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  1. Last year Weid was getting the best defender. This game, he could be getting the 4th or even 5th best defender. Speaking of which, if you're an opposition coach and you're trying to decide who Melbourne's most dangerous forward is, who on earth would you pick? On form, it's McDonald. On ability, it's Brown. On danger, it's Kozzie. On marking ability, it's Fritsch. And Weid has the potential to be the best of the lot...
  2. I reckon his game against the Giants was good without being great. He was mismatched against Greene for some of the night, who almost broke the game open. And even against the Tigers, he didn't dominate; he was lucky that Lynch missed a few easy goals. That's not to say he's not having a good season, but All Australian demands consistent excellence.
  3. Pretty funny that the reaction to this has been "Not enough Demons". I remember the days when even one Demon in a mock squad of 40 would get me excited! I've been following this column throughout the year and for what it's worth, I think the inclusions of Salem and Fritsch are a bit reactive based on their last 2 games. I'd also agree with their assessment that May is outside the team for the moment - he essentially missed 2 whole games with the injury and has had 1 or 2 quiet-ish games. Otherwise, it's hard to argue with the other selections. Let's see if we can keep this up...
  4. There was a stat going around a few weeks ago about Jones taking 298 games to finish a round in the top 2 of the ladder. He's still yet to finish 1st after a home and away round. Would be a cruel twist of fate if we finish this round in first position and he wasn't able to technically be part of it. It's a silly, meaningless record of course - one that Jones might not even be aware of - but it feels a little cruel nonetheless. Hope he gets named the medical sub and gets to be out there on the ground at the end of the day to celebrate the closest thing we've had to a premiership in ab
  5. Anything he can do in the forward line*, Fritsch can do better. Anything he can do in the back line*, Lever can do better. *Except of course take a speccy. I'll give him that.
  6. I just watched this highlights package which was in one of the threads Little Goffy posted and it's a joy to watch. I'm sure there are many other highlights packages on the internet but it's refreshing to watch this guy at his best. In his prime, he was not only our best inside player, but our best outside player as well (and for a while, he was our best leader, our best kick and one of our most reliable set shot for goal). Look at those booming handpasses, the classy sidesteps, and the one-step run-up drop punt goals. In the early-mid 2010s, Jones was doing this kind of stuff week in week out
  7. Nice work. I might use this opportunity to show off my AFL Fantasy name this season: "Daw to Daw Salemsman", which had the edge over "UnbeLeverball", "Pickett Pocket", "Next Daw May-bours", "Gawn without a Trac", "Kickin' Brown the Daw", "Hunting and Traccing Sparrows" and "Hunt for the Weidepeople". It was a long night I spent working on these...
  8. Right now, we have about 7 players who would be in the conversation (plus Hibberd, of course, who didn't need the first few rounds of the season for his last AA jersey!), which says something about the evenness of our team this year: May and Lever down back would both be in the frame (although I'd say both are currently on the cusp); Langdon would be a lock for the wing if the selectors truly valued that role; Kozzie is looking very dangerous up forward and would have to be a chance for the FP; Gawn has been superb in his most recent 6 quarters but has probably done enough; and Oliver and Petr
  9. How about this for a stat, ay? (we're the ones in blue) Sure, we sprayed it a bit but we had 39 shots on goal tonight. I'd far prefer we get it inside 50 for a dodgy shot on goal than have the opposition's loose man rack up 10 uncontested marks against us. Turn those shots into goals and we can start erecting an Yze statue at the G...
  10. We had two guys on the wing so Petracca had to sprint back to the back line to make up numbers. We were fortunately only to get a warning because earlier on in the game, we only had 3 players in the centre square before Fritsch did some counting and sprinted in there for perhaps the only CBA of his career. Oh, to be back at the ground and to notice these details!
  11. That piece of play from him was exhilarating! Pity he gave away a free kick, a 50 and missed the goal. But it offered a glimpse of his game changer potential, even if it'll ultimately go down as a clanger.
  12. If it's anything like The Test (the doco made following the Australian cricket team), it'll definitely be worth watching. And with the richest man in the world in charge of Amazon, you don't need to feel too guilty using a free first month subscription on it.
