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  1. They do my head in. Brayshaw and Darcy talking about private schools is the final straw for me - "oh he's a good Scotch boy", "oh my son is friends with him from his days at Melbourne Grammar", "it's a football factory down at Brighton Grammar", as the wink and guffaw over each other. Makes me sick that our game has turned into this...
  2. Pert will buy the extra tickets himself if he has to!!
  3. Does anyone else feel like we've totally screwed over the BC members? Sounds like we came in as the white night to save their club for next to nothing and now we're selling it on them for a massive profit, literally at the first chance we can (once the contract expires).
  4. Yes but I believe there is still an election, even as a formality. Eddie was voted in every three years by the board. It may be different for the board elections though... But were getting into technicalities.
  5. That's not true, he was elected to that position (every three years I believe). And I've never heard him say that quote, I think he said something along the lines of he didnt believe in EGM's. He was not a dictator - he was never challenged, not once. The problem many people have is the Presidency is voted by the board, not the members. (Just my general knowledge, happy to be corrected on the detail)
  6. But Grr-owl you could pretty much summarise the entire survey in one question - 'Is there racism at AFL?'. It seemed kinda pointless and obvious.... Maybe the original poster could shed some light.
  7. Ropund 7, 2008. We had lost the first 6 games of the season. 51 points down against Freo in the third quarter, then who pops up - Austin Wonaeamirri!
  8. Don't need a survey to know there is racism in every pocket of every community in every country on the planet.
  9. Haha at least we're not the worst!!!
  10. Hmm yes they are. Although they have been consistently mediocre (a bit like the old Richmond), whereas we had a decade of abysmal - likewise Carlton.
  11. The only team that has been worse than us over the past 20 years!
  12. We have one of the lowest membership tallies in the comp, we dont have a home base and haven't won a premiership for 60 years. Let's not handout life memberships just yet, especially to administrators.
  13. But Richmond were a rable for 30 years but never lost their fans. Always had decent numbers turing up and then when success came it went to a new level. They may be the exception to the rule though, hard to keep members when you havent won a premiership for 50 years.
  14. I don't think this has anything to do with Pert or the membership team. Sole reason for getting to 50k is the team's on field performances.
  15. That would be nice, maybe in 3 years time. 60,000 next year would still be huge. 50k is a big milestone - no announcment from the club?
  16. Shame our success is coming in a Covid affected year, our coffers should be bulging from attendances and new memberships...
  17. Wow, as bad as Brisbane were at that point I bet he's glad he never joined our rabble!
  18. Great result! Just a pity our success is coming in Covid a affected year(s). No immigration means no new supporters jumping on the bandwagon. Also means lower membership numbers too and ground attendances. All affect the bottom line when we should be booming. But, let's hope this winning streak goes on for many years!
  19. Its a great read for a Melbourne supporter but I take these article's with a grain of salt. The fact is, everything you do when you are winning is seen as "courageous, outstanding, honest, leadership" blah blah While if you're down the bottom every action is "disresepctful, weak, delusional, selfish". The reporters just jump on the bandwagon, and make the story fit their narrative.
  20. Love the positivity on this thread but the Dogs are the team to beat this year. They have been destroying teams while we have been just getting across the line against average teams. Hopefully the Dees but I think the Dogs are just too good.
  21. I'm just thankful that we are relevant again!!! We've been in the wilderness for far too long.
  22. Crazy, what could he have possibly learnt from being the med-sub?! Surely the message from being dropped is "go back to the magoos and work on the things we discussed, if you get that right we will consider you for selection".
  23. Hasn't been a lot to be positive about as a Melbourne supporter...
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