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  1. We were never going to win coming into the game with seven changes - especially when several of the ins are VFL players at best. Why can't Bennell get into the side? I know everyone keeps saying he needs to start running both ways, but how many other players over the past two weeks have been guilty of half-hearted efforts when the opposition have the ball. At least he has some polish and finesse and might provide the fans with something semi-enjoyable to watch. There is nothing about this fumbly, systemless, panicky brand of football that is remotely fun to watch.
  2. John Northey got more out of us than any other coach in the last 56 years. But not once did we get the double chance under him because every year we still had a run of inexplicable losses.
  3. Not sure why people think changing the coach will make a difference. Who knows whether or not Goodwin can coach. How many coaches have we had since 1965? Not one of them has been able to expel the mental fragility that pervades this shambles of a football club.
  4. Goodwin just doesn't seem to get that, above all else, a football club must provide entertainment and enjoyment for its fans. Goodwin may be a nice guy, but nothing he does - from his selection of boring one dimensional players over the likes of Bennell and Kozzie, to his emotionless demeanour in the coaching box, to his cliched press conferences - that provides entertainment for the fans.
  5. How many times in my 49 years have we lost "that game" - i.e. the one against a struggling side, lower on the ladder than us, that would help cement our spot in the finals (or even the Top 4) and actually give us some hope that maybe we're a chance of going all the way? Will we EVER be able to trust this team? I think not.
  6. I know the incident you are talking about. However, I think you’ll find the ball bounced at right angles and Lever changed directions to intercept it.
  7. Can someone please tell our players that you can’t stand 3 or 4 metres off your man and expect to close the gap from a 15-20 metre chip kick.
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