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  1. 1 hour ago, Earl Hood said:

    Just confirming did you see less emphasis on the goal kicking drills in the second half of the season, Kev?

    The drills had a bit of evolution as the season progressed. 

    Kicking is always a priority. 

    Goal kicking, although less laissez-faire this season, seemed to fluctuate in style and type, definitely empathised.

    Plenty of Goaling before leaving the field.

    I didn't see the main training, more the recovery and review, training sessions.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Mel Bourne said:

     Is it because it is a neglected area in training?

    We were kicking well mid season, after Williams got on a roll with training drills.

    I wonder if he threw away effective drills as he searched for a bit variety.

    I remember set shots down the alley. There were also snap drills as stations, and his general kicking program.

    Find out what drills help, and repeat and repeat.

    I thought we were on the right path with Williams.

  3. 12 minutes ago, At the break of Gawn said:

    Giants can absolutely beat the Pies. They won’t care at all about the crowd. They’re used to never having it on their side. 

    They will have the neutrals. 

    They are fast, play in small pockets and are desperate.

    Good backline, mids and forwards. 

    Hinkley out coached.

    Playing the one trick pony (Woods) who haven't done that fast, bang, bang for a while.

    Also, have a dream to fulfill.

    That was an outstanding first half by the Giant.

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  4. 1 minute ago, John Demonic said:

    I'd be ropable if our club went out the way Port have in their last two big do-or-die finals though. Games over at quarter time/half time.


    Those misses in the last, when they were going hurt Port the most.

  5. 11 minutes ago, The heart beats true said:

    So Giants get a 6 day break and Carlton a 7? That seems wrong.

    Carlton 8, if played on Saturday. 

    Seems funny, GWS playing all over the place, only get the 6 days.

    Carl getting 8 even without travel interstate.

    Had to be 7 day break each, prior to preliminary.

    Did Collingwood decide that?

    If they beat the Wood, then at least they get 1 more day to prep for the Grand.

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  6. I haven't been able to bring myself to read much of this thread.

    Shellshocked and I keep saying to myself and others, it is only footy, not a big world problem.

    Similarities to last year's finish, but different problems. 2022, bathwater and some arrogance in the lead up, compared to, being the better team and not being able to execute.

    We aren't a complete team, and we fail at adjusting to our inadequacies. 

    What happened to our bang, bang, bang game style?

    We used to be able to develop overlap with handballs and short passes, our long kicking game does not create "quality" forward entries.

    Where was the on-field leadership?

    I thought we had focused on winning at the "G". 

    Last quarter we looked tired. The emotional week got to them.

    Many if's and but's about the game, especially if we had a good lead already established, given our scoring opportunities. 

    We are in good shape for 2024. 

    Loved our H&A season, much easier going to the footy when we didn't have the pressure of having to win. 

    Perhaps that's the problem, no necessity to win, our games were more about pecking order.

    Wish we took a leaf from the Women as they can find the way to win, playing with the will and the structure required. 

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Garbo said:

    I must be the only one here who didn’t rate Hibbos game last week, Elliott showed Hibbo was lacking in pace and  as a result we had to adjust our defence to stop pies exploiting it.

    Early on,  Elliot got free.

    Hibbo's natural reading of the game got him back in to the contests, as the game developed 

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  8. Great that Clayton and Gawn are in. For a while I thought we would have a week from hell.

    Interesting that they bought in Kennedy, after his stoush with Pittonet. Maybe he will pinch hit some rucks for us, LOL.

    Heard  their coach say they, don't want Cripps to try too much. Those ribs are nearly cooked.

    Spargo brings some zip and energy.

    Tomlinson adds plenty of leadership and structural ability to a backline that is doing well.

    JJ will give stability, lucky he is there, as a replacement for Gus.

    It will be the midfield battle that wins this.

    Hibbs the emergency.


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  9. 7 hours ago, Katrina Dee Fan said:

    What are everyone's thoughts on this?  

