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  1. Also nearly took a few huge marks (out first goal from Tracc was crumbed) against the Cats.
  2. True. It's my pet hate when forwards get out-marked and don't at least bring it to ground for us to crumb.
  3. Is it time to give Jordon a rest? Only had 4 touches on the weekend I'd hold on him for another week against the Hawks, but would be cautious not to run him into the ground
  4. Would like Chocco/Yze to take him under their wing (although I presume they would be) to give him some tips and pointers. The best thing about this kid is that he's not afraid to fly and compete. I know he'll clunk a few soon and kick 2-3+. Just a matter of time.
  5. I bet he will be back sooner than expected He's crazy tough
  6. Anyone else quietly confident that we'll get the job done? Cats were awful on Monday Would love us to belt them. Been a while since we really destroyed a team and would love nothing more than to crush this team.
  7. True. It has a big right to left hook. I just get so nervous when Max has a set shot. Same with Jacko and Clarry (I would of said Fritta too but I like his action, the result is just all over the place).
  8. Max's set shot is totally 50/50 - his ball drop is always angled
  9. Kozzie has totally injected this side with life. Similar to Ryan at the Eagles. Betts when he was at Adel. Papley at the Swans. So good to have him in the side.
  10. Disagree. Hibbs can be that lock down defender first and foremost. Doesn't need to be that dashing run and carry player anymore. When the ball hits the deck Jetta is in a world of pain and looks awful. When it's a 1-1 in the air Jetta usually does pretty well, Hibbs is also decent in 1-1 in the air. Hibbs is better once the ball hits the deck, more agile, longer kick and can intercept when he needs to. All in all I would much rather Hibbs in the side than Jetts.
  11. Agreed. I think Hibbs too. Also Goody mentioned BB and Weed will play 3 qtrs. Goody also had quite a smile on his face too. As did I.
  12. How is Bowey, Laurie and Rossman going? Anyone got updates with where they are all at?
  13. This. Hopefully the coaches see it - when it's all said and done, Hibbs makes the side better. As for Milkman, he's probably a better option that Sparrow in terms of skill and hitting the scoreboard. But if he can't lay a tackle and put pressure on then he'll be dropped in a heartbeat.
  14. I want Weed to dominate in the 2's. I want to hear he's at least kicking 3-4+ a game. His form has been down for too long
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