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  1. The filth were pretty confident they had him at the start of the year. They are a rabble. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE
  2. The argument I’d run is that it was a reasonable action given the trajectory of the other player’s head - potentially avoided a more dangerous head clash
  3. Dangerfield would get time if that incident happened this year. They’ve moved the goalposts on anything head high this year.
  4. Go home DreamTeam points, you’re drunk
  5. He had the ball. That helps his argument. The other guy was low, that helps his argument. His elbow was up above the point of his shoulder: that is the only question in all of this
  6. 30+ touches is at a VERY attractive price
  7. Kinda strange inclusion. With BBBrown in I woulda thought they’d like to get some time into TMac on a wing... Less likely to happen with Baker in. Unless Brayshaw just goes straight into the guts today
  8. On one hand you could argue it is hard to blame him - he escaped the club when it really wasn’t a great place to be. On the other hand you could argue he is a Judas. I’m with this hand.
  9. drove past there the other day and there seems to be some monstrous building being constructed where the Colts/baseball pitch is. It looks strange
  10. Agreed, which is why there has been nothing more than the channel 10 story so far. 10 reporter getting the intel is a strange leak but if that is as bad as the leaks are from the club nowadays I am happy.
  11. Play Melk deep With Chandler coming in to play Melk’s high half forward role. Keeps the pace/ pressure in the 50. Marking power the obvious risk although you just hope Jakey and TMac bring their hands
  12. Not begrudging his right to talk to other clubs, but I just wish he hadn’t come out spruiking the decision was ‘never in doubt’. Just feels false and dishonest when clearly there was some doubt. I’ve always struggled to warm to Oliver’s personality and this is an example of why. Having said all of that, I’m far more interested in his footballing performance than his personality.
  13. Number on the back aside, whenever I see this kit I immediately think of Russell Robertson. Not sure why.
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