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  1. Great feature interview with Peter Jackson on SEN right now. Told a story that apparently Roosy loves to tell about the difference between Jack Trengove, Jack Grimes and Kieran Jack and how that essentially became the pillar our cultural change was built on.
  2. Cal Twoomey says ankle hurt and being assessed in rooms.
  3. I predict the game will be won off half back (for either side). Salem for Norm and Rivers to blow peoples’ minds with his attack on it.
  4. Wiz flicks the cup to an unsuspecting, back-turned-Gary on the podium
  5. Apologies if this has been covered: is there any word on who will present cup to Max if we win? Gary is over there. Wowey and Wiz the only others I can think of that would be over there…
  6. Was ‘Hibberd to replace’ in Tom Morris’ report or was that just an opinion? Smith was a handy match-up for Rohan.
  7. Jayden’s finger ok then? Surely these things don’t heal at the same rate as regular, human fingers. They are limb-like
  8. He is bloody enormous for a 13 y/o. How’s the set shot too - already kicks it further than Spargo.
  9. I’m not clear who he replaces in our current line-up? On the cheap maybe. Maybe.
  10. He played an amazing game of football tonight. Could have thrust him properly into Brownlow contention after Bont had a stinker. I was one of the many saying he needed to fix parts of his game 12 months ago but full credit to him - he has done that and more. Love him.
  11. Captionless picture of Chunk smiling at training on the MFC socials this arvo has me suspecting might be up…
  12. We ain’t getting into WA. McGowan knows he is the AFL’s only chance and is playing hardball on the rules. Today he mentioned not even family of the players would be getting in if it is played there. He is posturing. No way he is passing on this opportunity to thrust his fame into the spotlight.
  13. I THINK he’s played his last but AVB came back from the dead and played last week so never say never (fwiw I would have Jones ahead of AVB in the pecking order 8 days a week).
  14. My guess is the purse wouldn’t be as attractive in the Alice with limited/zero tourists. Alice springs’ entire population is 30,000.
  15. Perth game backing into a Darwin game not ideal. Probably need to win both for a top 4 spot. You’d just hope there isn’t any stupid ‘fly in fly out’ rules for either game - thats what would take it from being challenging to near-impossible.
  16. Wait for Bailey to get called for some bs free kicks this weekend.
  17. Leppa’s comments are interesting. I think we’ve always blindly pinned forward line connection issues on the mids and never really talked about the impact the backline mix (or their behaviours) have on the ‘ease’ of forward line opportunities. I had a hypothesis that perhaps Petty is the issue (vs when we had Tomlinson who is a known runner), creating a stodgier backline. However, we played exactly the same backline in the Bris/Doggies wins as we did in the Filth/Giants losses, all with petty and not Tomlinson. Therefore it feels like teams are locking down on us harder at the back 50 and stifling the easy run options we may have had previously. We then end up with shallow exits out of 50 which gives the opposition time to flood back. Not sure the answer but perhaps Bowey over Pig (with a license to kick longer)
  18. Weather isn’t the issue. 0 - 1mm rain predicted. They clearly want to have another look at the smaller forward line set up. You’ve got to trust in them (they’ve deserved that trust) but to be honest it irks me we’re not using an off-Broadway match at the G to trial BBB
  19. The doping scandal has spawned a whole new generation of ‘victims’ down at Windy Pill. Had noticed it amongst some Essendrug-supporting mates in recent times - they really didn’t dope well with the fallout from the Dank/Hird scandal and believe everyone is against them. The booing on Saturday was unusual for a non-Perth team.
  20. Coincidentally the meal of choice for the dentally-challenged filth supporter
  21. They’ve got a good list but their recent recruiting strategy is exacerbating their immediate defensive problems - they’ve gone and spent big on offensive rebounders who will take time to settle into their side. Ross the boss feels like the obvious candidate for them.
  22. Appears to be a Gosch’s revamp
  23. Firstly, I’m not convinced he is a 50-goal a season player anymore... Secondly, I think they’re going a ‘sum of the parts’ forward line strategy and they believe Weideman has a better chance of bringing the ball to ground. They got Brown because they thought he’d fix our forward line connection but it seems to have fixed itself without him (for the time being).
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