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  1. Do we go with Kozzy, Chandler and Spargo in the same team for round 1? Then Fritsch, McDonald and Jackson the other forwards? Got Melky to fit in too.
  2. Only been able to see parts so far as working but Chandler has looked good? Also wouldn’t mind big Max spending a bit more time forward and Jacko in the ruck? Obviously Max rucking the majority but liked Max down there taking that big mark in the goal square late in that quarter
  3. Yes trying to think back to last year if they did or not. You would think they would. Go Dees!
  4. Hopefully the game will be posted up afterwards on the Dees website so I can have a watch that arvo as I won’t be able to watch Friday morning as working.
  5. Cheers for the reports guys! Am starting to get excited as the season edges closer! Keen to see Rosman play. Sounds like he has some real X factor. Obviously he will take time but looks an athlete! Bring on the season!!
  6. Feelin flat .. Rivers hold your head high. When I saw the Ins this week I thought we were in trouble. Many not up to it.
  7. Knocking off at 4, home and ready for the bounce! Carn boys!!!
  8. Average feeling leaving the ground after feeling pretty good at half time. Just went to bleh .. Steven May hold your head high. This bloke is the goods. There midfield beat ours today, linked better through the middle of the ground and took there opportunities.
  9. Jones very very late out. Hannan in. At the ground and just saw Hannan warming up. Jones was out there in the initial warm up. So Hannan in, Jones out.
  10. I’m heading to Metricon today. And I’m damn excited! This should be a cracking game. Going to be on in the middle and hope Trac, Clarry, Vines and Brayshaw get on top in there. Nice clear morning but winds expected to pick up during today. Hopefully not to bad. Looking forward to seeing Weids continue some strong form, loving what he is doing at the moment. Down the coast for the weekend from Brisbane so will be a nice relaxing morning before heading off to the ground! Carn Dees!!
  11. Ahhh how good is a Sunday after a Saturday night win! Thoughts on last night - Weed - starting to become a really good key position forward, and should only get better! Kicking goals, getting to the right spots, leading strongly, crashing the packs and what I love most is that even when he knows he can’t take the mark, does everything is in power to bring the ball to ground. Saw this a bit last night and got the ball down for our crumbers. Spargo - lots spoken about him, I’ve always thought he has great footy smarts. When he gets the ball he usually uses it
  12. Gee that was enjoyable! I’ve flown down to Melbourne to see many queens birthday losses over the last 10 years (bar Watts running goal to seal it, special). Pies supporters were leaving during the 4th quarter tonight. The Dees fans all up and about. Was so good being there and knowing we had the game sealed during the final quarter so could sit back and enjoy it! Dees song belting out around the Gabba after the final siren. You beauty! Go Dees!
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