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  1. Must be why he was so dangerous from the members end.
  2. Or dessert! Or cheese and champagne.... at the snow....out the back of my range rover etc....
  3. All this positivity means the Dogs are the under......dogs. 🤔 I'm wary... If both teams bring their best, they will be tough to beat. Dogs by less than a goal....
  4. I think the point was that there is no other player like Jackson. He is a nightmare match up for every other team.
  5. Intensity is the key. If we come out like we did against Geelong, they'll struggle.
  6. Given that Geelong beat us for clearances on Friday, this is a concern. Surely the Doggies mids will make good use of it.....
  7. Was hoping Port would save this performance for the Grannie. Oh well…… Not happy to facing the Dogs, but our pressure will muzzle them……as long as we bring it.
  8. Never seen footy as good as this….
  9. That Swallow is an awesome kick. And Sparrow, too….
  10. The fact that I am about to write the following comment is probably evidence of the fact that my mind is overcome with anxiety and making connections between things that it otherwise wouldn't............... Do you know that the name of the sandals worn by Roman legionaries was Caligae. Canny observers will notice the similarity to the name for the Roman Emperor, Caligula. This is not coincidence. Roman Emperors were often referred to by unflattering names, the best translation of "Caligula" being something like "little boots"...... carrying a connotation something like "someone not up to the job..."
  11. Do I need to pay royalties to use this in future?
  12. Well, thanks for your generous interpretation of my comment.
  13. When I visualize a premiership cup presentation (2022....I expect to lose in the prelim or the grannie 2021....) I see Max acknowledging Jim Stynes with a blown kiss to the clouds and Ronald Dale with a salute to a spot high in the members, then calling Chunk forward to share the podium....
  14. Crikey.... better get on with it...... hmmmm...... they all eat chicken?
  15. It's great that TMac can have two down games in a row and the forward line still functions well overall. If one, or even two as last week, are off, others are there to pick up the slack. Not ideal, but imagine if we dropped someone every time they were off.... We'd destroy confidence and never settle. If it ain't broke.....
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