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  1. Maxy said to Goody leave him in the ruck, that what got us going the drive he gave us out of the centre bounces. Jacko is like the tallest ruckrover/ruckman in the league. He is so good below his knees.
  2. I think he'll playa lot of senior footy next year. Remember Tom was going to play wing so maybe next yr he does and Weed plays CHF.
  3. Dunkley was under contract Cerra is not
  4. Hunt won't be involved in any trade
  5. Fritsch was straight in front, Tracs was on an angle.
  6. Fritsch was the worst. 30m dead in front, he kicks it game over, they get 2 and think they have a sniff. I can't stand how Dangermouse can dive and get a free and I dislike Hawkins so much.
  7. Bit of a gamble. Not sure if he's still a gun at 33
  8. Agree with this. Hibberb fumbles a lot as he tires in last quarter
  9. Those ins won't happen. Hunt and Melksham are more of a chance particularly Hunt with his burst of speed either in attack or defence.
  10. Reckon Laurie will be a mainstay in the side in the next couple of years, think ANB but a much better kick. Rosman could be anything.
  11. Baker was also the lowest pick @ 48. Probably a speculative pick. I remember Jason Taylor was rapt to get Petty at 35 our next lowest pick.
  12. Noah Anderson was at 3 on our board, we have Dogga at 2. That's why we didn't kick a fuss when Gold Coast got a freebee at 2.
  13. Yeah I realised that. I didn't mean to sound like I was having a go at you it's just that Flower was such a special player and he's gone like Wight and Stynes.
  14. Will be next captain, unless Max plays for the next decade.
  15. That is one name that should be respected. How about Darl Citterich instead. Both champions, sadly Robbie was taken too early. Imagine if we had him on one wing and Langers on the other.
  16. That would mean either Jordon or Smith out. If we drop Smith then we are one back short, if we drop Jordon we replace him with a slower player = Jones. I don't think Jones plays, he could be a liability.
  17. Or Jones thinks he's a chance and he's prepared to take it without any guarantees. How can we risk the biscuit by playing him as a medical sub, when we could get an injury of a game and he could potentially do a calf. Also he is so slow these days he wont be able to defend like the others. So let's be practical and pick our best side not be sentimental and pick someone because they are a good bloke etc....We got him to 300, that's enough.
  18. He was also denied a couple of frees too. One from Cockatoo who virtually shouldered into Viney's legs catapulting him into the air and making him spin like a top. Also another time when he had his head nearly ripped off, but by all means play on.
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