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  1. This was the lead footy story in Robbo’s paper today. Footy journalism is flying.
  2. Montagna’s livelihood nowadays depends on him being noticed and he will make bold statements (regularly) to try and create a headline. Campbell Brown is/was the same, Kane Cornes, Ben Dixon, David King the list goes on. Not saying he is definitely wrong on this one but I’m suggesting there is a decent chance his intel is questionable but he goes with it anyway because he needs all the attention he can get.
  3. Surprised our club (or any club) hasn’t seized the opportunity to monetise exclusive content post-Covid e.g add another 10 bucks onto your membership every year and get 2 exclusive news pieces every week. I think a lot of members would pay for it / would help the club pay for some of these guys that perhaps we’ve taken for granted for too long.
  4. Was just reading that stK have been practising standing 5m ‘outside’ of the man-on-the-mark zone instead of actually manning the mark. You can move freely there. Didn’t see that in our practice match. An interesting move. Feels counter to the spirit of the rule though so I kinda hope the AFL make it 10m+ to give the team with the ball an advantage if players try to do this
  5. Point taken on fitness being more of a factor this season than last but I just can’t see them falling away... they have an efficient defensive structure ( aren’t one of those teams that runs around manically), they’ve added 3 high-quality players (albeit two of them older) and they play most of their home games at a unique-shaped ground they play significantly better than any other team. Too many tailwinds for them to fall in a ditch...
  6. I’m still waiting for our flag unfurling from the 2019 pre-season predictions.
  7. There are surely financial expectations that should see this idea sink quickly... surely MFC gate is going to be significantly higher if the game is at the G? How do you compensate them? How do you compensate MCC supporters that would have to pay to watch them at Marvel?
  8. Any news on #TomMcDonaldWatch? Going to be hard to win early games if we lose another forward marking option.
  9. Rookie spots aren’t a charity. From what I saw today the gap is too big. Of course they give him advice and if he improves enough (because of it or for other reasons) then we’ll have another dip but you don’t list a bloke because he might be ok.
  10. Best since Neitz... that standing might not last long though given what Trac looks like he is capable of.
  11. Haha I am not bald and there was no ill-intent in my comments, intended in affection only. Apologies if taken that way.
  12. Good to see little Wiz get a goal in the red and blue. Unlikely to get a spot this yr - just too undercooked. Probably sent back to WA with some clear instructions on what he has to work on ahead of next year’s draft.
  13. I know it has been said before, but Rosman looks like he must have gone through puberty when he was 6.
  14. Little Jeff has the same body shape as as his old man!
  15. How good was it to watch full-length quarters of footy again!
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