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  1. Better for us if Carlton win this. We have GWS in a couple of weeks so best they're well out of the 8 and don't have much to play for.
  2. Phenomenal torp from Greene. And had meters to spare
  3. Everything that can be tried has been tried. Draft picks and coaches have come and gone. Can’t keep throwing good money after bad. I reckon once the current HQ administration are gone the decision will be made.
  4. Agree. An under rated player for sure I hope we're putting in the ground work with Ben King's manager as well.
  5. The Suns are a pointless ego trip for AFL HQ. Never played finals, can't keep players, losing culture, no supporters. The outlook is grim. The NRL struggle to keep the titans viable so what makes the AFL think they can make a go of the Suns. This ends in one of two ways. The Tasmanian Suns or disbandment
  6. I understand the thinking behind a move to defence but we have Tomlinson to come back remember so we don’t have the list spot anyways. We need a tall forward not another tall defender. And moving Petty forward now sends a pretty clear message to the Weid that his days as a KPF at the Dees are over. I can’t see it happening. Best he sticks to being a forward and who knows, with a full preseason under his belt, he might turn it around and show some output and consistency next season.
  7. There's less entitlement about Richmond. Dubious gamesmanship which i don't like at all but they seem to be very workmanlike and team orientated.
  8. Fair points If I had to I’d go with Richmond. The team ethos, manic pressure and of course Dusty. It’s hard to dislike Dusty. In terms of GF I hope neither of them make it.
  9. I doubt all football departments allow themselves to be influenced by media propaganda. KPF’s command a premium in the market. Scarcity is a factor but putting the ball between the big sticks is the main reason. They will win you games (or lose you games if not good enough).
  10. The Donald wouldn’t be the most trustworthy source. I suggest independent verification before you neck that white king Bitters
  11. Both Storm (fantastic organisation to be fair) and Victory are jonny come latelys. We're the oldest football team in the world. No club has a stronger claim to be based at our spiritual home in the MCG precinct than we do. Rebels could be disbanded tomorrow and no one would notice.
  12. Tough question. Which team is more dislikeable? Geelong or Richmond Hardwick v Scott, Cotchin v Selwood, Hawkins v Lynch, Dusty v Dangerfield, Reiwoldt v Rohan, Richmond fans v Geelong fans Hard to separate them. Split decision i reckon
  13. They are well coached, strong across every line and have a very strong home field record. Every chance to finish top 2. The big doubt for me is their age profile. I still reckon their legs will give way. If they win the flag they'll be the oldest to do so by a long way.
  14. Trac has really matured over the last 2 seasons and has shown leaderships qualities for sure. I’m not sold he is the type of character who can carry the mantle of captain though. The responsibility could affect his performances. Better to leave him to focus on being as damaging as he can be ala Dusty.
  15. Rick Lever. Loved his interview after the pies game. Honest, No BS. Reckon he's next in line
  16. i seen at least 2 blatant throws from libba
  17. Have you been following what Steve Kirsch in the US has been doing. He's collecting data on mRNA adverse events. I'm trying to figure whether this is just noise or has substance. I like to know if anyone has challenged or refuted what he has said. He has also done a podcast recently with Robert Malone the inventor of mRNA technology. You can google it. From what i can tell the events are more prevalent in children and young adults as opposed to middle aged or older people https://trialsitenews.com/should-you-get-vaccinated/ Is Australia keeping an covid vaccine adverse event register
  18. Brisbane should have won down there. No reason why we can't get the Win.
  19. Missing out on Alice and QB games is rotten luck. I'm expecting an ugly looking set of numbers at the end of this year.
  20. Pity. He would have looked good in the red and blue
  21. Proper investment, training and development of the umps to lift standards is the first step for sure. It would interrupt the flow. We’ve seen how over-used the score review system is. That whole process needs to be sharpened up There will still be human errors / howlers though. The introduction of VAR in soccer is instructive. It’s treated as a panacea for all contentious calls. Doesn’t work in matters of interpretation but it will tell you if someone is a yard offside. Maybe we’ll have to wait until the AI/machine umpire is invented to make the instantaneous infallible calls!
  22. Who in their right mind would want to be an umpire. It's an impossible job. that said we need a system to eliminate the shockers. The mark against May was was an obvious howler. Everyone saw he got his hands to the ball except the ump. perhaps video reviews for decisions which lead to a set-shot? A goal either way can have a huge influence on the outcome so worth considering in my view.
  23. Agree. Same applies to BB. Both have had interrupted preseasons so it may well be 2022 before we see the best of either of them.
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