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  1. I believe this is how Ben Brown's knee flared up again!
  2. If he is we might see the makings of one of the comps most potent forward lines!
  3. Oscar is depth in any AFL List. I don't feel sorry for him. Plays without confidence despite 5 years in the system. You can literally count the seconds it takes for his brain to send the signal for his hands to move and he is slow as a wet whistle hand to foot! Poor bloke lacks the sharpness and competitive edge to play at the top level of any sport. Also the reason we haven't played finals isn't because of May & Lever. Its because we never bothered to replace Hogan after he left until we traded in Ben Brown this year. Fwd's win games. Backmen should just do their job.
  4. You think that a simpson's post on a football clubs forum is "trolling" a player? I think you need to first understand what the term trolling is. If i were indeed "trolling Ton McDonald. I would of been posting it under an official club post or more accurate to the term "trolling" posting it on instagram or facebook and tagging him in it. Once again mate. Lighten up.
  5. A crime I will do the time for because I couldn't be bothered doing it!
  6. Cmon mate. Time for you to lighten up and get a sense of humour..
  7. “You’re Ben Brown.” Tmac “Yes.” Brown “You play Full Forward.” Tmac “Yes.” Brown “I play Full Forward too.” Tmac “So?” Brown “Well, are you better than me?” Tmac “Well, I never met you, but . . . yes.” Brown
  8. Lets hope they don't get Smith. We get him and they become the Adelaide of 2018 next year!!
  9. A stupid football club? Have a look back at how the club handled. Jnr McDonald (capt), Russell Robertson, Brad Green(capt), Cam Bruce, Jeff White. All showed the door too early.
  10. Adam Treloar is the most overrated midfielder in the AFL. Runs around like a headless chook and can't kick to save himself! We don't need annymore mids who are part time butchers by trade!
  11. I like the idea of Tom joining Ed. But isn't his knee a problem?
  12. Push Jackson Back? HELL NO! This kid is a natural forward! WE DON'T NEED ANYMORE DEFENDERS!!! There is no universe in which Tmac is at Melbourne next year. Hasn't had an officiallly listed injury since the start of 2019. There hasn't been a player go backwards any faster than he has (And I was a big fan of him up to 2018). Just take whatever we can get for him!
  13. I may get shot down as this kid could potentially be another Jayden Hunt. But IMO I think he could be better. Jack Petruccelle from West Coast? Kid is lightning fast and young? Could develop into a long term winger?
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