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  1. No worries about giving Maysie a rest. I'm actually surprised a few other guys weren't "managed".....particularly a couple of the younger guys.
  2. So, why was T. Mac sent for scans today? (Wednesday)
  3. Lol.....Re-signed.....it's good news, not bad! ?
  4. How good is this?? This is the kind of signing that keeps the recent snowball of significant signings rolling and growing faster and faster! Extend Kossie, LJ & guys like Rivers, Lever & S. May even further than they are signed for already and a new Demon Dynasty can be born! Go Dees!
  5. It'd be a Heartbreaker if he's not!
  6. The Pies had some really good players come back into their team this week....Pendles amongst them.....our guys did a superb job from start to finish! There can be no resting......no over the top patting on the backs of anyone......keep the attitude....keep the desire.....when the opportunity presents, KILL the opposition! How long has it been since we have had 3 x 50 point + wins in a row? This is a good sign! We don't seem to be taking our foot off the gas right now when we get a lead....we seem to be hungry to make the lead bigger! Long may it last!!!
  7. We know that it's very rare for all the players in the team to play where they are named. Does anyone really think that Rivers will play CHB? I think we'll see Tomlinson there again, ruck duties to be shared with LJ & TMac with around the ground support from other talls (at least TMac has the tank to cover some ground). C'mon folks.....this is tough going for every team....fitness right now is paramount! Teams with run in their legs at the end of each quarter, especially after half time, have the best chance of winning. How about we trust in our coaching staff and our fitness staff to put the best team we can onto the field. Get behind our boys in these really difficult times!
  8. I can't believe the amount of Demonlanders who would like Fritsch dropped.......he is our leading goal kicker so far this season! We all know that we have struggled to kick regular winning scores so we don't need to drop the guy who has kicked the most goals this season so far. Sure, his conversion rate could be better, but this can very quickly even itself out. He is regularly getting the ball within scoring range. Give us a few more that do that and we will start winning!
  9. Tragic news for the young fella! Let's hope he gets through it and becomes a player!
  10. We do seem to miss a lot of set shots for goal, don't we? It would make a huge difference to our results if we could improve in that area!
  11. Thanks for the reports, guys. It would be great to see AVB keep going in that direction. Love the sound of Petty looking good up forward - he could really help to take the pressure off TMac & Weid......or be a target for us if the opposition concentrate more on the other 2 blokes. I'd also love to see J. Smith catch a break and have an injury free season - he could be great value!
  12. No probs, mate.......appreciate all the work you guys do......just really interested to see the boys go to the Christmas break in fine fettle. Hoping for a big week on the track before they take the break!
  13. All is quiet on the Eastern Front.....I hope the news is good!
  14. I'm hopeful that BIG Braydon comes on this year. The drop in weight that it looks like he has achieved over the Summer should give him much more stamina to run out a quarter, or be able to give Maxy a better chop out than he was able to do last year.........just take a few marks down forward big fella, and you'll really have the opposition worried!
  15. It was nice of the Footy Club to try to organise a live stream.........but it's clearly struggling!
  16. Cortisone injection, apparently to alleviate some patella tendinitis. Hopefully he comes back quickly and in no pain!
  17. So.....it looks like those guys have been edited out......good work whoever did that!
  18. You guys are acting like 5 year old girls! How about just shutting up for a while and allowing the Demonlanders providing valuable information the chance to have a say. I'm only a newcomer to this great site and I can tell you that there are definitely two halves to the communication that goes on here........the fantastic training reports and insights into who is doing what on the training track.....then there is you guys - the purile few that seem to be doing everything you can to torpedo this site with your immature and self serving barbs and retorts. Just give it a rest! We all love this footy club.....how about concentrating on that!
  19. There are always surprise results in rounds 1 & 2. I hope the boys just go out and play good hard footy & if they get the chance to put their foot on Port's throat that they do it BIG time! There's nothing better than gathering momentum early!
  20. If Gawny has the aerobic capacity let him rest in the forward line for 5 to 7 minutes per quarter while big Preussy comes in off the bench to ruck around the ground. We know Gawny can mark overhead, so imagine trying to cover TMc, Weid & Gawny for the latter few minutes of any quarter. Most opposition backlines will struggle to cope!
  21. Hi Fellow Demonlanders, Happy New Year to all, and thanks so much to the folk who have been getting down to training and posting reports. I was interested to read that Angus Brayshaw wasn't allowed to do the traditional Brayshaw family 100 x 100 metre sprints on Christmas Day this year. Many of the training reports posted so far have also noted that Angus has been absent or not participated. Does anyone know what Angus is struggling with at the moment? After such a fantastic 2018 season we really need Angus in tip top shape for the 2019 season. Cheers, Go Dees!!
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