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  1. I love MaX too Cheesy but Jimmy's 4 Bluey's, Brownlow, 2 x AA, Melb & AFL Hall of Fame & 244 consecutive games puts him number 1 IMO......Max is definately on his way but not there yet! Jimmy also changed the landscape for ruckmen & apart from Koutafides, he was the first ruckman to be recognised as a ruck rover. Great discussion :)
  2. No.... For me when I think of all-time greatest players, I think of Stynes, Flower, Barrasi & Neitz Stynes then daylight for me.
  3. Mitch has been a favorite of Simon Goodwin's & always received the benefit of the doubt during his time at the Dees. Good solid aggressive player who could sometimes impact the scoreboard, however, in my opinion, never got enough of the footy. Wish him well at the Doggies.
  4. Wow! This one surprises me a bit.....I am glad though & I just hope that after only 6 games this year, that Goodwin actually plays him & plays him off the HB line where he can use his talent. Good luck Jayden
  5. No loss to us as he's promised so much & delivered very little..... A good VFL player but that's all.
  6. Unfortunately this is an easy decision for Hunt..... The coach doesn't rate him & he should look else where. I see his value being off a HB or wing where his pace can be a contributing factor......& he wont' tip out' Langdon, Brayshaw, Tomlinson, Salem, Rivers, J Smith etc for a regular spot in the dees line-up. If used & coached correctly, in my opinion, he could have a great impact from the HB line however time appears to have run out.
  7. Premiership window now? Really.....I like to hear your rationale. Or is that it? Under-performing? So what do we need to change to perform?
  8. This is surely a joke right..... A great player in his heyday, but go with a 1 year or just move on. The risk factor is high & we are no where near a premiership window. Go with youth.
  9. Always nice to dream I guess but maybe one day those exceptional 'free agent' players will want to come to our footy club.
  10. Really AF......Tomlinson is the slowest bloke we have on our list! Averaging 12.5 disposals a game & on $500k or $600k per year & you would rather take him over Frosty? Pft! We all know Frosty makes some blues, however, what he can do better than most is take the game on! The modern game is screaming out for fast elusive players that break the lines & carry the ball 100m & you would prefer to have a player that kicks the ball sideways 10m? Give me a break!
  11. Polak? mmmmm.....no thanks. I'm still having nightmares about the the $800k per year for Tomlinson. That was a good move.....not!
  12. Well done Frosty.....like others, it highlights to obvious blunder the Dees made. In my opinion, the backline is a problem because we are all slow. The ability to break the lines & transverse the footy up the ground quickly to our forwards is critical & has impacted our year. Having both Frosty & Hunt fit & firing in our backline would have made a huge difference to this years result.
  13. 66 games in 6 years......mmmmm No thanks.
  14. Agree MD. Been in the choccie box for the last three years & he's probably done I reckon. Doesn't get enough of the footy for me & too inconsistent to hold a regular spot. With the big guns in Langdon & Tomlinson purposely recruited for the wing & Oscar now coming good, the door seems closed for him.
  15. Ha ha I can't expose my sources, needless to say that you don't have to be a rhode scholar to work out that the players don't react to Goodwin like other teams players to their respective coaches? Ratten, Simpson. Hinkley, Scott, Fagan, Hardwick........There seems to be genuine respect & love for these coaches & it's clearly evident. If you don't love the coach, I would assume that it would be extremely hard to put it all on the line for him week in week out.
  16. Funny..... I rate Egan, Rooke & Plappy way ahead of Goodwin & Richardson.....Only my opinion. I've heard around the traps that most of the players love these guys & communicate more with the assistants than the 2 head coaches. Maybe that's just how it is these days.
  17. Very disappointing but good luck to the three lads & hope they get to continue there careers elsewhere. Absolutely gobsmacked that we are even thinking about retaining Bennell & Jones. What's it say about out recruiting department. FM
  18. Great work as always Joeboy as usual, however, just a couple of changes for me: Bennell - low light 2020 Rivers - Shining light 2020 Hannan - very little impact Hunt - speed is important Jetta - signed with Greensborough Lever - still grossley overpaid Tomlinson - fooled us all J Smith - should play forward
  19. Good on ya for sticking up for him LN but please, it's not like he doesn't know the rules....The bloke's got history & was a bad decision to recruit him.....simple. oh maybe your right though & I'm sure the club would be stoked paying the $50k from next years soft cap. ?
  20. Ha ha.....this had disaster written all over it & most of us were right. I feel sorry for the players who were 'bumped' aside who actually love the club & had the brains & common sense to at least tow the line. See ya HB
  21. Only Nathan knows if he is physically capable of going on, however, I feel that if he makes our top 22 next year we are in a lot of trouble. The measurement of a players maturity & leadership is also knowing when to step aside & let the next wave of players come through. I'm sure he will do the team thing & make the right decision. Good luck Jonesy
  22. He needs to learn how to work hard & play team first footy......I would play him off half back & let him run & gain confidence. Needs a massive pre season to put on about 2 or 3 kg's if he wants to be a forward.
  23. out: Jones, Smith, Viney Fritsch in: Hibberd, Baker, Lockhart, Bedford Thought Wagner was ok.....80% efficiency compared to Viney 50% & 4 turnovers.
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