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  1. Weid, Bedford and a future first round pick for Cerra who says no? Whsipers are Bedford is headed to freo and they have a strong interest in Weid.
  2. Clarry's numbers competition wide: #1 for contested possessions #1 for clearances #1 for ground ball gets #5 for disposals #6 for score involvements #8 for inside 50s A complete superstar player who we are very lucky to have playing for the red and the blue. He's the most consistent player I've ever seen and as mentioned by a lot of his teammates, his will to win is remarkable. Sure he may not always have the prettiest ball use but, he is the nucleus of our side and without him we wouldn't be where we are now. Will go down as one of Melbourne's best ever players, if not the best.
  3. I'd say most top sides play 2 predominant wingman. Other than brisbane there's Geelong - Smith and Menegola Dogs - Hunter and Smith Port - Amon and Duursma It's a clear flaw of ours having no outside class and skills and I think a skilful wingman to pair with langdon would be incredibly beneficial
  4. I think we should look very hard into Dylan Stephens. He's an outside mid with class and a great combination of speed and endurance shown at the combine. Sydney have a serious salary cap squeeze and I think due to him not getting a regular game at Sydney, his value has dropped significantly in a trade. He has been injured a fair bit and hasn't had a proper crack at it. He is originally from Victoria and still sees himself as a Vic boy at heart. His parents live in Victoria too. He is also extremely close with Kozzy and knows Chandler and Sparrow well through playing state football together. Not only is it the class and sublime ball use we need, but it also seems like a great cultural fit. In doing this it will free up Gus to play more of a natural role in the midfield and just do bursts on the wing.
  5. IN: May, Viney, Tmac OUT: Smith, Sparrow, Melksham
  6. I feel like it's time to try playing all of Brown, Mcdonald and Weideman in the same forward line. Jackson looks cooked and would benefit from having at least a couple of weeks rest and the inclusion of Weideman means he can play that second ruck role as well as be a much more potent option up forward where we are clearly lacking. I think with Mcdonald and Weideman being able to push up the ground provides an outlet kick target and also means there won't be too much crowding inside the forward 50. Weideman or Tmac copping the 3rd best defender would also be a nightmare for defenders deep inside our forward 50.
  7. In: Weideman, Melksham, Bowey Out: Jackson, Jordon, Rivers (they all need a rest and are fading big time)
  8. List of viable options that would suit our side. Not a list of players I think we have any connection to as of yet just ones I think we should be looking at. Outside mids/ball use: Oliver Florent, Liam Duggan, Harry Perryman, Xavier Duursma, Justin Mcinerney, Sam Petrevski-Seton Would love a josh kelly/karl amon type but that just won't happen Defenders: Brayden Maynard, Dan Houston, Ed Richards, Darcy Tucker, Sean Lemmens, Jake Kelly, Daniel Rioli (liked his move to half back) Forwards: Ben Ainsworth, Jack Petrucelle, Lachie Schultz, Mitch Wallis, Jeremy Finlayson, Todd Marshall, Sam Reid
  9. I would also seriously consider dropping Viney and building up his confidence in the VFL. He is a serious liability for us out there at the moment. He is laboring around the ground and can't hit a target to save his life. I fear due to the foot injuries he will lack leg speed for the rest of his career.
  10. IN: Weideman, Melksham, Bowey OUT: Sparrow, Pickett, Hunt Kozzy needs a rest he's burnt out and you can't bring Brown in off a 3 disposal, 0 marks, 0 goals performance. I think Melksham has to come in as we clearly need more goal scoring power. Chandler would be a good alternative however, I don't think his latest performaces have warranted selection.