    When I've been out at Casey, I feel is was necessary to have a seat.

    Many sat on the ground.

    The people in chairs set themsevles at the back of the groundee's.

    I found the people who stood did it a few times infront of the seated and those on the ground.

    Let the people work it out.

    They aren't getting enough patrons to make a difference as yet.

  10. The big games are here.

    No build up to the Woobles game, flew under the radar, didn't do us much good.

    Different to this one.

    Pressure form many angles. Tribunal, possible straight sets again, not quite right forward area, hurt mates and families.

    Great we get another look, unlike 12 other teams.

    Plenty to get right, though our backline is a rock.

    We will play with passion, hoping we do it smartly, and not to the point of exhaustion or trying too hard.

    I am nervous, but that is what finals seem to bring up.

    Go Dees.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Macca said:

    Well, in the end, if the tribunal has a modicum of sense, they would have realised that Brayshaw has no choice but to move to his right when kicking

    It seems to me that Maynard was found not guilty on a technicality when an overall technicality should have incriminated him

    We only got half the story on the biomechanics

    I thought he moved the right way, opposite to the balls movement. 

    If number 4 was playing the ball, he would have gone to his right.

    Gus moving diagonally away from the ball means he clears from the impact area, if the ball was being played at.

    Number 4 was tracking Gus.

    Gus moved the correct way so as to avoid a collision, if was expecting the opponent to attack the ball.

    Number 4 launched before he knew where the ball was heading, as shown by having to reach out when in Frisbee mode, therefore he jumped into the players line and had no idea where the ball was.

    Football action (haha), and if so then an unrealistic attempt, causing concussion. 

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  12. 6 minutes ago, Demon Dynasty said:

    As long as they jump in the air first feigning a smother / spoil Kev.... then yes

    I interpret it as, solely attacking the ball (give no consciousness to anything else). Do that and collateral all over the place, and no consequences to self.

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  13. If you are playing the ball, a duty of care to those around you is now unnecessary. The defense of in the motion of a "football act" has a precedence. As Number 4 said, he did not take a collision with Gus into account.

    Will give Viney, Sparrow and other inside bulls a licence to not worry about the pain they inflict.

    Sad day for CTE outcomes.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, demon3165 said:

    The AFL has just set a precedent so the simple answer is just run at the man jump and pretend to smother, green light all round.

    I reckon it's more straight line the ball and the player is collateral damage. Duty of care is out the door in a football act. No More tackles, to risky for a chance of suspension. Those rucks are going to be dangerous places to tread. Where the ball is, missiles are coming through.

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  15. 3 minutes ago, Emerald said:

    Byron wear magpie jumpers so I made the decision not to support them when I found that out earlier this year.

    There are plenty of teams to play for in the adapted game, of 9 on 9.

    I understand your sentiment, I found the area to have a very diverse cultural mix. Get stuck in one group and it is like the others don't exist.

    That area has it all, up to you to look.

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  16. 10 minutes ago, Emerald said:

    I'm glad I moved to Byron Bay where no one gives a [censored] about AFL and I can forget about football for a while. 

    That is not true, they have an AFL hub up at Cavanbah (a couple of k's out of town). 

    Perhaps you feel that way because of the Gold Coast link and area,  

  17. "Gleeson: The duty of care is informed by what is reasonable, not the expectation of the remarkable. Maynard won't be found careless if we find he simply failed to do the remarkable."

    Wow, if he acted reasonable before he could do the remarkable, then he wouldn't be a concussion causing projectile. 

    Duty of care before he launched. 

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  18. "Ihle (Pies) says Maynard's hands go to the right, but his centre of mass does not move to the right. He says at this point a collision is "not inevitable" and "not even likely". It is Brayshaw's movement inward that changes this, he says."

    That's going a bit far.

    No collision, WOW. From the enforcer,  LOL.

    If he followed the ball, and Gus falling a bit right, he wouldn't have done his job (to hurt).

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