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  1. Hard to trust his sources. He was wrong TWICE in regards to Oliver and Houli. I hope this source this time is true
  2. Why would you remove two small pressure fwds Pickett and Spargo and bring in Hunt and ANB ? Without spargo, swans will run out backline with ease. Lloyd and Mills must be stopped. If resting Pickett, we need spargo around talls to crumble the ball. I agree with your four non negotiable outs. Dont agree with your ins (Smith and Hunt).
  3. I highly recommend for everyone to watch previous Swans match last round or at least look at their current team line up. It's all about match ups and analysing their strengths and weaknesses. I watched the game and Port had three talls in fwd line (Dixon, Westhoff and Todd Marshall) which gave headaches to swans as they have no tall defenders. During the game, Sinclair provided nothing in the ruck so he was moved to fwd line, Tom McCartin moved to backline and Aliir Aliir in ruck role which worked for a short period but not for long. Swans were easily beaten in height. Their tall forwards aren't great (Reid, Sinclair, Blakely). Only decent player in fwd line is Papley, he must be stopped. He is so dominant when the ball is close to him. Lockhart is a decent lockdown defender. It would be great if Goodwin give Lochkart a task on Papley. I must applaud Goodwin with team selection last week, matching 4 talls (May, Oscar, Lever and Tomlinson) on Membery, Marshall, Battle and King. I see a lot of people not happy with Omac but he had to play due to Saints tall fwd structure. Had no other options. Swans lack in height in fwd line therefore one tall defender has to go. Ins: Lockhart, ANB (pressure player to cover Pickett's role), Fritsch, Preuss Outs: Omac (omitted), Pickett (managed) Hibberd (managed), Hannan (omitted) My reason to bring in Preuss as a ruck and Gawn in fwd line is to beat swans in height. Swans have no ruck and no tall defender to stop Gawn. Gawn provides us a target in fwd line. Preuss is serviceable ruckman and Gawn can be rested in fwd line, less running and less jumping. We still have 7 defenders in the side (May, Lever, Tomlinson, Wagner, Salem, Rivers and Lockhart)
  4. Second rounder now. Not worth 1st rounder because he isn't in freo best 22.
  5. I wished the team selections were: Ins: Viney, Lockhart, Preuss Outs: Harmes, Vanders, Jackson (injured)
  6. I feel like Goodwin needs to drop players that aren't performing and reward players who are. Hannan and Rivers played well. Deserved another match. Harmes and Vanders aren't performing, deserves to be dropped.
  7. Gawn and mids were beaten by lions and port because these teams knew they were going to lose the hitout so they latched tightly onto our mids like glue forcing us to cough up the ball. It was the same strategy our mids executed against Goldstein and roos mids. The problem with Gawn and mids is the lack of mids protecting their space and anticipating too early. Mids need to learn to hold their space ensuring their opponents don't go into their space and move just after gawn taps it, not before. Gawn and mids need to get better because Gawn is the best tap ruckman in the league. I would love to see Gawn being more unpredictable by tapping into different spots or even punching the ball away. Less of tapping ball into tight spaces would be great.
  8. Even Oliver, Viney and Brayshaw as a group Even Petracca, Viney and Brayshaw as a group Two in the guts while brayshaw roves around for handball receive. But Oliver, Viney and Petracca is something that we want to see less of. Three in the guts would clash into each other.
  9. I watched the replay today. I can't believe people are saying Brayshaw to be dropped. Yes he had limited possessions however he isn't an inside mid. He plays an outside mid where two of Oliver/Viney/Petracca plays in the guts while Brayshaw sits back waiting for the handball receive so he can launch it long and also if suns wins the clearance, Brayshaw will apply pressure trying to stop them breaking through the lines. In 2nd quarter, Brayshaw applied pressure on two players resulting their kick out on the full. He also is a great interceptor, he times it well and intercepted beautifully punching the ball away which could've been an easy kick into their forward line. He has also intercepted again by marking it however he kicked the post. Brayshaw mans up when suns have the ball running into their forward line. I would be very surprised if he gets dropped. When Brayshaw rests, Melksham takes the centre bounces. We certainly do have an predictable kick ins where May kicks it to Gawn. No need to complain about that, all teams kick to the same spot 90% of the time as i watched all 9 games every weekend. Only once of those kick ins, suns won the ball. As long as we have Gawn and T-Mac there with mids at their feet to crumble, we should win 80% of the time. Rankine will be a future superstar. Lockhart was on Rankine when he snapped his 1st goal but it was melbourne's fault due to their fumble. 2nd goal, Lever gave Rankine too much space. The third goal, Jetta failed to put a block on Rankine. Also Jetta didn't put the block on rankine at the same contest however luckily, Langdon smothered Rankine's kick. Jetta didn't have a good game but i can give him another chance only if he goes on Puopolo. T-mac was pretty good in the 1st quarter, Just after centre bounces, he runs up, dragging his defender out of the forward line giving Weideman space. T-mac is a good runner, so he will continue play high up the ground while Weideman stays back. Bennell played beautifully, he has plenty of time and space to make decisions. He needs to play centre in Brayshaws role while brayshaw rests on the bench. Bennell helps us move the ball forward, he opens the game out. Hannan was clearly top 5 best players against suns. He made 3 important passes that resulted in goals. Weideman was very solid, he stood tall. He crashed packs when he knew he couldn't mark to allow the ball to drop to ground for the dees to crumble. That resulted in VIneys pick up and leads to demon goal. Another one was just before where Pickett tapped it to Fritchch who then kicked the goal. Weideman should've gotten 3 frees, he was pushed out of contests 3 times. Viney/Oliver/Petracca did a lot of great things and some of bad things. Few mistakes, bad kicking etc however they played their role.
  10. One on one where stationary for example, a ball is kicked highly and they have to out-muscle each other to mark/punch ball. Oscar is pretty solid at that.
  11. Many times, Goodwin and assistant coaches said Smith can't play forward because he is too injury prone. His body isn't strong enough for defenders crashing into him from behind. Defender is his position now. Stop saying lets put smith forward. Smith is getting better, he was solid against cats. Hawkins, ablett and dangerfield struggled to get a touch when Smith was on him. The problem with Oscar is that he is too slow. He can't keep up with the forwards. He is good one on one when battling on the spot. But if a forward leads, oscar simply can't keep up. May and Smith are quicker and can keep up.
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