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  1. 100% Agree with everything you wrote, which is why I hate the bolded section. I believe that all incidents should not be looked at in slow-mo. It makes it look like the player has more time to change their momentum or avoid a collision. Slow-mo should only be used to show where contact occurred, not what led to the contact. As the tribunal said, there was only 0.2 seconds between gathering the ball and contact. Slow-mo makes it look like there was 2-3 seconds before contact.
  2. ANB Got 6 for the same act. I thought VFL was generally stricter on these matters. Sorry, that was Bugg Also, fritsch free to play
  3. The longer this goes on, the more I wonder if it's the Tasmanian Government trying to get the AFL to move the game themselves so that they can claim they shouldn't have to pay for a game they didn't say couldn't play there.
  4. Get off at Box Hill and take the 279 bus. Goes straight past box hill football ground and has a stop out the front.
  5. AFLW Grand Final. Been slated as a stand alone game.
  6. Let's not kid ourselves. A large part of the reason we got the Saturday Night slot is because of Sydney. They've been given both Saturday Night slots for round 7 and 8. While I'm happy we've received it, there is still a lot that needs to go right to get the better slots. If we were playing some other teams, I don't think we would have got it.
  7. My understanding is because it would be difficult to police numbers as it is not a ticketed event. You wouldn't be able to control how many people rocked up if it were an open session.
  8. Interesting, gives a bit of perspective. Maybe it's not as debilitating as some here have thought... Sounds to me like we decided to take the really cautious and deliberate approach and fix it early instead of trying to manage it throughout the year.
  9. I can not for the life of me fathom how the board thought it would be a good idea to come out the spin the report like that. It's now become untenable and the hounds will be barking much louder. Might as well as signed their death warrants on the way out, I can't see Eddie lasting much longer. On a side note, Warnie would be proud if he could get that much spin back in his day.
  10. Assume we're going to invite a few players to train with us over summer for the SSP. May have been why Farmer was training with the players last week...
  11. The player must nominate as a F/S or Academy for the team they wish to go with. In this case, if he nominated us, we would be able to match any bids, but Freo would not. If he nominated Freo, they would be able to match any bids and we would not. I hope this explains it.
  12. He's listed in Herald Sun's list of players entered into this years draft. As he is 18, he may be eligible for this year. The above article was from 2 years ago and Freo may have told him they wouldn't take him.
  13. Best of luck to him, unfortunately never had any luck. May be drawing a long bow here, but this tells me we may not be going to trade any of our picks to move up the draft as we now have the exact number of picks as list spots available.
  14. It says "Future Late Round Picks" in the article. Which could mean we still have 50 in this years draft to help us move up into the first round.
  15. So much for that... He's just been traded. He knows nothing. Edit: While yes, there was a stalemate between the clubs last night, to state that "they ain't even close" is what I'm referencing.
  16. The same people now praising him were calling for his head on Friday...
  17. Someone mentioned that there was a chance we may be interested in going after Treloar. Don't know how accurate the poster is, but this did raise my eyebrow.
  18. Wait, you're not banned? Just be careful and don't call him out for his [censored]. He'll tell everyone not to abuse him and then abuse anyone he likes. Also, have you seen the spoof page? Best page if you're after a laugh.
  19. People were whinging that Mahoney hadn't done anything before the Trade period had even began, the horse has already bolted. Also, watch the same people be happy with our trading after it is all said and done. Happens every year. PS. I don't understand the hatred for Mahoney, I believe he's done very well in recent years.
  20. Okay, I'm going try and analyze everything Mahoney mentioned. And note, none of this is based on inside information, but rather what has been said here, on social media and by journalists. Anyway, we targeted Isaac Smith as a free agent and Ben Brown (not a heavy price). We've managed to land Brown, but we failed in securing Smith. This is where my analysis of the plan comes in. We want to move higher up the draft, this was/is hinging on only having to give up a small price for Brown and nothing for Smith. Because we failed in securing Smith, our chances of moving up in the draft are diminished if we have to give picks up for a player on the wing. We may have decided it was easier to get an early pick without giving up much, than use those picks on a player for the wing and have to use next years picks (which is considered a stronger draft than this one) on moving up in the draft this year. It's just my thoughts, and I don't particularity agree with this approach if it is accurate, but I would prefer to get a winger than move up in the draft this year when we don't know how Covid has affected the talent pool.
  21. Are you serious? We're not bringing in BB to be our only key forward. Weid will play second tall forward, with Jackson forward/ruck.
  22. Saw this. Don't know how credible the guy is though, so I didn't mention it. Also, if he is correct, well done, as no one has reported anything like this since and he's gotten it way ahead of everyone else.
  23. This is just my get feel, but reading everything that's come out in the past week, we may have cooled on Smith with other opportunities presenting themselves. Which is why we may not have pushed back when Geelong and Hawthorne made their late plays for him.
  24. The way I see it is we tend to keep free agency information on the down low, instead waiting until the period has begun to simply sign the free agents over and announce that the player has joined the club. I don't remember in recent memory of any player announcing they were going to sign with us via free agency before the signing period began. The only time where a player has announced their intention to join us beforehand has been when we've had to facilitate a trade. This may be why nothing has been announced yet and may not be announced until Friday.
  25. But only about 5 pages of that is actually useful information.
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