! I’m picturing the poor thing racking up so many frees against for incorrect disposal. ?
  10. LOL... I was just at a local servo where I ran into a friend of mine, Essendon supporter BUT a really nice person (I know right, incongruous, go figure). We were gushing about how great last night’s game was when an irascible old bloke in a Bulldogs beanie walks past and says to me, “it’s s’pose to be a five kilometre limit ya know. Why dontchya bugger orf back to yer bayside mansion.” I said, “dude, you live about four blocks away from me. Guess that means we should both bugger orf back to our bayside mansions.” He realised I was indeed a neighbour and said (begrudgingly), “yeah nah, youse played brilliantly. Youse’ll definitely go all the way this year.” Totally made my day. ?
  11. I am out and about right now in all my Dees regalia (within 5km of course) and since I live in the norf-wezzie ‘burbs I’m already copping a fair bit of the old stink-eye. Dogs supporters abound here. I’ve never been more happy to cop the greasies like this. ?
  12. Richo did make mention of Jake yelling instructions pretty much all night and clearly he was being heard. And his voice was so hoarse during the interview.
  13. Me, coming home from the supermarket this morning..
  14. Oh man, if only we could bottle this feeling. I’m still floating on a cloud. I keep thinking I’m dreaming. So, so proud of our awesome team. THIS MIGHT JUST BE OUR YEAR! ❤️?❤️?❤️? I’m borderline delirious, it’s waaaaay past my bedtime. Sweet dreams y’all One last thing to revel in... first time this season Naughton has failed to kick multiple goals. And it was against us!!!
  15. How good is this?! Got the entire weekend to hear great things from all and sundry about our beloved Dees!
  16. Yeah but it’s the CLUB doctor. Not an independent one. It’s like getting a medical certificate from your family GP when you’re sick *cough* going fishing *cough*
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