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  1. Any idea where I can watch it... I can't see it on the Channel 7 app
  2. Double jabs only would still eliminate people who have got their jabs as soon as possible, yet have to wait 12 weeks between shots. Like myself. I’d be extremely peeved off if I couldn’t make it as someone one in this camp + premium reserved seat holder
  3. Did it mention if reserve members would need to go through ticketek to reserve their seat? Or if they would just have access to their regular seat? I also didn’t receive an email as a reserved member…
  4. Hi there I'm a Trident member and would like to purchase guest tickets, does anyone know how to do this? Contacting the membership hotline is just too difficult...
  5. Me too, see you there!
  6. Don't get me wrong, I love sitting in N52 as well! I just pay for covered seating and this week I'm in Row C and there is a chance of rain. If it doesn't rain, then great I'm happy. But if it does... well that's 2 of 3 home games this year I've been rained on whilst paying for covered tickets. Nevertheless, I'm happy to support the club and attend games whilst a lot of the world cannot enjoy these luxuries.
  7. I agree! My regular tickets are in N49, but this stupid ticketek nonsense is making me move to Lower N52... I would love my regular tickets back.
  8. Does anyone know which bays are considered "dry/alcohol free zones"? My reserved seat ticket is unlocking seats in M5 or M34, I'm concerned these are alcohol free. I sound like I have a problem, I swear I just want to enjoy a couple of beers with some mates.
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