  11. In: Viney, Ben Brown Out: Sparrow, Weideman
  12. Just a few ideas for the types of players we need. Take with a grain of salt. Half Backs to replace Hibberd and Jetta: Ed Richards due to the plethora of half backs the dogs have; Johannisen as a short term fill Dan Houston and try get him back to VIC, Coffield as maybe a change of scenery would help him Eggmolesse-smith as a very cheap option for depth who has upside and skill Outside mids to support Langdon: Liam Duggan, Brayden Ham, Justin mcinerney, Oli Florent (long shot), petrevski-seton as a hybrid mid on the cheap to rejuvenate his career Ball use/forward of centre players: Jack Billings as a free agent, Rhylee west who we bid on when he was initially drafted who can't get a regular game, Ben Ainsworth, Kane Farrell, Petrucelle, Lachie Schultz, Luke Breust (2 year contract for the experience to help with kozzy, spargs and nibbla)
  13. If Melksham doesn't get dropped it's a disgrace. He offers nothing at the moment as much as he used to be one of my favourites. Weid has also had a few chances and still drops way too many marks and isn't having a big scoreboard impact. IN: Ben Brown, Langdon OUT: Weideman, Melksham
  14. I'd keep the team as is and get Viney and Dogga primed for the friday night blockbuster against the dogs. Chandler and Weids deserve another chance and I think having the extra small forward with the 3 pronged forward attack is a smart move.
  15. Clarry is a genuine freak. He's the number one contested possession player in the comp, has incredible hands, he's super quick and has strong hands overhead. He is just everywhere and I can't remember him ever covering the ground this well. Gawn made a point a couple of weeks ago that he's also working very hard defensively to get back to help the defenders. He tackles well, is super tough and I would argue is the most consistent player in the comp and never has a bad game. My favourite Melbourne football club player ever.
  16. I think we need to seriously consider dropping Gus. He needs to seriously lift and I don't think he's working hard enough to be able to fulfil his potential. In: Sparrow, Chandler Out: Brayshaw, Melksham
  17. In: Weideman Harmes Sparrow Chandler Out: Tomlinson Baker Jones Melksham I don't think we will be ruthless enough to do this but, you have to reward players and pick off form. Baker's ball use was dreadful, Melksham has no pressure whatsoever and tries to take on the tackler far too much. If he's not kicking goals or delivering the ball inside 50 with precision I don't see a place for him. Jones needs a rest and looks tired. Chandler has been playing up forward and through the midfield for stints which is a bonus. With Brown and Weid, the extra pressure forward will really help. Sparrow simply must play based off his best on ground performance in the VFL.
  18. Weideman for Melksham. Melksham doesn't apply enough defensive pressure and Weideman is a better marking target deep for us, with Tmac and Dogga both playing higher up the ground
  19. Gawn - a phenomenal performance Oliver - inside work incredible McDonald - a wonderful target Salem - classy and reliable Petracca - damaging as always Pickett - always super dangerous Jackson - frees up Max Lever - rock down back Langdon - 3 clutch goals Rivers - reads it well Hibberd - broke lines late Viney - selfless team player Brayshaw - courageous and tough Tomlinson - super improved player Brown - couple goals late Jordon - seems very tired Melksham - junk time goals Neal- Bullen - applied great pressure Hunt - burst from defence Spargo - tried his hardest Petty - was shaky early Jones - 300 then dropped?
  20. great call, either richards or vandermeer would be fantastic for our team. There is a squeeze at the dogs for those types of players. Vandermeer is also one of Clarry's best mates as they grew up together in Mooroopna.
  21. Out: Jetta, Sparrow, Jones In: Viney, Melksham, Hibberd
  22. Hibberd May Lever Salem Tomlinson Rivers Langdon Petracca Baker Melksham Weideman Hunt Pickett Brown Fritsch Gawn Viney Oliver Brayshaw Harmes Jackson Sparrow
  23. I would be going very hard for Higgins. Pickett and Higgins at the feet of Brown and Weideman could be a fantastic combination. Desperately need another pressure player
  24. With the need for a wingman I think it would be worth having a look at Lachie Hunter. He's still only 25 years old and is a best and fairest winner at the Dogs. Runs all day, has good foot skills and would be a perfect complement to our plethora of inside mids. He would cost a fair bit but I think he would completely change our team for the better. He had a couple of indiscretions at the Dogs and they may be willing to let him go for the right price.
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