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  1. Was about to say the same thing. He’s fantastic
  2. Random question. Anyone know which end our cheer squad will be at? I just saw the category 6 tickets are behind the goals in the no alcohol areas. I might go with my son so I don’t need to be drinking until after we win! Cheers
  3. Just after advice on how to get to sit together. Do I enter the barcodes on the one transaction? Sorry if it’s obvious but I’ve never purchased tickets this way before and obviously don’t want to stuff it up 😬
  4. I tried today but they said they weren’t selling them. They said as a priority 2 I’ll have a very good chance of getting a ticket but who knows. I’m in the NT so no travel restrictions, just need to win the prelim!
  5. I’ve always wanted to see the pre game promo for the 2018 elimination final. Very emotional from memory.
  6. I also loved he dropped the f bomb under his breath. Gold
  7. Thanks for posting. I was watching on Kayo so missed it.
  8. Clearly 1 b. Who would rather watch us lose in person, seriously???
  9. If we’ve got it sown up with 15 minutes to go I’ll open a bottle of whiskey and possibly drink more in those 15 minutes than in my 43 years on the planet to this point. I’d probably let out the biggest blood curdling roar on the siren that will terrify my kids and the neighbours, then I’d ring my old man and have a good cry 😳 After I recover from that and watch the boys collect their medals, I’ll reflect on Flower, Stynes, Lyon and all the other greats and what it means to all our supporters who have been through absolute [censored] for 50+ years. I’ll then watch the reply and pot a few people on Bigfooty (won’t be able to help it) until I pass out at about 5am. Pretty measured response I reckon!
  10. Thanks Sainters
  11. Not me but my brother once met Barassi when he was coaching the Swans at the SCG. He went to look at training on a school trip and one of his mates threw a rugby pass to him (we grew up in NSW) and Barassi goes, ‘that’s not a handball son!’ My brother loved it being an AFL supporter. I bumped into TMAC with my then 8 year old son a few years ago after training and he was an absolute champion. Happy to chat for a while. Living in Alice we’ve met a lot of the boys when they play in the NT and they are so well drilled at interacting with the fans, especially the kids. Love it.
  12. The guy at Demonblog.com does a funny review of the 98 video. Worth a read.
  13. I live in Alice. There’s plenty to see and do. You can do a day trip in the west macs in a 2WD easily. Visit Standley Chasm and Ormiston Gorge - absolute highlights. In town there’s plenty of places to eat - the Brewery is great with local beers. Page 27 and the Watertank Cafe are quintessential Alice. Hanumans and Tali are great restaurants but not cheap. Also worth going to the transport museum, the old telegraph station, the Alice Springs desert park and the Royal Flying Doctors Museum. Traeger Park is a good ground. It always looks dry but it’s just the couch grass dying off over winter. Cheers
  14. No worse than sending out a finals promotion before missing out on said finals ?
  15. I’ve seen this movie before and I don’t like how it ends.
  16. Very sloppy skills. I know it’s wet but Lions much cleaner. Terrible hospital handballs to no one and very little clean possession. WTF is Nev doing??
  17. He’s been poor for a while now. Needs to massively improve
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