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  1. I liked Joe and he really did so much for the club in its time of need. The racial vilification he received at the time from all and sundry including those within the club was vile (especially during the merger scam) and would not have been possible in todays world - Thankfully. I saw Bill Guest on 360. If I remember correctly he bought up a number of memberships for his staff to pass on proxies to vote pro merger. Such was the elitist goons running the joint at the time. What a crock of [censored] . Thanks Joe, for all of your short comings you are a real Demon legend. Would like to see him get some recognition somewhere if we bring home the big one. I was at Dallas Brooks Hall that night and it certainly was never a pro merger vibe. I am so proud of where we are at now. A real club with real values and hopefully a 13th cup.
  2. We should put 30 mill on the Dees to win next week.
  3. I personally like Joe Boys, grey beard dye.
  4. "If" this is actually true. That's pretty ordinary and entitled behaviour. Bed spread ffs.... Not something I would be proud of if my old man accepted stolen goods from my footy team and then used it to sleep on. Who does he think he is? Jesus?
  5. There is something really cool about watching interstate Demon supporter groups getting right into it. We seem to have a presence everywhere but wa is noticeable. Go Dees. I am as nervous as you can get. And it's only Saturday
  6. I always thought Teauge had a bit of Caitlin Jenner in the facial profile:
  7. I think Rd 1 next year, Carltons treatment of Teague this week, will make no difference at all to how they play. They just want to play winning footy and no one gives a rats if the wins start racking up.
  8. 100% agree with the mental crushing this would have on anyone. No doubt the 500 off K he will b paid out will help in fincancial security but no one likes to have their profession publicly humiliated and degraded. I suppose thats the industry butstill pretty sas for him. Ross Lyon comes across as a dog of a guy. Not quite Malthouse level.
  9. Us giving Carlton advice on coaching appointments and off field admin is a touch condescending I would have thought. Fantastically condescending
  10. Synonyms 1. know-it-all noun. someone who thinks he knows everything and refuses to accept advice or information from others. Synonyms egoist swellhead egotist cokchead
  11. I must be a [censored] then. After reading everyones thoughts. I thoroughly blame he 70, 80, 90 ,00 and the last 10 years for my attitutde ofn hate. Well put it this way, if we win noone will enjoy the party like only us can. Maybe that is a bit nicer. ' Actually if I see a Hawthorn supporter reveling in our journey they can definitely go and suck a fat one. And Essendon.
  12. cant help but think you are under selling robbie still i. think clarry is better than robbie
  13. 50. year of following. This is Our best is by far and away. I certainly haven't seen that before, This smashes 87. Should we bring home the bacon each and every ones of our lives will be changed forever. It will happen. It will happen this year. And every single. snivelling prik. who has. taken pleasure in our 5 decade long misery is not invited. This is an exclusive party!
  14. Bad Melk was back today, He was worst
  15. I dont really understand the haters. I think he is tracking beautifully.
  16. I would like to see all centre circles indigenous style every week. I mean, why not?
  17. No worries. I cant be bothered thinking about it any. ore now,
  18. what you walk past you accept. Its not for Kozz exclusively I suppose. More of a whole club inclusiveness statement.
  19. Would be good for the club to have a dual version. Kids would love it. And koz, may, Jetta, wheels etc respect
  20. When the boys run out this week this should be played
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