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  1. National League Semi Final Dublin v Mayo, played Saturday evening. Comprehensive win for the Dubs playing well within themselves. First time having crowds at games since early March 2020 with a whopping 200 allowed in to watch. National League final in two weeks time vs Cork. This is a trial government event for the return of spectators to sporting events so I’m hoping to get tickets. Lauren Magee started the game and Niamh McEvoy came on as a substitute.
  2. Goldrick isn’t home long. Two weeks at most. She did get an op on her hamstring but I never heard a definite length of recovery time and I have no idea what sort of training if any she is doing at the moment. She is definitely involved with Dublin this year though as she was named in the extended panel this weekend. Although she will struggle to have a big impact if she isn’t fit in the next month but I’ll certainly post if and when I hear anything. Hetherton would be suited to AFLW definitely. Tall and strong, good hands, decent in the air. Only 20/21 too. Hannah Tyrell would also be
  3. Funny you mention it. I’ve never really thought about it I’m so used to calling it ladies football. Here soccer would be referred to as Women’s soccer or Women’s football. So if you say Ladies it’s clear you’re discussing Gaelic football and not soccer. You would never associate women’s with Gaelic football, it has always been Ladies. The organisation itself was founded in 1974 and the game has roots way further back, I suppose they used Ladies as that was more commonplace back then.
  4. Hi all, hope you are all keeping safe and well especially with lockdown restrictions in Melbourne recently. I’ve been paying attention to Melbourne’s trade activity these past few days and delighted to see so many players have signed on for another season or two and looking forward to seeing the new recruits in action too. That includes Sinead & Lauren coming back for season three and two respectively. No surprises with either of them, I had little doubt they’d be returning. This is slightly off the topic of AFLW and some of you may be interested, others less so. Lauren &
  5. If an expansion of the season is to happen and it say starts in Nov/Dec and finishes in Mar/Apr then you’ll still see Irish girls. However if it goes from May to September it’ll be hard to see it being possible to play both. Plenty of players, from Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland have been asked about the lure of AFLW in the past few years. The answer is either ‘no I’m not interested’ or ‘I’m in college (university) at the moment but after that I wouldn’t rule it out’. There’s some players in the latter category that I think would be well able to adapt to AFL but probably need to be m
  6. We have a saying here in Ireland that ‘Semi-Finals are for winning’. So in this case it’s ‘Preliminary Finals are for winning’. It doesn’t matter how you win your semi final, as long as you do as few will remember the team that loses in the semi final. It doesn’t have to be pretty or glamorous just effective. Melbourne have a huge chance to reach the final and anything is possible in sport. I’ve picked up my phone the last 5 Saturday mornings to see that have Melbourne won, fingers crossed it’ll be 6.
  7. I find that with women’s sport in general. Keep their heads down, work hard, few egos and it’s all about the collective not the individual. They’ve had to work incredibly hard to get where they are now and it shows in their commitment and attitude.
  8. And both FoxCab and Crokes are only 15 minutes over the road from Ballyboden St.Endas, club of Jim & Brian Stynes.
  9. The opinion of Irish players travelling to Aus is looked upon more favourably for the women than it is for the men. In terms of a normal Ladies Football season ie. not 2020/21 due to Covid, there are two main county (Dublin) competitions. The National League that runs from January to March/April and then the All Ireland Championship which runs from July to September. It is the latter that is the pinnacle and Dublin will go for 5 in a row in 2021. The NL is of less importance and it’s what players miss out on when in Aus. The period between those competitions and after September
  10. Thanks Brownie. I actually caught 20 minutes of highlights of the Melbourne/Giants game yesterday on YouTube and was very impressed by Pickett. That goal he scored after intercepting, picking the ball up with his left and shooting over his right shoulder was brilliant. Looks like a very exciting player.
  11. Fed up totally yeah with our half arsed approach to lockdown and compliance is dwindling by the day for many. I’m incredibly jealous seeing AFL / AFLW games with so many spectators at them. Our government have been very conservative since Christmas and especially on the sport front so these AFLW games have been great for the past few months with little else on to watch. Europe in general has really struggled & the vaccine rollout is going at snails pace. We will be very lucky to have any spectators at games in 2021 sadly.
  12. Yeah cheers, I was just wondering is the grand final ie. the winners of Melbourne/Adelaide and Collingwood/Brisbane the weekend of the 17/18th of April or has it not been fixed yet? In other words would Melbourne or Collingwood have no week off if they reach the GF? Don’t think I’ll get up for it but will definitely watch the games afterwards on the AFLW app.
  13. Is there a week or two week break before the grand final?
  14. I’m afraid Stynes was playing a bit before my time. I’m well aware he was and still is a huge Demons legend. His brother Brian won an All Ireland here in 95 and an all star but didn’t replicate Jim’s success with AFL.
  15. As well as her Gaelic Football background Goldie played basketball and competed in athletics as a teenager. All of those skills and traits combined make her into an exciting AFLW player and unlike most others in the competition in playing style. You could describe her as erratic or unpredictable but she’s exciting and often quite effective. I’m not sure if you’re aware of Cora Staunton formerly of Mayo and now with the GWS Giants and was their leading goal kicker this year. She was the top forward here for many years and Goldie would often be tasked with picking her up. Shame they didn’t get t
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