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  1. I think one of Smith or OMac will be in the curtain raiser and playing Key DEF given Lever is fit
  2. I doubt Pruess or Petty will play, they didn’t appear in the match sim. But fingers crossed
  3. Can’t remember the exact scores, but Navy beat Royal blue 11 goals to 9. However, about 20 players played for both teams during the match so....
  4. Weid played ruck less than 20 percent of the game. Was because no Pruess in the match today, so hardly a puzzle??
  5. Marks from Weid more so than TMac. Will also say that Brown presented and marked well for the “reserves”
  6. May rarely played on T Mac. He and Weid pushing up the ground lots with Fritsch, Melky and Pickett at times isolated inside 50. Fritsch being best forward doesn’t mean TMac wasn’t performing The forward line looked much more dynamic than last year. Although keen to see goal kicking improve
  7. Ball movement had lots of “plan on from a mark” and honour the leading player. Pickett and Bennell made it noticeably quicker
  8. Weid was strong, kicked a couple of snags and moved well. Jackson still a way off being selected by him for now I think, although the athletic attributes of Jacko is mouth watering.
  9. Chandler the best of this lot, interesting to see him play back pocket the whole game and it suited him. Hibberd over Rivers but this will change in 2021
  10. Hannan was quiet, played in the “reserves” team
  11. I was there. Watched behind the perimeter fence on far wing. So good to see live action! observations: - 4x 25 min quarters no time on played -Lots of swapping of players between the two teams -Lever Pruess Petty KK and Nietscke only 5 who didn’t play - May starred, BOG easily -Bennell played all 4 quarters, 1st half on ball 2nd half on HFF -Spargo did some great things, I’m not always a fan but he looked at the level today -Fritsch was the best forward -J Smith will be close to selection, either if Lever doesn’t come up or instead of O Mac. -
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