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  1. Just a way of him saving face, it buys him 12 months. He's a prat.
  2. Then construct a subway walkway to Gosch's Paddock and we are away.
  3. The Weed will kill it if plays 2nd ruck or forward ruck. He'll grow in confidence and kick goals
  4. If we def knew he was going, we'd have gotten more out of the Weed. Jackson played us.
  5. Maybe a succession plan in a couple of years like Goody had
  6. Quality radio from the station that attracts gambling and funeral advertising.
  7. Just because you are a retired or recently retired footballer doesn't mean you'll be a good assistant coach. Good communication skills and high footy IQ and knowing how to teach it are crucial.
  8. Jacob will ruin opposition's defences because he is so agile, great overhead and will give second and even third efforts if the ball comes to ground.
  9. He had x factor, could play tall or small and was a champion.
  10. Two champion players. It's great that Woey's legacy lives on through his son.
  11. I think that's because he's mates with Kossie. Would make a dynamic duo with him.
  12. A courageous player with pace. We don't have many.
  13. Hope he stays, nephew of Andy Moir and has Demon blood in his veins.
  14. Saw him run at pace during a game at the G and collect a half volley without breaking stride - a thing of beauty. But it only works sometimes and sometimes he needs to slow down instead of nearly taking possession or nearly handpassing because at that moment he had already spent the ball.
  15. Height doesn't mean he can outjump a shorter opponent. Actually it is all about how high a player can leap for a mark or tap out.For instance someone 195 might not be about to outjump/outmark etc a 190 cm one.
  16. Spargo has the highest footy IQ out of all our smalls. The only knock on him is speed and he can't kick more than 40m. I'd get him a personal trainer and see if he can't improve his speed and kicking otherwise he is a regular 22. Prefer him over any other small bar Kossie.
  17. As they say in "Little Britain", the computer says "no!"
  18. I like this a lot because Weed would kick goals as a resting ruck in the forward line
  19. One of my all time favs - wish we had of given him more support. I'm not saying we didn't just wish we had a good mentor to guide him and maybe an emotional tie like a gf at the time. Same with all our interstate boys support them and make sure they have a serious gf and another reason to stay in Melb besides footy.
  20. Strange direction the club might be taking. They both will probably retire at the same time. Would rather play Weed as a second ruck/forward and target another KPF. But what do we know we are only supporters who thought the forward line wasn't working and our kicking was crap.
  21. Players like Laurie and Bowey are great kicks and need to play especially in forward 50 to convert our wasted opportunities
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