  13. Well done to the Demonland team on getting Jason Taylor on the podcast - was great to get a few additional insights into the draftees. Something I found interesting was that although all three of the draftees have wing potential, it sounds like Rosman is the only one specifically being trained to play that area. This makes sense, as there's only one available spot (Langdon is obviously a shoe-in for one of the wings and plays that spot close to 100% of the time). However, combined with the comments from Mahoney in the pre-season, it sounds like we have a lot of players in the mix for one
  14. I really appreciate the club for doing this. Even though Zoom isn't an ideal platform for something like this, it was good of the club to stick to their word and run this again for members after starting it last year. Credit probably goes to Pert. A few critical observations: Absolutely no mention of Josh Mahoney. That probably isn't too surprising given the news this week but he didn't even get an acknowledgment from the team for over a decade of service. Read into that what you like. On that note, there was no presentation from the football department (Alan Richardson answ
  15. I like this call, especially in light of the decision to get rid of Omac, not chase Phillips harder, and trade Preuss. I agree that he probably won't play many games but if any of our key position players go down he's the kind of backup you want on your list. I'm happy for him to be our Cam Pedersen, who pops in for a 2 goal cameo at some point and apply pressure on the senior team.
  16. The Demons website no longer differentiates between rookies and the senior list, but from my back-on-the-envelope calculations: We had 45 on our list this season and have lost 6 players - Bennell - Preuss - Hannan - Wagner - Wagner - Dunkley That leaves us with 39. If we use 44 list spots, then we can take 5 selections at the draft (or 4 + 1 rookie/supplementary selection) + Pick 18 + Pick 19 + Pick 28 + Pick 50 + Pick 89 I have no idea whether we'll use all 44 list spots (salary cap might be an issue), but if that's our plan then I guess Mahoney has t
  17. When I saw the deal, I was initially surprised that we had given it up, but what we've seen time and time again is that Josh Mahoney knows how to get us into the first round if that's what he thinks we need. Hypothetically, he could keep trading our future 1st every trade period to improve our draft position for the present year. I think it also shows that he really rates our list and would rather invest in our 2021 season than waiting another year for improvement. We saw this year how much top end talent can make an impact (not just with Jackson, Pickett and Rivers but with Rowell, Ande
  18. If you google "afl simpsons jerseys" there are a few dodgy-looking websites that are selling them online (clearly unauthorised though). Up to you whether you trust them enough to hand over your credit card details.
  19. Courtesy of https://www.reddit.com/r/AFL/comments/fv6cyh/aflxsimpsons_mash_up_ive_put_together_while/
  20. Can someone clarify the rules around this? A brief Google search hasn't given me any clear rules on how trading future late picks affects future early picks (I was hoping there would be an explainer piece on afl.com.au) but it does sounds vaguely familiar. You'd have to assume Mahoney is fully across the rules but it obviously does tie our hands a bit if a great trade opportunity presented itself over the next week. I trust him that he's got something up his sleeve with this one but it does at present look like a strange deal to do so early in the trade period.
  21. I suspect you are right. If that happens, though, you'd hope that things like match highlights and post-match press conferences still remain accessible for all fans without a fee.
  22. Pretty disappointing so far. Looks like they're just moving all their existing video content onto a new website. Mind you, AFL Media does make some pretty good content (I think back to the 'Don't Believe in Never' films they made last year), but here's hoping they don't chuck all of it behind a paywall.
  23. Here's my predicted top 10. Gawn would have been higher but missing games really costs you in Melbourne's B+F system 1. Petracca 2. May 3. Oliver 4. Gawn 5. Langdon 6. Viney 7. Salem 8. Lever 9. Hibberd 10. Fritsch
  24. As tempting as it is to compile a whole list of delistings, I don't think we need to be making the wholesale changes that North Melbourne have gone for. Smaller list sizes will certainly impact on how many we cut, but this is a terrible year to be making significant cuts. We have a poor draft/trade hand and this year's draft will be severely compromised through both academy selections and COVID ruining many seasons for young prospects (and VFL players). I expect the two Wagners and KK to get cut and I won't be surprised if Preuss or Tmac gets traded, but I suspect we'll be keeping Omac, B
  25. At least this game eliminates the possibility of us missing out on finals by 0.1% again
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